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Your opinions on my micro surgery problems

I had L5 S1 Micro surgery in Aug. During the recovery proccess I continued to have pain. I explained to the doctor that even after the surgery I never stopped having pain. He informed me the pain I have is part of the nerve healing process. He told me it would take maybe several months because I had the injury for over 2 years. Basicly saying the longer you have the injury the longer it takes to heal. So, I finally went back to work and started PT, two months after surgery even with the pain.
Then one day the pain got really bad. So bad I started taking all my pain meds again. I went back to the doctor. This time I demanded there was something wrong still and he needed to correct it. He sent me for another MRI and that showed scare tissue but that was about it. He told me that might cause the problem but felt like it was still a healing issue and that I needed more time and ordered me to continue PT.
Two more weeks go by and now the pain is so bad I stopped going to work and PT. I saw my doctor again and told him the problem feels worse then before I had the first surgery and demanded something wasn't right.
He sent me to a doctor that does this nerve test with a needle and microphone to listen to the nerve. NOT FUN!
That doctor said the nerve is still pinched and that was causing the problem.
When my doctor found this out he told me I would need an additional surgery to correct, telling me he would have to open me up to remove scare tissue and see what else might be causing the problem. So, in Dec. I had a second surgery. After the surgery he told me he removed scare tissue and found a couple small bone chips and one large bone chip that was missed from the first surgery. I asked him how was that possible? He told me the surgery is done through a micro scope so things can get missed. I asked him if the disc was actually re-injured and he told me he never went that far to look during the second surgery because of the scare tissue being in the way. However, I'm now two months PO and still have pain in leg in the same areas as before. I will admit the pain isn't as bad as even before my first surgery put I still have pain. The doctor knows this and still ordered me to do PT.
What are your guys thoughts?
Would you still do PT after what happen to me?
Could this be just a healing issue and only time will tell?
Could this be perminent nerve damage?
Could I still have bones in me?
What would you guys do if you were me?
P.S. The doctor I have is known to be the best. My mom is a nurse for another doctor and she recommended him based on others experiences.

Please help! I need your thoughts on the matter.
Thank you for your time and help.



  • Yes, I would also go for a second opinion. It can't hurt anything. I also have scar tissue issues. My doctor just got done telling me that I need to learn to deal with the pain. I was shocked of course.

    Being that this doctor missed some bone the first surgery, I would wonder if he missed some yet again. That's why I would suggest a second opinion. I would explain everything to the second doctor.

    If this guy didn't go in to see if the disc was re-herniated because of scar tissue, you must have a lot??? Or he didn't want to add any more scarring to the already scarred area.

    I'm on to my 3rd opinion I'm hoping soon. I'm waiting for my family doctor to let me know if she will okay yet another opinion. I'm just hoping she doesn't think I'm crazy and just want more surgery.

    Let me know what you decide. It sounds like a 2nd opinion might ease your mind a bit.

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