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Just When I Thought The Specialists Couldn't Get Any Worse...



  • Thanks for the reassuring words.

    Currently, I don't even have a dollar to my name (been unemployed for a little over a year and a half). The only way I can think of to make some income is photography (which I can't seem to do much, anyway) and a cool idea I had for a social networking web site for musicians (which I can only chip away at when I am able to sit for a length of time). I'm getting close to being done with the social networking site, so I hope that brings in some cash.

    If cash DOES start flowing in from my idea, I will absolutely take your advice and go to a teaching hospital. I would LOVE to do so.

    If muscle weakness is a red flag, then I've got some flags going off, everywhere. I can't seem to hold on to things, anymore (I dropped a bottle of water down the front of me, yesterday, while attempting to drink!). A few months ago, I attempted to walk and fell to the floor. When I stood back up, I just slumped back to the floor. I sat on the couch, lifted my left leg up to notice that my leg was having horrible tremors. I have a ton of weakness.

    Things have got to get better. If not for me, then for my family. I'm supposed to be the provider, but I can't provide in my current state. It's a rather helpless feeling... and I HATE that.
  • Have you had a Ct scan or EMG? An emg will at least show the nerve damage. Also a myelogram was very useful to the University surgeons
    I feel horrible for you. This should not be happening to you. Have you asked your insurance company for a second opinion? I was denied by my insurance for a 2nd opinion but was approved after I appealed it.
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  • I'm getting ready to leave for now & not much time,but I have a few ideas about this situation.One of them (real quick) is that you mentioned photography..and falling,and tremors.Take some video if you can.Keep your vid with you at the ready at all times until you can catch this on film,and then show it to your Dr.Chances are they WILL take you seriously then.Since reading these posts today I have more thoughts,but no time as I'm moving a few boxes tonight,but will try to post to you later.

    PS~I posted this so that I wouldn't forget-lol.TAKE CARE!!

  • That is a wonderful idea that Robin has. It would be concrete proof and all these specialist will have to take heed of this evidence. I cannot believe that pain mgt dismissed you too; age does not have s@%t to do with them not treating you. My heart goes out to you because you are suffering needlessly and it's so unfair. On my medication pamphlet it says that fentanyl pain patches are given to 2 year olds, so they must be seen by a pain doctor and therefore you are not too young. And on top of everything else, having back pain is very expensive with all the copays and testing. You need help. They can't ignore your symptoms; it is NOT normal to be dropping things. I pray that someone helps you. This just isn't right. >:D<
  • I live in an area which my insurance has NO providers. Every time I have to go to another doc they have to call the insurance company and explain that there are no more resources near me and ask to be put on as temporary providers.

    The insurance company works for YOU. Don't let them tell you that you can't go to a reputable teaching hospital. Let the insurance people at the hospital do the work and then make a follow up call to the insurance company and tell them why it's so important that you visit that particular doctor or clinic. You'd be suprised at how many times they make an exception.

    It never hurts to ask. Don't give up or settle for doctors who don't care. Some doctors will also lower their proce to what the insurance company will pay them- it never hurts to ask about that too. Hospital have funds set aside for cases like yours and all you have to do is ask about it. They'll have papers for you to fill out but it's relatively easy.

    I wish you all the luck,
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  • ROBIN - I do have a point-and-shoot digital that takes video. The first day I fell, that camera was within reach of me (when on the couch), so I took a video of my leg tremors. I called for an appointment ASAP (PCP doctor) so I could show him the video. He was amazed at what he saw. I attempted to show the Ortho the video, but was told that I couldn't take my laptop into the building (security reasons???). But, my PCP made notes about the video. Speaking of notes, I'm heading for a nurse's visit (for an unrelated problem), next week. I'm going to pick up copies of my reports at that time. That way I have access to all the info. Every doctor seems to have their version of what is going on, so it'll be great to have the actual file, so I can fight their BS with facts. I shall arm myself! :)

    MEYDEY321 - heh heh... speaking of dropping things, I was pouring myself a box of Cap'n Crunch (nutritious breakfast!) when, all of a sudden, before I knew it, the box was on the floor, along with my bowl, with cereal everywhere. I dropped the box and knocked the bowl of the counter trying to catch myself. Ridiculous! As for the pain management clinic, I might try to find one in another city as the local clinic is run by the same NS that literally told me to leave and come back when I'm older. In fact, he had his assistant give me the message. The actual NS wouldn't even see me. Apparently, he's a NS as well as a pain specialist. There has got to be something better in another city.

    GRIFF - Awesome idea. I am going to set aside Monday morning to make me some phone calls. First call will be to the U of M hospital and the second one will be to my insurance. The optional third call may be to my PCP in case a referral must be made... I think the U of M is where I need to go. I've heard great things about that hospital in regards to spinal injuries and other such issues.
  • GRANDMESAMOM - I had an EMG done about a month ago. The good news is that, as of yet, there is no nerve damage. I haven't had any CT-scans of the affected area, but I have had several MRIs. The MRIs show that the nerves are being impinged on by the various issues in the area. That area is getting worse, month by month, so it would be great to take care of that area BEFORE the nerves ARE damaged. I just asked for copies of my reports from my PCP, so I can view, first hand, what is going on. I'm getting different explanations from different doctors, so I'm going to get the report in my hands to see just what IS going on. Perhaps, if I arm myself with what they are not telling me, I can more effectively fight my battle...
  • In my very first post,when I mentioned that DDD & bulging discs not being uncommon,and not a reason for surgery..while this may be true,it is a different story when you have The MRIs show that the nerves are being impinged upon,along with your other symptoms.

    With your symptoms,and all of the evidence of those symptoms that you have at your disposal-there is no doubt in my mind that your main concern (outside of the obvious) is finding the right Dr to treat you now.Also,I think you will find that Dr. soon.

  • ROBIN - Very true. I've heard, in fact, that a vast majority of the population has some sort of spinal issue (bulging discs, etc), but they are asymptomatic. I've also heard that a lot of these problems can be self-correcting. I've been suffering with this problem for 4 years and it is getting worse, showing that it's a degenerative disease (thanks, dad!). My PCP is pretty convinced that I should have surgery, at this point (due to the nerves being impinged upon). Sadly, we've yet to find a specialist that is willing, due to my "young age"... though I find it flattering that they call me "young". :)

    I appreciate your optimism that I will find the right Dr., soon. There is a possible move to New Jersey in my near future. I'll be living close to New York City, when the move takes place. I'm almost sure that I can find a really good doctor in that area. I'm really looking forward to finding the right doctor... wherever that doctor may be!
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