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Getting the Microdiscectomy done tomorow!!!



  • Reading your posts makes me stay positive about my recovery. I was wondering how did you get to work just few days after your surgery. I just had the micro. and I am not allowed to drive until I see my doc's nurse practioner in which will be two weeks after the procedure.

    keep us updated.
  • I was told not to drive for 2 weeks either and it was my understanding that it was because of the meds that i was on. Well besides advil, i was off my pain meds 2 days post op and just on the antibiotics for 5 days, so i wasnt taking anything for a couple days before i started driving. Physically i felt fine to drive so i just drove to work. But for me, my drive is only 2 minutes as well, and not much for traffic. I wouldnt have tried driving in rush hour traffic in a major city. But its probably kind of your judgement. Im guessing the 2 week period covers the people that might not do as well after the surgery
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  • You are lucky to live only couple of min. from work. I live at least 30 min. from my job and have to take two major expressways. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well.
  • im glad to hear your surgery went well black...take care..m
  • I just had my last physical therapy session today. Everything is still going well and just have a butt load of excersises to do, but he said i dont need to come back unless i feel i need to. He said to wait 2 more weeks and i could go play golf again. Anyways, Im signing off on this post, and will not be posting any more updates unless there are requests to do so. I will be dropping in every few days to post comments on other peoples posts. Thank you everyone for the help and support you have givin me.
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  • Great to hear that you are doing good. Your surgery and recovery is exactly what everyone expects. Too bad it is not always the outcome. I hope you continue to heal and have no new problems.
  • hey all....thought id stop by and say hi and give another update. Its been just over two months and id have to say im now back close to 100% if not 100%. Im done with Physical Therapy and have been released to do my own workouts. All pain is gone and am doing everything before. My bowling average has even increased from a 155 to a 161 since the surgery :).....Anyways, i have some mynute back pain if i arch my back and try to generate pain, but i think thats because of both them discs being bad. Other than that, i have been cleared to even play golf this weekend. Too bad its supposed to snow over a foot :(.....So yes, that will be my first true test to see how the back does.
  • I am glad that you dropped by. I just had my 2nd microdiscectomy and want your good luck vibe to come by way!!! Today is day 3 post Op. The only pain I feel is in my buttock when I roll over and at the incision site.

    Keep in touch!!! I want to read about long term success stories.
  • I can't believe that you were even allowed to sit down for more than 10 mins soon after your op, never mind bowling, golf or weightlifting within 2 months.

    I had my microdiscectomy 1.5 weeks ago and still can't sleep much at night without NSAIDs because of sciatica in my calf/foot. Hopefully it will just take time, but in any case hope that my recovery ends up something like yours, but for now, will just be walking with swimming starting at week 3

    Congrats again

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