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New here, just thought I'd introduce myself

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in New Member Introductions
It's so nice to have found a forum like this where you can talk to others who are having similar issues. I'm excited about it :)

Well, to introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old female. I had spinal fusion surgery when I was 13 years old. T3-L4. After the surgery I returned to my life of horseback riding, soccer playing, and other activities till I started experiencing some gradual pain starting around age 17. I gradually started cutting back on activities more and more thinking that pain was just going to be a way of life for me, but it had always been reasonable and manageable.

I got into a car accident at age 19(March 06) and was diagnosed with "whiplash". My friend slammed into a parked car going about 40mph.... My neck has been a major problem since. I've had tingling down both arms and have gotten cramps in my shoulders ever since as well as pain. I was able to maintain a desk job and still could take care of my rescue horse and occasionally ride.

I was doing decently, until I fell down the stairs at my boyfriends house Feb 08. I've had 2 other falls since April (off my horse who I wasn't supposed to be on) and then this past November(down my own stairs). Each one reacting on my back in a more severe manner each time. Probably due to an unnoticed vit d problem that developed due to a "to-be-determined" endocrine issue.

Well, this last year I've been told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that he can't find out what's wrong. This last fall landed me in the hospital... Which they sent me home having severe muscle spasms with after an hour or so. Which my surgeon then had me come back a few days later and admitted me through him. I spent 2 weeks having every test known to man being done to no avail. I need an mri, but the rods are steel. I had dye injected into my spine (forget what that's called) and nothing is wrong with my nerves. They sent me home with some meds. The meds have been the only thing that has helped but I have since run out of them and now need to see a pain specialist.

I have seen one other doctor since I've been out who said I have a C6-7 disk bulge and she believes that my neck and lower spine have been taking a lot of damage since the rest of my spine is fused.

I am still having very painful spasms and constant pain. I've pretty much been confined to my bed (peeing in a bottle at it's very worse... [gross I know]). I have a hard time walking and feel like a lot of pressure is being put on my hips? I've been extremely weak and can hardly brush my own hair :( I'm a little overwhelmed with my situation and confused as to why they can't find what's wrong.

I'm currently taking klonopin, baclofin, and over the counter pain meds... That I think are just doing more harm to my stomach lining than anything else. They give me zero pain relief. However, I am twitching a lot less! And I'm very thankful for that!

Supposed to be taking cymbalta and neurontin but they made me SO depressed that I weened off about a month ago. I'd rather have burning and pins and needles in my legs, feet, arms, and hands than be suicidal.

So now, I'm currently waiting on medicare, the new pain clinic and spine specialist, and an endocrine doctor (which are REALLY hard to find near me without health insurance!).

Anyone with similar experiences or anything will be greatly appreciated for any words of wisdom!!

Thanks for reading and I'm hoping to learn a lot on this site about spine related issues!


  • hi and welcome to the forum? :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am sorry you are having such severe pain problems! ~X( you say you need to see a pain specialist but don't mention any timetable on that! it sounds like you need to do that right away!! if you are having such severe pain, adequate pain medication would really benefit you. also, have you considered the nerve pain medications for the pain in your legs and arms? talk to your doctor as they may really help you.. :-C please remember that inactivity can often make our problems worse. are you on any type of physical therapy? the pool is really great for severe pain. =D> good luck with your pain problems. i hope you are able to follow through and get some pain relief..SH is always here to listen! Jenny :)
  • Thank you for the warm welcome!
    No real time table... I'm broke and paying out of pocket due to health insurance not covering my issues, etc. So I'm relying on my mom for help.

    All the nerve pain medication I've been on has really messed with my head (severe depression and insomnia). I am willing to try other nerve pain medications, especially before I commit to being put back on serious opiates/opiods. I SHOULD be in PT but I'm waiting on the pain clinic to receive all of my records and such. I have a booklet of cervical spine exercises from the pt I have had and some other ones that I was told to do by another doctor. So I've kept up with those the best I can. I also go for walks on good days... but that's about it.

    I've considered the pool, but have no way to get to one. However, I agree that it's a great idea.

    Nice to meet you :) and thanks for reading!
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