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Anybody have Hip bursitis, tendonitis, SI joint stuck....

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
anterior innominate (hip tipped forward).....My walking has slowed, difficult to sit, and right hip hurts when lying on right side. It got pretty intense so OS approved Motrin use (I'm 8 mths out) and went to PT....diagnosed with all the aforementioned. As far as I can tell the 'stuck' SI and the forward slipped hip cause the tendonitis. Please answer any/all of these questions:
1) what helped improve your symptoms with both PT and Meds
2) how did you keep the sacrum moving, mine keeps going back to being 'stuck'
3) who diagnosed you/did your surgeon have any ideas...mine says the back looks great and doesn't know what to do with the hip
4) Did a pain management program help?
5) Is there a specialist for SI disorders and anterior innominates....I would think a hip surgeon is for hip replacement, so where do I turn??

Thank you for ANY help.


  • It hurts, I know because I had it. I went to a Physiatrist for my care. I found injections helped and so did chiropractic. Regular stretching exercises and gentle twists really helped because they allowed me adjust my SI joint myself. The real reason my SI joint hurt so much was because of my back issues. Since my 360 fusion(almost 3 months) I have not had an issue with it. I don't know if this helps you but there are doctors who can help. Pain management doctors can usually do injections but look for someone who can fix hip problem, orthopedic doctor I would guess. Perhaps your surgeon can recommend someone. Best Wishes
  • Thank You Pika. Once fused, I am guessing, the gentle twists are out? My PT does manual therapy very gently. I too thought that my hypermobile, dehydrated discs at L5 then L4 were to blame but each time I get to around 6 mths, become more active, I again am stopped by this darn SI. Only on one side. From what I'm reading, this can be caused by the lax hip that rotates forward??
    A physiatrist may be an option...I'm not sure where to turn. My surgeon does not believe a sacrum moves enough to cause issues, even if it's not moving. We have had long discussions. My fusion looks great but now what???
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  • I hope there are answers out there as this left hip pain is really making me crazy, too. Heat, and sometimes ice, helps some. Sitting really aggravates the hip, butt and pelvic pain.

    Last night from about 5:00 pm on I had NO PAIN and was so excited. But this afternoon it is back and I have no clue why. As far as I know I have done nothing different.
  • Carol...I have been, and still am, in the same situation. I have had the L5-S1 fusion, which worked--for about 9 months. I am currently receiving treatment from a pain clinic. One of the best treatments I have had is steroid injections into the joint paired with PT/OT--specifically a treatment called "postural restoration." I highly recommend this treatment since it is extremely effective, doesn't include surgery or the use of high powered narcotics that are equally as debilitating as the pain(i.e. can't sit to drive because of pain...take the painkillers...can't drive because it's illegal and unsafe). I have done the postural restoration without the just takes a little while longer to feel results (maybe a month) vs. feeling results in a week when paired with the injections.

    Good luck!
  • Hmm,I'm not a fan of ESI's.I've had several in my neck with NO relief at all..ditto the TPI's...

    ...BUT~I saw an orthopedic surgeon and my PM gave me a couple ESI's in my hip joint,and let me tell you-it was like magic as far as the pain was concerned.My pain didn't start out intense,but it soon was,and I'm not exaggerating..I really wasn't expecting much,if any relief from the ESI's when I limped into the hospital,and the injections WERE painful.More so than in my neck (I don't get sedation),because the Dr & nurses say that they literally have to "dance on your pain" to find the exact location.They did,but it worked and it worked right away-before I left the hospital..and actually it is still working.

    That was last June.I do have a little pain returning,but not near as bad as it was.Now,for your issues-this might be a band-aid..but if it can help the pain while you find the treatment....?
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