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neck injury

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
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Hi everybody. My name is Kathy. I fell in an eight foot deep cement pit (at work) in September. I originally broke my rib, sprained my wrist and the foot that I landed on. A few days after the fall, I developed horrible pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders. The doctor told me it was sore muscles and it would go away. Prior to the fall I walked and worked out every day. I chose to ignore the "sore muscles" and went back to work. I drive a bus (which is like a continuous upper body workout). I was in so much pain, it was impossible to sleep and I felt like I was losing my mind. The doctor told me I needed physical therapy and made me continue to work. I went to physical therapy and they refused to treat me until I had further tests. MRI shows ruptured discs. Basically, I have been without treatment for four months, so I think the new doctor thinks surgery is the only option at this point. I have been searching the internet, but I can only sit at the computer for a little bit before the pain gets too bad. Has anyone had an injury like this that they recovered from without surgery? If I have surgery, will I lose strength and or mobility? I was able to do very heavy lifting, gardening, remodeling, and heavy exercise before the accident. Now I can lift no more than 5 lbs (according to the doctor). I also have nerve damage in my foot that has gone without treatment for four months, but I'll let that topic alone for now. I am so angry about this, I could spit.


  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am sorry you have been suffering for so long without adequate treatment. ~X( you should find a doctor you can talk with and answer your questions as well. i can tell you that everyone recovers differently from surgery. :? check out the "Good News" forum for a read on successful SH surgeries.. also, be sure you get a second opinion if surgery is in the works for you. you need all the information you can get. do not ignore any nerve damage problems. :T now is the time to start a successful treatment plan and get you on the road to recovery. are you using any pain medications? take care and keep us posted of your progress. Jenny :)
  • I sympathize with you and can only imagine that you would really like to hurt the original doc right now. It seems that these workers comp docs are only looking out for the company and not for the patient in lots of cases. I am very sorry that you are suffering in so much pain right now and truly hope that you find some type of relief soon. Please get a couple of more opinions before you opt for surgery and if it is surgery that you need, please make sure that the surgeon is a very capable and experienced one. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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