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I would like to reach out to others in pain....I am "new" to all this.....

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in New Member Introductions
:H Hello, and I am so glad to have found this forum.

Let me introduce myself. I am 57 years old, very very overweight (5 foot 4 and 250 pounds), and have had back pain recently that has brought me to tears, and is now so concerning me, that I am very worried for myself.

I saw an Orthopedics Doctor, and she is sending me for SNRI
tomorrow. Gosh, I hope that I get relief. Every day my functioning seems more and more restricted; the pain more and more disabling.

(My family has told me that my weight is a very bad aggravant to my pain. Why do things always get complicated by someone's weight -- did I do this to myself, I fear?) :??

I am having horrendous pain in my right buttock, my right thigh, my right leg. Sleeping is soooooo painful.

I am just "beginning" in this challenge -- in this journey.
I am scared. I feel so bad about the pain and about what this all is doing to me. My ambulation is limited more and more.

Gosh I feel bad.

I would love to hear how people are when they are first diagnosed, and when their symptoms first emerge. I feel so alone in all this.

Thanks so very very much.

Thanks for listening.



  • Let me tell you that you are not a lone. My name is Melissa and I'm 28 years old. I have pain almost everyday of my life. I can not live my life like
    i should be able to. I understand how you feel 100%. I have been going threw this for over a year and now 6 months befoe my wedding I'm getting back surgery. I have been on pain meds for about 9 months and that seems to help with the pain and to get up and live life. I have DDD in my
    L4 and L5 pinched S1 and I have hernated disc. I don't think weight has to to much to do with back pain. I'm 5'7' and 130 lbs. I use to be in perfect shape and go to the gym everyday. I think back problem just happen so please don't think you did it to yourslf.

  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. it is great to have you here as well. =D> please have a look around and make yourself at home. i belong to the weight loss forum and you might want to check it out.. pm me if you are interested. it is very low key and might be the incentive and support you need. :? being overweight can cause physical problems as you are finding out... please do not feel you are alone. >:D< pain, no matter the reason, is very isolating and frightening! if you are awake at night drop by the "Sleep Problems" forum. I) it can make a long night a little shorter. good luck as you search for answers to your pain. :D i do hope your doctor visit gives you some results as well. Jenny :)
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  • Hi withallmyheart

    I know you feel helpless- but it won't always be this way and there are things once you find out what the problem is that you will be able to do to help yourself.

    You are seeing a dr and doing something- until you know more there is little you can do- rest is probably what you need.

    So sorry to hear of your pain down into your leg. I had this exact pain that you describe and I found that putting an ice pack on my buttock really helped it- I also managed to shift the pack down my leg along the pain using my hand then my husband!

    Some find a heat pack helps not ice.

    I hope your dr finds the cause of your pain and helps to treat it.

    The weight thing- many of us are a little/lot/ overweight and we know carrying extra pounds can't be good- it doesn't mean that this caused your pain and of course it does mean that there may be something you can do to help yourself!

    Don't be too frustrated or fearful- fear siezes up backs and the muscles all start working in a wierd way. I know its hard but try not to be too scared.

    I am 46 female with 2 boys 13 and 16 and I work in my husbands dental office as the manager. I had chronic lower back pain Oct-Nov, it just wouldn't get better. I saw a PT and nothing she did made it better. On Nov 4 I had a night of pain like you describe and it left my foot numb as well. I saw a surgeon and on the Friday with my MRI and then on the Tuesday Nov 11 I had an op to take away a large lump of degenerated disc next to my l5/s1 nerve root.

    I now feel so much more like me before I had pain. Recovery takes time- alot of it- but you can get there listen to what you are told to do. Many people say/write Listen to your body- well mine doesn't speak very loudly and I now have to listen or feel very carefully.

    I hope the ice pack gives you some short term relief.

    Be kinder to yourself:)

    Good luck

  • LizLiz Posts: 9,699
    You will find lots of support on this forum. The previous post have already mentioned that we all understand what it is like to live with pain. I too find it painful to sleep, and know how long nights can be when you are awake alone.I wish you luck for tomorrow, and hope you get some answers, so you know what is wrong, and what your options are. You are not alone we are here to support you all the way.

