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no pain one day, pain the next

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
Just wondering if anyone has the same pain symptoms as I do. Two days ago, I had very limited leg pain. I was surprised, but happy of course. I hadn't changed any of my activities, just working as usual. Then, the following day, there was the pain again. Did I do anything different? No, just had leg pain. I always wake up with no pain, then the pain either begins to go down my leg or it doesn't for the day. Today the pain is severe. It doesn't make sense. There's no reason for more pain today than yesterday. I always get my hopes up that I'm recovering, but then, the next day - sure enough - more pain. Does anyone have an explanation for this? My doc says I have scar tissue, so I'm in P.T. plus I do nerve gliding exercises, which help relieve SOME pain.



  • Hi csp....sound's very similar to my day i can fill fine the next god knows what i have 7 weeks post surgery....and i am going great...although i think, then too i have pain.I have been told that it is good to pace yourself....i find that i fill great so i do more than i should..then it is a horrible cycle.
    from my personal experience i need to slow down and not lift or carry anything heavy even light as that can cause pain (a kettle)
    i found that where i had previous surgery and scar muscle felt like an elastic band it was very restricted.....have u been back to your doctor to discuss if the scar tissue is the course or something else

    your story seems just like mine..
    take care
    L4-5/DISCECTOMY 95
    L4-5 decompression dec 08 (removed scar tissue and some bone matter around the disc)

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813
    This I believe all comes from The Beast , Chronic Pain!
    Anyone who has had to deal with chronic pain over a period of time will experience
    The Good
    The Bad
    The Ugly

    After having spinal surgery even when it was a total success, there are always reminders of that surgery. Scar Tissue, Nerve Pain, Restrictions, Limitations and more.

    Most of the time, we all can understand when we get a flare up of pain. It could be some physical activity, even something slight that set things off.

    But, what is more difficult to understand, is how emotions can play out. Stress is probably one of the biggest contributors in spinal problems. Your muscles can tighten up, you might hunch a shoulder, or your inner strength to fight of pain is weakened.

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  • One day I woke up and felt strange. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Just.. something was... I don't know - HINKY.

    I got up and walked to the kitchen to begin my day and then realized what it was. NO PAIN. Absolutely none! Zero. I was on day 3 of my new extended release medication - morphine. I was elated!!!! I woke up my kids and asked them what they wanted to do that day (my husband was at work) and they were confused and didn't know what to say or how to act. I told them I was feeling great and we should hurry and do SOMETHING before it comes back.

    But, alas - it was short lived. By noonish I was back to my 4 - 6 pain level. Talk about a total downer. But I sure did enjoy those 4 hours without pain. MAN! If I could get that once a week I would be a much happier person.

    I wake up in pain. Actually, several times a night. I stay in pain constantly all day long. Sometimes I ignore it (well, okay - most of the time I ignore it) and get on with things. Sometimes, I just can't go any more and have to take it easy for a day or 2 - which I totally hate doing because life is passing me by. I hate wasting time just lying around. And truth be told - the less I do the worse I feel. So I am truly in one of those situations of: "Damned if I do and Damned if I don't. So dammit, do it!"

    I am glad you have good days in between your bad ones. That at least gives me some hope!

  • Yes, I've had an MRI and ct/myelo. The MRI showed some scar tissue. My neuro said he may have to wrap it com this summer. I see him on Friday (finally) to discuss the ct/myelo. That also shows clumped nerves up above. I'm going to ask him if wrapping the nerve is still an option.

  • You know I have been dealing with the same thing as you. My docs said that when they (the nerves) come back on line they can act anyway they please. When I read this I immediately thought progress for you. I hope I am right. Maybe with these glides and PT you are doing the nerves are starting to reconnect. I can always be hopeful for you. So think positively and good luck with your doctor appointment. Make sure you tell him of these new symptoms and see if the time you are without pain gets longer. My fingers are crossed for you.
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  • Someone warned me that for months post-surgery there would just be pains that come and go, days that you feel OK and then the next day you feel terrible and that there would not seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it. And they were right! I will be mostly pain-free for a day or two and then for no reason I can figure out I will hurt like crazy for a day or two. Maybe I over-do it on the days I feel OK - but I really try not to and cannot pinpoint any specific activity that would cause the pain. Well, except scrubbing the bathtub - no matter, how I try to do it, even using a long-handled scrubber, I get more pain after that. So, that little chore goes back to my husband.

    Of late, I have decided to blame the changes in pain on the cold yucky weather. It makes as much sense as anything else!
  • NO we have no explanation,

    As time goes by, some have pain on those rest days and we may have pain all the time and I for one would be glad of any rest, one presumes your underlying condition that creates the pain in the first place and why that is more intensive on some days more than other is never clear and a facet of classical chronic pain itself, enjoy those rest days, or days of less pain.

    That exercise you are doing will help in the longer term with mobility and so the longer you can do some with tolerable pain, I would continue with that plan as once you stop being able to be as mobile as you like you problems may increase proportionately. It has been said here find what you can do without making it worse and do more of that, stay away from thing that make it worse if possible, find the reason why is gets worse for you make be a longer term project and require daily record of activity time duration intensity and how you feel at any given time.

    I had no ankle jerks at all and this after my failed fusion, we are all different and each case is individual and collective information only a guide for the consensus rather than as individuals, we all go into surgery with individual pre-existing condition and that is the variant and spectrum of outcomes, varied in, varied out. We need to find what works for us individually which can take time, effort, evaluation and close monitoring, this has no guarantee of finding or implementing any new process for improvement, but we should never stop trying and being realistic.

    Take care John.
  • Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns. It helps to hear others' opinions and experiences. It's hard to be positive after months and months of pain, but it seems so many on here are. I'm not the type to give up, even when there seems to be no hope. So I will continue on in hopes of relief soon.

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