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I am confused and tired of listenting to doctors.

hisbeauty4asheshhisbeauty4ashes Posts: 211
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi my precious friends my heart goes out to all of you as I have battled five surgeries in a fourteen months period. I know all that you face and really pray that you will feel better and be healed of all this craziness in your lives.

On another note here is my situation. I had foot surgery and had an artificial joint put in my big toe, and one week later after foot surgery, I was in the hospital having back surgery. Then six months after back surgery I went in for a second neck surgery where they went in from the back of the neck instead of the front this time.The reason I had to have the second neck surgery was because the four levels that were supposed to be fused the first time only two levels took and the other two levels did not take. So they had to go in again to fuse the other two disc's. Well by this time the medal screws and rods in my back were causing a great deal of pain that went through my right leg so they took them out. It helped allot and now that part is doing great. My neck after surgery had a rod on the left side sticking out like and it caused me sooo much pain that the brace hurt me so bad that I could hardly stand itor even wear it. Well then the doctor decides to take out the hardware in the back of my neck because all looked good and fused. But I Had major neck pain and shoulder pain then headaches began to increase into migraines. So I went back into the doctors for a check up and I told him I could hardly bend my head up down around with out tremendous pain. I could not stand in one position for long with out pain in my neck and shoulders. I can not carry anything with 2 pounds or more cause it felt like my neck was going to pop it hurt so bad.Then the headaches were becoming like migraines and the pressure was so bad I literally popped a blood vessel in my eye. Well the doctor decided to do an MRI then we found out the disc above all the ones that are fused slipped or herniated not exactly sure what he said because I received a phone call from his office that the disc between C3 and C4 was causing the problem and that my doctor wanted me to get a nerve block ASAP to see if that is indeed where the pain is coming from. My mouth dropped to the ground in disbelief cause I had already been through five surgeries already and do not want another one. Well then I go in to see the nerve block doctor and he told me that there was so much trauma from having three neck surgeries already that IT HAS damaged the nerves and the scare tissue is so tight and built up that it is causing pressure in the neck and shoulders which is producing the migraines.

Well I am scheduled for a nerve block in several levels of where the discs are next Thursday. I am to see my surgeon next Tuesday to talk over more of the MRI and its results and I will know more about the steps I need to think about taking then.

One doctor is saying possible surgery is needed again while another is saying I need to stop having surgeries on my neck because of the trauma of several surgeries. I am tired of listening to these doctors. I have a disc that is no good and pain I suffer with. What would you guys do and have any of you gone through this type of situation?

Thanks and I am sorry this is so long. I do pray you all find resolve and for the pain to be gone out of your lives so you and I can live in total freedom of pain and in great health.




  • First of all bless you friend for all that you've gone through. I haven't ever gone through anything like you but I do so sympathize for you. But you asked the question and I want to answer it. What would I do. I would go with the doctor who suggested no more surgeries because of the build up of scar tissue UNLESS your spine is unstable and causing you more pain that you can possibly handle. Perhaps later after your body has had time to heal from the other surgeries then maybe I might consider it if I were you. But if it were me I wouldn't do it at this point in my life. But that is just my opinion. My heart goes out to you for all that you've been through. >:D<
  • Jeanie,

    You have been through so much, I can't begin to imagine.

    I had ACDF 5-6-7 in July of 05 and recently had to add the 4-5 and remove my old hardware. My fusion was stable and made it easier I think.

    Your decision is a hard one. Have you seen your MRI films? My 4-5 was blown so my decision was obvious. If they can prove your symptoms are from the 3-4 it would be worth it. You don't want it to get anyworse but there is always risk having surgery.

    I pray the nerve block gives you relief and time to decide what is best.

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  • I'm sorry you're having so much pain. I hope the injections will help your pain. I couldn't recommend what I would do in your case except I would look for another Neurologist's opinion since you have one Dr. for and one Dr. against. The most important goal is to get you free of pain. If there is a chance that nerve damage would happen if you wait for surgery is an important question to ask the Surgeon. In that and a 3rd opinion would be my deciding factor. I hope you're soon able to have a relatively painfree life. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Thank you guys so much for your loving support. I have a doctor who I do trust a 100 percent as well and a second opinion is on my agenda as well. I would wait to have the disc operated on but the problem is the pain I endure with migraines and and pain in shoulders and neck.I will talk more with my doctor on the Tuesday and I think I will have a better understanding of what is taking place and decisions will be made from there. I will keep you all informed.

    Again thanks and be blessed.
  • I agree with Charry. Perhaps it's time to get another opinion. I have a surgeon now that I trust 100%, Like Paul, but if I was ever uncomfortable with anything he suggested I'g have to get another opinion as we''. So far, luckily, he hasn't led me astray.

    You've had a LOT of surgeries and I can understand your hesitation. I recently found out that I probably need another one and I'm not happy about it but am ready to do just about anything at this point to lead a better quality of life. If it takes 5 more to help me get back to living then I'll do those too.

    You do have the ultimate control, don't fotget that. Just make sure that this new bad disc isn't causing permanent damage.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up choosing, okay?

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