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I think I have a problem!



  • I don't know how you got to see your surgeon, but in my situation, my first port of call would be my pain specialist. The surgeon can do the mechanics, but the pain specialist is the one who tells him what the diagnostics are and wht needs to be addressed.
  • I am in a terrible state of denial.
    Normal huh?!

    This icon explains nicely how I feel.... :''(

    I decided to wait the weekend and see what happened.
    Well, its getting worse :SS so finally made an appoitment.

    My logical brain doesn't understand this recent symptom flare. My pain is up there like post op pain.

    I am so upset/scared....i wish i could say I had done something really stupid!

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  • When you see your doc, ask if it is possible that BMP is growing bone on your nerve roots.

    Hopefully he will do CT to check out hardware placement and such.

    Most importantly, if you are not satisfied, GO GET ANOTHER OPINION FROM SOMEONE IN A DIFFERENT SPINE GROUP!!!!!

    Post an update, we want to know how you are.
  • Ask your doctor to draw some labs to check your sed rate and CRP. If those are elevated, it could signify an infection. It sometimes takes a few months for an infection to set in and a sudden increase in pain is the primary symptom.

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  • >:D< Have you seen Dr yet? Hoping you have gotten some answers and will share with us.
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  • I am such a chicken...

    It has taken me until today to finally secure the appointment. I know my earlier post said I had done it....

    I am so scared of where this is going. Anyway, feel mentally better now. See doc mid Feb - was the earliest I could be seen. I do have a CT scheduled for end of March, my guess is this will be brought forward.

    I am watching and monitoring the changes. Felt s bad earlier I nearly pitched up at ER. The pain is almost back to a post -PLIF day 3 or 4 level. I think thats bad?

    I just know in my heart, there is a reason for it and I am scared of what it means. I am not sure I can cope if any more surgery were advised. The whole expectation roller-coaster.

    Here is hoping that, it may be nerve "regeneration" bloomin sore but all good stuff.

    I also have a pattern of worse at night. I feel rather flushed at night but not what I would have immediately thought as a fever. It was oy the suggestion that made me realise, more like when you had too much wine (but I haven't!!)

    Can you please tell me what bladder and bowel changes I need to be looking for...

    If I nose dive again I may well head to ER anyway.
  • I know that it is easier said than done. When you called for appt did you talk to your Drs nurse? Did you explain your pain severity and how you are feeling? If not, I suggest you call and talk to nurse so they know what is going on. If they still keep you appt till mid feb than you probably dont have as much to worry about as they would have seen you much sooner if it was a problem. I will keep you in my prayers..
  • in my prayers. I really hope you communicated the severity of your pain to the nurse and not just to someone who books the appointments. I think mid-Feb. is really pushing it too far out!
  • See you doc sooner. Show up at his office on day you know he is not in surgery and just say, "Can I talk to his nurse?" When you see the nurse, explain and ask if you could speak with him or his PA or NP for just a moment. Maybe they will bump up your CT at least even if you do not see or speak to your doc. It's harder to deny someone in person than it is on the telephone. Tell the nurse that if you could get your CT scheduled sooner it would at least ease your mind.
  • I haven't had surgery so I wouldn't know those pains. Maybe you need a muscle relaxant or maybe you have a UTI? I think next time you have pain go to the Urgent care or walk in Hospital where you had your surgery! I work in an ER and to me it's not a problem someone comes in with severe pain to get checked up. Even see your PCP ASAP. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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