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15 yo daughter herniation L5-S1

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
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Hi All (especially parents,
I am having a very hard time with seeing my daughter in pain. Her herniation is at L5-S1 and, according to the MRI and the neurosurgeon/radiologist, is a minor one that would not benefit from surgery. However, her symptoms do not reconcile with the imaging findings. She has numbness, hip achiness and pain, especially to the left side, and of course, the lower back pain. She takes pain meds (OTC) EVERY day - I worry about her liver/kidney and the wear and tear due to drug metabolism. Plus she is so uncomfortable and if we have a couple of good days, we know that it will last for only 1-2. On top of that she cannot get comfortable sitting in school desks all day and lugging around that ridiculous backpack. I did get a second set of books for home and each topic text placed in the respective classrooms, but there are still the heavy notebooks, etc.....And she will have to deal with hard desks and long term sitting for all of HS and college, and then some. She could not engage in sports for fall or winter, and is so much looking forward to playing on the HS tennis team, which I dread as it starts in March. She thinks she'll be able to practice 5x a week and do matches. I'm so afraid. But when we talk about it she sobs and says she will die if she cannot play as she is an excellent player. I do not want her to get depressed by ripping everything away from her. I had to have her stop running on the pavement, which had helped her lose weight and gain self-esteem. She loved the sport - but it is impossible for her to do that now. I just can't get a grip on things and I know it is obvious to her, which makes it, undoubtedly, harder for her and more fearful. How do you deal with it? We are going to another doc, an orthopedic guy who came highly recommended by our pediatrician, who does well with kids, apparently. Just needed to vent and hear back from another parent. I would take away her pain and have it myself 10x over if I could...


  • I am a parent but have not had a child suffer from this type of pain. I can only imagine how tough that would be. There are different things that can be easily carried around to make sitting on a hard surface a little easier for her. Some are inflatable and could easily tuck away in a book bag. Does she have one of the book bags on wheels that can be pulled or pushed? I am not even sure if that would be better or worse. It is so hard for most people to find something that they are really good at and at 15 it would really help your self esteem. Maybe the neuro that you are going to visit will have helpful ideas so don't give up yet. Also, as young as she is maybe she will heal quickly and be able to get right back to her normal life. I really hope that everything works out well and please keep us posted. Please drop by anytime that you need support or just need to vent. Members here are really good about being here for one another.
  • I have a 13 year old level 7 gymnast and she has been pretty much out the gym since October. She has terrible upper lumbar pain and we have been to 3 orthopedics, 2 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists and now 2 pain doctors. We have had every test to check for fractures and herniated disc, disc name it. We tried facet injections 2 weeks ago and it didn't help at all. Today we had 2 trigger point injections. We see a chiropractor 1 time a week and we go to physical therapy 2 tmes per week for 2 hours at a time. I too ache for her. She is so very talented in her sport and today the doctor asked her if she could give it up! She is just not there mentally...she truly isn't ready to give it up. Pain meds don't help either over the counter or prescribed...I'm at a loss. She has been trying to do some bar work, however, that hurts. If you think of anything...please let me know, as I will do the same. We actually have an appointment with a neuro next week, but I'm told it will be a waste of time and they won't find anything. I don't know who to believe anymore. chiropractor tried kinesio tape on her tonight hoping that would also help. I pray for you and your daughter...I truly know what you are going through. It hurts so badly to see your child not able to even do the simple things a kid should be able to do because of the pain.
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  • Hi...I can probably comment on your daughters side. I was a gymnast for years and had ongoing back problems, my mom was there for me every step of the way and I sooo appreciated her support (even though i didnt always show it!)

    As hard as it is to be in pain it is even harder to see how much it affects my mom. I could see her tear up when a doctor asked who was FORCING me to do gymnastics (shed been trying to get me to quit for years), and her face crumbled when a doctor overextended my back and made me yelp. I was in a bad mood a lot! at home and they were great about it. But some things shes going to have to find out for herself. Let her try the tennis, if it really bothers her a lot she'll want to stop. believe me getting told i couldnt do something would make me fight through unmeasurable pain to prove them wrong.

    If tennis fails try and see if she'll like something like competitive swimming, or diving. diving is great because there is no hard landings and she can start off really slow from a low board. I also really really liked water therapy...i had a really great guy who did my PT and made me WORK for every inch! I liked getting to work out and felt such a sense of accomplishment afterward. One word of advice tho research the water therapy place before hand! Some are mind-numbingly easy and some are full of only old people (which will not help with confidence!) Dont baby her and try not to put too much emphasis on the pain shes in. I had a hard time getting asked every second of every day if i was in pain, and even yelled at for hiding how much pain i was in from my parents. Im not saying not to ask her just try to read if shes frustrated by any questions and move from there. Im sure she appreciates how much your there for her, I know how thankful I am for my parents. The only other thing i can think of is to let her take control of some things. Ask her if she wants to speak to the doctor without you there once or twice. That way she can speak freely without worrying you and then you all(doctor included dont worry) can discuss what they talked about after.

    Good luck and dont worry too much, your daughters a teenager. Its probably hard for her to admit that she needs you so just take everything she says with a grain of salt!
  • hi and welcome to the forum!! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i have the point of view of your daughter. :? at 15 i suffered 2 ruptured discs. no surgery for me. i can remember my mom taking care of me as if i was a baby. :X i could hardly walk. :''( she helped me get dressed, bathe, eat, and of course took care of my medication. she would have my girlfriends over for sleepovers even though i did most of the sleeping. I) it was so good to have them around. she made a bed in the back of the car so i could run errands with her and get out of the house. i had balloons and flowers in my room many days. i asked her recently how she did it and she said many of the things you have. she said she was so scared of what was going to happen to me. she said it just kicked in to take care of me as she did when i was a baby. my mom did a wonderful job all on her own. i had no dad. i remember the love and caring that surrounded me the whole time i was ill. :X so please remember that you are doing a great job. you are supplying her with the most important thing of all, love!! you have come to the right place for answers to your questions and the extra support you might need. please be sure you get your rest!!! (|: she needs you so much and if you are not rested you can not give her your all. good luck to both you and your daughter!! you are doing a great job!! =D> Jenny :)
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