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Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum

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Hello, Wow, I never thought so many people had the same problem as I do. I wish you all the best to start, I can completely relate to the pain. I am a very fit 49 year old who never went a day without excercise and my hundred crunches in the last year. Well, until now. I went to bed one night fine and woke up asleep with my arm extended under my pillow and on my stomach. I woke up with a pain in a neck and shoulder and arm. I couldn't bend or put my socks on. We thought after 3 days I would be better, nope! Went on 3 weeks. Well, long long story, er, chiro, and pt. Come to find out not covered for Pt so that is out for now. I do see a chiro but will not let him crack the neck..I have enough problems...Well, it is the 4th week and I am better, still pain in the am and sometime during the day. But each day is better. Today I am suppose to see a new chiro because his office has more to offer, Physical Therapy. I like my chiropractor, he has 45 years experience but feel I may need more than just a spine adjustment. After xrays, showed a small bone spur which he feels is not causing the problem. He said a pinched nerve from crunches and anyone my age should not be doing that type of excercise. Went on 2 visits to PT and found I have muscle spasms that were giving me some of problems. Well, to make a long story short, if I didn't get better I was going to get an mri. Now, I have people stating I am getting better maybe I should just leave well enough alone and wait and not see the new chiropractor. But I really will need to continue to be fit at some point. All the work for the last year to just sit here and not do anything because of fear. I am not healed yet the pain range is not longer 9 to 10 and down to about 4 and less time a day. Any advice or experience would appreciated. I just hope because I am feeling better this is something that will pass in time. I quit the advil, worried about the stomach, now on tylenol extra strength and advil just once a day. Saving the stomach in case of the return, so I have something to take. Couldn't take advil for month!! Enough complaining! I will go on and read the other comments. Thanks for listening, Lizzy


  • This is just my opinion, but whoever told you that someone your age should not be doing that type of exercising, needs to get a little better clue on things. I'm not telling you to go right back to doing anything and everything you want, but I just think you should get a second opinion.

    More and more of us are in better shape after 40, then we were prior to. Most of us are in better shape than those in their 20's! We have the drive and desire to be fit more so than many who are younger. We not only want to be healthy, but we want to feel good as well.

    I ran into a few docs like that who told me I should never do certain activities/exercises again. Then I ran into the docs I trust more than anything and they told me to go and do what I feel I am capable of doing.

    Can you talk to the new chiro and get a second opinion on things?

    Welcome to Spine Health,

  • Hiya >:D< Welcome to Spine health :D You are certainly in the right place :) We can only advise you on our own personal experiences as we are not medically trained in this area :) I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do >:D< Also there are a lot of members that have the same back issues as yourself. :? Look forward to chatting to you :)

    Angie :H
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  • Have you been see by an ortho doctor? If it were me I would put off any chiro right now and see an ortho doctor and get an mri. I'm not saying surgery but see what is going on with your neck before you do anything else. An xray showed a bone spur but an mri will show so much more. This is just my opinion, never fool around with anything wrong with the neck as it can lead to further damage.

  • I went through many of the postings just to get a feel for the site. So many are in so much pain, I feel so bad about that. I can see how people get depressed, at the beginning just sitting to eat was a challenge. I have come so far. I only have a third of the pain. I refused the muscle relaxers, and other hard drugs given to me afraid of how long I would have to take them. I guess I would of felt better if I would of taken them. I have a fear of taking medication and somewhat a fear of doctors. Another issue, is there a forum for that??? Oh boy! It sure doesn't help my cause.

    I will go to my 12:30 appoint today just to get the ball rolling and sign the paperwork. Then they will get my reports and xrays from the other doctor before they start anything. (I hope) I bought a buckwheat pillow and that has also helped a lot. I was waking with pain every morning. Not so bad now. I did not get numbness, which I am thankful. So many people with so many problems, saddens me. I was somewhat looking for some good news in all this, like many who have gotten better. I will keep reading.

    I cannot thank you enough for your comments. (I feel not alone) I can't tell you for sure if I am on the road to recovery or not. I will fill you in on this appointment, thanks again! I am going to see what he says and not do anything without a lot of thought. I have come this far and don't want to go backwards.. I wish you a pain free day! :-) Liz
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