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Hello, new here......

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:27 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi everyone. I am here for some research, wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amy. I am 36yo, and I have issues.

T12, and L1, compression fractures loss of 40% L1 vertebral height. T11,12 2mm broad based disk protrusion. L1,2,3,4 3mm broad based disc protrusions. L5-S1 4-5 mm broad based disk protrusion w/ bilateral foraminal narrowing and impingement on the exiting nerve roots bilaterally. Disc dessication T11,12-L1,3,4,-L5,S1.

Pain both hips and legs. Electrical like shooting pains down legs into feet. Numbness and tingling on tops of feet. painful burning sensations on tops of thighs. Crawling bug like sensations on the front of my shins.

Rigid bracing for the fractures, PT, epidural steroid injections w/ some relief but doesn't ever last, pain meds Norco 10/325, lyrica (only taken at night, with definite relief at night).

Considering microdiscectomy/discectomy, but know nothing about it. From what I gather it is under Gen. anesthesia. I have read however that it can be done w/ sedation and spinal block. I am terrified of the gen anesthesia but I am not into hearing bone saws and such so I am trying to get more info on this if anyone has had this procedure please give me your feedback!!! I would Sooooooooo appreciate it!!!

I feel so alone sometimes and my husband is tired of hearing me complain and I really dont blame him. I am tired of complaining. Anything anyone can offer I would really appreciate it!



  • Welcome to Spine Health. I had to have a microdiscectomy for herniations at L4-5 and L5-S1 with nerve impingement. I tried PT, transforaminal epidural steroid injections, and medications but I continued to have a lot of pain. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and went on to have standing x rays and a ct myelogram prior to surgery. When I woke up in recovery room, I was blinded by the pain. Back surgery pain is in a class of its own. My leg was hurting badly despite being told it would disappear post op. I stayed 3 days in the hospital. A physical therapist would come take me for a walk up and down the hallway. I needed help to go to the bathroom. I had to lay on my side because the incision was very sore, and it hurt a lot to change positions. The one position I could not do is lie on my back; it took about a couple weeks before I really could. I was offered to go to the rehab ward in the hospital but I decided to go home. I had home health care therapist come out to my home 3x's a week. After that I went to PT 3 weeks after surgery. The doctor allowed me to drive after 2 weeks at short distances first. I kept having pain flares and persistent sciatica so I was sent in for another MRI, and then after I had 2 more injections. Meanwhile I was being told that it takes time for the nerve to heal because it was irritated and swollen. It became clear that I wasn't doing well and I was referred to pain mgt. What happened was that I developed new problems post surgically that I wasn't made aware of, and all that time I wondered what was going on.
    Well, that was my experience with this type of surgery. The incision was around 3 inches long I believe. Now it's covered by another bigger incision from a 2 level fusion with titanium rods and screws. Whatever you chose to do, I hope you have a successful experience and a good outcome. You can look under the treatment tab on top for spinal surgery, and from there look up microdiscectomy for more in depth information and a video. Take care
  • Hello Amyinpain,

    Just for your info, I called myself before my spinal fusion Kinpain probably for the same reason you selected your sign-in name. Right after my surgery, i dropped the last part as it no longer applied, and just signed myself Kin. So I just want to tell you that my wish for you is the same, hopefully you will find a solution to get rid of the pain and you will be just Amy. I wish you that with all my heart!


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  • Thanks meydey321 for the info.
    If you don't mind me asking what kind of complications did you develop after the discectomy?
    The 1st steroid inj I had was a success lasting about a year. The second however I might as well have just stuck a needle in my own back because it did NOTHING. I am so frustrated, and tired of the Dr. telling me i am "over reacting", and my pain being continually discounted when this has gone on since 06'. I am tired so of the pain.
    Did you find relief from your fusion? I hope so.
  • Thank you so much kinpain!

    I am so happy to hear you have your life back and have relief! I pray that I can have the same outcome at some point!!!!

    The inspiration is worth it's weight in gold, thanks!!!!
  • I don't have a history as far as actual back surgery. All I can comment on is the general anesthesia. I know it scares many people. The fear of being awake while being poked and prodded has always outweighed the fear of the general anesthesia for me! I had knee surgery while awake and the sensation of the poking and prodding totally freaked me out. They upped the pain meds till I fell asleep.
    I have had 4 surgeries since my accident and not once have I asked if I could stay awake. I'll say a prayer and hope it all comes out well in the end!
    I am hoping to have a SCS trial soon. I hope I deal with that Ok. I understand I will need to be awake to make sure the leads are placed correctly. Still has me a bit nervous. But, the aspect of getting away from the pain is too appealing to not go for it!
    I hope you work out the best choice for you!
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  • Wrambler you have been through ALOT. I wish you the best and thanks for sharing your experiences with me. Yeah, I just have this total paranoia of not waking up from the anesthesia, but as I said I am not into the sounds of bone saws either...So much to think about! Good luck to you and the SCS!
  • Well, the problems I developed after the micro-d was a recurrent herniation and retrolisthesis (slippage) on L4-5, nerve compression from L5-S1, severe DDD in both levels and chronic degenerative endplate changes, arthritis in the facet joints, and a benign tumor on L2. I'm sorry to say I didn't get relief from the fusion I had almost 9 months ago.
    I understand how frustrating it is when you have pain and feel that you're not getting listened too. My worst fear is having this type of pain and not being believed. Don't feel bad about the injection, it works for some but not all and this is common. I had several and the last one made me worse, and I called the office crying. I was told nothing else could be done and it would be better for me to move on to pain mgt. I had refused this offer the first time because I wanted to problem fixed, but I got tired of feeling miserable.

    Whatever you do, don't give up and make them listen to you. You are your own best advocate and no one knows your pain but you. Learn all you can about your condition so you can make informed decisions.
  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. please check the side of the forum called "Forum Navigation." from there go to "Pain Topics A-Z" and look up "discectomy." you will get am explanation you can understand!! =D> good luck as you seek pain relief! :D Jenny :)
  • Gosh I am so sorry you had no relief from the fusion,that totally sucks bad!!!!! I am so scared that the micro d will be the door opening for a lifetime of back pain.

    I honestly feel like the last injection made me worse too!!! I was supposedly "sedated" during the procedure, but was abruptly awakened from the "sedation" in excruciating pain while my PM specialist placed the needle in my back. I was transfered right from the surgery suite to recovery and I was crying from the terrible pain and soreness in my back.
    The anesthesiologist offered me a pain shot of dilaudid and of course I obliged the offer being in the pain I was. I NEVER even felt the first shot I got from a different Dr. before I knew it the procedure was over and I did not even realize that he did anything.

    I am just so scared of having this procedure and it being the "gateway" procedure to other surgical procedures. If I just leave it and do my best to exercise, and take care of myself maybe I would have the same outcome. Honestly my disks are not that bad compared to some of the stuff I have seen on this site.

    Thanks for your feedback, and I pray that you find some relief promptly.
  • Have you considered an endoscopic microdiscectomy? I had that done and was awake throughout the procedure. It was not a pleasant experience but they only made a tiny incision in my side and no bone saws! I wish you much luck and please keep us posted on your progress.
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