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I think I have a problem!

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
OK my fellow spineys, I need your thoughts please.

I am nearly 4 months out from a revision of PLIF (see signiture line) where my screws were replaced, I had a decomprssion and cage(s) removed from spinal canal and in between my vertebra. Had dural tear - inevitable due to cage position. Spacer was loose. Nerve badly inflammed.

Immediately post surgery - no huge change. (Except I was glad to be alive!) - my health care team all said "You must feel better!" - so for about 6 weeks I did not pop my meds like previously but slowly I am in increasing pain. Back to same level of pain meds now as before the spacer was removed. Not good at all.

Last 2 days my back nearly gave out - you know when it pain / spasms so quick/hard you can't move. Takes your breath away pain. I was leaning forward.
I have lots of cramps in my back, deep ache, drawing deep ache in my thighs, numbness etc in leg, increasing wobbly - ness (weird).

It is my back pain taht gets me down.
I have been pondering on going back to see my surgeon but I am scared and worried something has gone wrong. Or he will think I am completely nuts. Or both.

But, I wondered if perhaps, this may be the nerve coming back to life?? Do you think??

Do any of your nerve issues cause your back to do this?
In a recovering nerve, does the pain actually get worse?

I am a bit stuck. Please help. Thank you.


  • I feel that know one here can tell you if it is normal. I think for your own piece of mind, you should call your surgeon. If it is nothing, great. If it is something, it is better to catch it early on. I hope it is nothing, and I am not trying to scare you,.But better safe, than sorry. Good Luck to you and let me know how you come out,.
  • my guess would be that spasms are muscle related.... not nerve related. nerves healing can definitely cause all kinds of new feelings, but they usually stay in the area of the extremities affected, or have a distinct pain.... the sharp type... or tingly, or burning, etc... i would check with your doctor... let us know how it goes. i hope you feel better ): *hugzz*
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  • and have decided I need to go back.

    Like you say, better safe than sorry.

  • >:D<

    Oh what to say?

    Ii haven't been checked for scar tissue but do have a CT sceduled for March. My partner says go now!

    I am scared, never mind scarred! lol! :))(

    I awoke this morning, rudely with severe pains both sides in my spine. The immobilising locking spasms came x2 yesterday. We all know the ones. Take your breath away.
    Numbness in leg is spreading. Is this possible?

    It all feels too much for me to understand.
  • Go to your doctor. Many times the deep aches and spasms in legs can be neuroclaudication or pseudoclaudication, which is lack of blood supply to nerves in spine that then causes leg symptoms like that. It can be a chronic condition or acute. But, something is wrong. You know something is wrong or you would not have posted. See your doc. You need a ct sooner or something, maybe hardware has slipped, maybe I don't know what, but I do know you need to see your doc!
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  • Just ot be sure it is worth it for your peace of mind.
    It is also so hard when things like this start happening as we then become focused on it, whihc is natural. So put your mind at ease.
    Blessings Sara O:)
  • I hate to say this, but I kinda went through the same thing about 2 months post-op. My pain started increasing and I'd have these episodes where I literally couldn't walk. If someone wasn't there to catch me, I would fall. As it turned out, I had developed an infection deep in my spine and that was the cause of the increasing pain. The infection had spread up to L4 and all the way down to my coccyx and was eating away at the bone.

    Any time there is an increase in pain post-operatively, you need to see your doctor because it's not normal for the pain to suddenly get worse.
  • hope you're getting to the bottom of your new pain...take care
  • Get to your Dr and see whats going on. Dont assume the worse until you know. I know its hard not to,but I haave done that and it helps to have a positive attitude. I will be thinking of you and hoping that its ok. Hugs and best wishes.
  • I agree that it's not nerve regeneration at all. Anytime you have acute pain like that you must bring it to your surgeon's attention. I understand how you feel about hating to call the doctor about pain; I did. It's better to be safe than sorry. He may send you in for a ct/myelogram to see if anything new is going on. I had one too because the pain flared up so badly and I was put on steroids and NSAIDs. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care
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