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    cervical stenosis no surgery necessary yet


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    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • I understand what you're going through because I had that same pain when I herniated the L4-S1 discs. What is a SNRI, did you mean to write MRI? They use it to diagnose these types of problems, and it is crucial to get a diagnosis so that doctors can begin treatment. I also have packed on the pounds because the chronic pain keeps me sedentary, but I try to watch what I eat. We're glad to have you here and look forward to getting to know you. Take care :H
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  • i will be honest with you... i do not believe your weight has caused your pain, but it is not helping your pain...does that make any sense? now all of your doctors will try to bblame your weight but you must know yourself...and the rest of your body...are any of your other lower joints giving you problems because of the extra weight? are any of your labratory/blood values/medical issues begining to form due to your weight? if not, then your back pain is not due to your weight! but try to stay strong and beleive in yourself. do as they tell you, and know that you are not alone...when i injured my back for the last time, i was 5'8" and 260lbs..i gained about a hundred more due to pain and medications that ive tried in the past year and a every doc i see says have gastric bypass surgery....?????so i honestly will understand if you need a friend along the way.
    let us know how your appointment goes.

  • Hi, this is withallmyheart.

    I have just read all of your responses and, your Kindness and Acceptance is extraordinary. Thank you, thank you!

    Tomorrow at 9:40 I have an appointment at the Pain Management Specialists for a Selective Nerve Root Block (injection).
    What can I expect? Will that be painful itself? Can I expect "instant" relief? Will I need more than one shot?

    I have had an awful day. I stayed around the apartment, and just puttered around. My 'tush' becomes painful if I sit too long, and as I said, lying in bed can be excrutiating. I wonder when, if, I can get back to more normal activity?

    I feel like I have fallen into a pain 'crack in the earth' -- where pain is all I know right now. It feels awful.

    I will definitely try the ice on my buttock, thigh, etc.
    Thanks for the idea.

    I really appreciated, also, the tip about the forum to go to if I cannot sleep tonight, also, about the weight loss forum. How kind of you all!

    One last thing: the doctor gave me a Medrol Pack. It is, evidently, helped me not one bit. Also, I have been getting cramps all over my body, at the weirdest times. My thumb had a cramp, then my legs. Oh boy >>
    what is next?

    I have to go now. Am in pain. But I know that you ALL understand that, and I am blessed to meet you. Thanks again, from my grateful heart.

  • withallmyheart, hi!! check out the top of the forum under "Treatments" and then check out "injections." :? it will give you a very good view of what they are all about. i am sure someone will drop by with some first hand experience as well. :D also, check out the "Pain Injection" forum for some more input. there is alot of information available here on the different sites to prepare you!! i hope the ice has helped some and today has a better face on it for you..remember to smile, even when there is a frown!! =)) come in here and tell us what the frown is all about!! enjoy your Sunday!! Jenny :)
  • Hi hon,
    I know this seems so scary when you hurt so and not knowing why will drive ya nuts. Glad you see someone tomorrow and hope you get some answers your looking for.
    Lulusheart is right about checking this site under much info here its great.
    I have had a nerve block done, it was soooo many injections ago...if I remember correctly, that was was not too bad to under go. Don't worry about too much, it's new and frightening I know.
    We are all here for ya anytime. Your welcome here, good luck! :)
  • Hi withallmyheart,
    I am new to this site as well and found the level of support here so awesome.
    My symtoms are similar to yours. I had a SNRI in September (after 3 failed epidural injections in May). The procedure itself was somewhat uncomfortable as they stimulated the nerve that is causing me so much grief to make sure that they had the right area. Following the injection I was sore for a couple of days - felt like bruising at the injection site as well as a "heavy" feeling in my right leg. After a week I had so much relief that I was able to be weaned off all the neuropathy and NSAIDS medication! It was wonderful!
    I still had pain in my back and leg however it was nowhere near what I had prior and I was able to return to work on reduced hours. I had about seven weeks of pain relief before the injection began to wear off and my pain began to increase.

    Withallmyheart, I sincerely hope that they find the "sweet spot" with your injection and that you get much needed pain relief.
    Keep us updated.....
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