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Lower back pain that radiates down leg and into foot



  • I know you have a lot of responsibilities, but if you have a disc herniation confirmed by MRI, you will need to rest, recuperate, and rehabilitate. I don't think carrying a bag up to 50 lbs is good for you at the moment. It will cause more pain. Now is the time to stop the presses and take care of your back. Why do you have to windmill a sledgehammer, I'm just curious.
  • meydey, i dont have to do all of that now, but will probably by the middle of March. I windmill a sledgehammer to pound 2"x2"x12" stakes in hard compacted ground. Its easier on my back to do it that way rather than picking it straight up and thrusting it down. And i agree that my back is priority right now and am doing what i can and need too to get it well again. I got the MRI scheduled tomorow at 4pm so we should know whats going on sometime Friday. I'll keep ya posted
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  • Christy, how old are you? Everybody keeps telling me that i am too young (29) to get back surgery and that i need to exhaust all non-surgical options before i go under the knife. While i certainly dont want to do surgery (this would be my first) Time is of the essence here
  • I turned 38 on Dec. 2nd. So my surgery was right after I turned 37. I am somewhat young also, but when it comes to a herniated disc that is causing nerve damage, you may not want to wait too long. Also, in my case I wanted to avoid surgery no matter, so I was doing physical therapy, ect., but when the nerve went out two days after my first epidural injections, (coincidence) they needed to operate fairly soon.
    We don't know what caused mine exactly. I had 4 kids between the time I was 20-25 yrs old. Who knows, maybe thats what did it to me... I am not overweight by much. I am 5'7" and weigh between 127-132 (girls vary). Honestly, I feel your pain. :/ Unfortunately, I am in the 5% that had a reherniation. I was great, but within the last month things started to go downhill again and I am having my second surgery this Fri. due to a major reherniation. Not to scare you though, because it hardly ever happens. My doctor says I probably didn't do anything to cause it, but my family and friends are convinced it is because I run. Frustrating!
    Anyway, I just started posting, if you have any more questions, just ask!
  • My neuro told me last time that by 12 weeks post op you should be able to resume all activities, including golfing and running. Those are the hardest on the back. So the sooner the better for you! Also, yes, microdiscectomy is the least invasive with the fastes recovery. However, your doctor will tell you what is the best treatment for your back after he sees your mri. Please don't rush into anything though, you should get a second opinion, just to be sure. My doc is not a "knife happy" kinda guy. If they need to operate though, the micro will be a pretty easy recovery. Take care
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  • if you r in construction, r u the boss? if not tell the boss we said u could really injure whatever is already goin on. try to find a doc that can either do microdiskectomy or frontal fusion, so hardly any scar tissue will develop. heck, u may not need anything, just some pt and rest. i did that for 5 years before ending up with a neuro and pm injection md. i've had one epi, another one a week from tomorrow. they did a diskogram on me, because the mri showed nothing. i saw the tearings in the diskogram films, so i think mri's don't always show all. mine only showed bulging discs at two levels. the diskogram showed a tear and a herniated disc at each level. be careful, be knowledgeable, be slow. you have a lot of life left to live. can't do that on the couch. don't forget that. you r more important right now, so u can take care of your own business the rest of your life. boss doesn't want a w/c problem i know. and if no w/c available, disability may be---just for the time u have to take to get better.
    i feel for you--you sound just like i do.
    your friend in hope and pain,
  • I'm in that 5% as well, but mine reherniated just 3 weeks after my microdiscectomy. It's been 1.5 years since then, and I still really haven't found much relief (doing PT, injections). Did you have another microD yesterday? How are you doing?
  • Laura,

    3 weeks? Wow, I am so sorry to hear that! Yes, I had my micro on Fri. I am feeling well, just some pain at the incision site you know. I knew in sept. that I had reherniated about 6 mm, but I continued on with pt, and rest and pain meds and it got better. Then in Dec. it got really bad so I had some injections so I could function and then had another mri which showed a significant herniation (about 18-20mm) so we decided to do another micro before the injections wore off. I am glad I did, I don't like taking mega drugs for pain and having such a restricted life. I feel like I am always held back because of my back you know.... so time will tell this time, but I am going to be really careful and heal correctly. I won't push it at all. Are you considering another micro?
  • Christy,

    So glad to hear you're feeling good. What kind of PT exercises have you done that work? And did you get the guided epidurals? I had 2 "regular" injections and one guided...none of them worked. I know what you mean about being on pain meds all the time. I try my best to deal with the pain without meds because I don't like feeling loopy. I'm a teacher and I have to have my wits about me! I'm going to my neurosurgeon tomorrow ( I slipped and fell last Monday...20 steps back in recovery!). He'll probably order another MRI, so I'll wait and see what that one shows. Did you ever look into fusion? I was told that is a possibility for me, but it scares me to death!

    Please take care of yourself and keep me posted on your progress!
  • hello black95gt,

    Did you get your results of your MRI? You're symptoms are exactly what I have been going through for the past 2 weeks. I am hoping to get in for an MRI this week myself. I was told from xrays that I had done in Nov. that I have a slight bulge in L5 disc and doc thinks I aggravated it recently from my last fishing trip when this pain started. I can't walk or sit for longer than 5mins at a time. Taking pain meds until this can be looked into further. Luckily I get to telecommute from home for work since I have a 40 mile drive and there is no way I could last that long sitting nor would the manual shifting help. I am hoping nothing is as bad as what's been posted above. All I can do is think the best of all of this and the pain will be easily fixed. I hope all went well for you as well. Look forward to your results.
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