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I had surgery on my neck ACDF levels c5/c6 and c6/c7 March 21, 2008. I am still having pain in the neck and shoulders. I also had shoulder surgery in Aug. 2008. Now I have been told I have frozen shoulder :( . I went to see my NS to see if some of the problems could still be coming from the neck. I asked if we could do a MRI. NS said he would hate to put me through a MRI? Why? The last neck MRI I had was March 2007. My PT believes some of the pain is coming from c4/c5 and c7/c8. I don't understand what the NS is saying. Could there be problems having a plate in my neck and a MRI? I just feel I need to know that everything is ok in there, and nothing more is starting. What other kind of test can they do to make sure? I am just so tired of being sore. I thought once the neck surgery was done, I would be on my way to recovery. Here I am 2 years after the injury, 2 surgeries later. Still not able to work... Sorry about the poor me, just needed to vent some here.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,509
    I believe the biggest hesitation in having MRIs and especially multiple MRIs lies with in the insurance provide.
    The doctor will need to justify to the insurance provide that
    a MRI is required. That is face value. Many other doctors would not worry about that as long as they feel confident that a MRI is in order.
    JustMe said:

    I went to see my NS to see if some of the problems could still be coming from the neck. I asked if we could do a MRI. NS said he would hate to put me through a MRI? Why?
    I also am puzzled as to why your doctor said he didnt want you to have another MRI, Did anything happen on your first MRI to make them feel that way?
    Having a plate and screws in your neck would not be the reason in not having another MRI. I have had over dozen MRI since my last cervical (C6/C7) surgery back in 2000, and have this hardware in place.

    Plus timing should note be an issue. Your last one was in March 2007, so we are almost coming up on two years. It would be good to have a MRI just to compare it to your previous one.

    Besides the MRI, there are a number of diagnostic tests that can be performed:
    1 - CT Scan
    2 - EMG
    3 - Discogram
    4 - X-rays.

    For me, not knowing is more difficult to handle with what you now. At least when you know, an action plan could be put in place to attempt to correct your problem.

    In your next appointment with Neurosurgeon explaining your problems and ask them what can be done. Just never insist on having a new MRI or other tests. Now at the end of your
    appointment with the NS and they still dont provide answers, that is when you can suggest having another MRI, but
    never insist

    Good luck and please don not think you are posting for por me. This site is to answer questions, try to help and offer an informal support group
  • I had ACDF c5/6 the week before you. I had the neck and shoulder pain into July and my Ortho Surgeon requested a Myleogram to make sure I did not have a pinched nerve. I didn't and the pain just went away in August. I would not want to have another Myleogram but if it helped solve why I was having pain I would. But I would make sure the doctor performing the test was very experienced.
    I understand your wanting to vent, it is good to get it out and this is a great place to vent, you have many people here that can relate.
    If your NS doesn't seem to want to find out what is causing your pain can you talk to your primary care or ask your PT for someone to seek a second opinion? I hope you get some answers soon.
    Take care,
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  • I have been told by my surgeon and pcp that an mri would not be a clear pic with my hardware. I have had a CTscan and a myelogram since my surgery but no mri of my neck. As for my shoulder, I also have been having trouble since May and I did have an mri of my shoulder. The titanium in your neck will not prevent you from having an mri of other parts of your body. Ask your surgeon about a myelogram.

  • JustMe,
    Sorry to hear you are still having problems. I know it is not easy to keep dealing with them. The only thing my OS told me about MRI's and hardware was that the pictures are not as clear where the hareware is placed. I just had a new MRI done the end of November, it does show where my hardware is placed and what looks like fusion, but they also were able to see new things going on at c3,c4 on the posterior pictures. It sort of makes me wonder why your NS doesn't want to do a new MRI, it may be an insurance issue, but after not having one done for two years , it would not seem to be that. I wish you well and hope things get better.

  • Thanks
    Mark, sharon,Stacey and Ron.
    Right now, my NS wants the problems with the shoulder to get resolved, before he feels it is a problem with the neck again. Of course the PT tells him I am having cervial pain, and nerve pain, but for some reason the doctors seem to look at the notes from the PT with a grain of salt. I will keep working at getting better, and hopefully something will work.
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  • i was having problems and my orthopedic surgeon suggested therapy. i had a mri about 11 months prior and it looked perfect! i knew something was wrong so the next day i went to the er and they scheduled a mri for the next morning.

    there is no problems with having a mri post fusion. here is a pic of mine.


    i had a big problem!

  • Wow what a nice clear picture Cindee and I seen right away where your problem was. I go back to the OS on the 16th for my shoulder. I sure hope he wants to try something with this darn arm. I am not able to do anything this way :( But I am sure there is something going on with the neck yet. I have asked for a second opinion, if I don't get answers this time, maybe I will get approved to see another OS. Maybe he will order the MRI. I don't think it is the insurance company. But I have been wrong before.

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