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  • I am, by nature a very positive and optimistic person I only found this site yesterday----but now i am scared !

    I was knocked off a motorbike hospitalised, discharged with'bruising' 2 days later returned in agony only to be told I had a compressed fracture 11th T........they 'forgot' to tell me !!

    I eventually was fitted with a brace i have had it on for 3 months but my orthopedic surgeon is not happy with my progress and is sending me for an MRI scan, with a view to having Kyphoplasty. He has been very honest and says it will not erradicate why have it done ? is it to prevent curvature of the spine ? I have since
    been diagnosed with osteoporosis I am 53, but very young at heart and fit for my age. and to be honest still think everything will be I kidding myself ?
  • Hi Patience

    You found a great place for info and support. Can't lie to you, back problems take a long long time to diagnose and cure. Often pain management is the solution.

    I always think a second opinion is necessary before any surgery no matter how much you love your surgeon. Remember doctors are only human and they miss things and make mistakes. I don't want to be the one they make a mistake on - lol.

    Have you done anything else since your accident? PT or massage or anything else?

    If you have questions ask the doctor. I try to make a list so that I don't forget. ALso taking someone with you can help if you feel overwhelmed by the office atmosphere. I love my ortho but sometimes I know he is rushing because the guy in the next room is in more need than I seem to be.

    The more info you share the more likely that someone here will be able to relate to you and share their experiences.

    Good Luck and again Welcome!!
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  • Kris-NY

    thanks for your comments I've got 3 months to prepare myself and get as fit as I can within my capabilities,......My surgeon says it's ok to use my air walker so i am using that every day building the time up slowly, and I am doing the 'step' on Wii Fit....I enjoy that, and I go out walking when I can........I have to keep this up as I'm starting to put weight on.....only 7 pounds but enough to go back up a dress size so I want to nip it in the bud.....every day is a new day so I will endeavour to kepp positive....I know there are a lot of folkes out there a lot worse off than me, and in some ways I know i was lucky , it could have been a lot worse.

    Cheers everyone

    be lucky
  • Ellen,

    Did you have the procedure done? If so, was your outcome good? I am going next week for it. I have a fracture at T-11. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Carol D.
  • Started in Feb with Rt foot severe pain. Xray negative. Dr shot it up with cortisone and put me in a boot. Within a month, severe Rt below the knee pain. Went back, same thing, cortisone and leg brace. By end of that day could walk. Sent for MRI and was a Tibial horizontal fracture! Kept the brace and cane treatment. By end May bent over to pick up a empty box, heard a crack in lower back and knocked me down. MRI was L-1 and L-4 fracture. Dexa scan showed -3.5 osteoporosis. Double kyphoplasty June 4. Good for few weeks even back to work. Then that pain again. July16 MRI and L5 Kyphoplasty. July 30, MRI and L-2 and L-3 Kyphoplasty. Within 4 days fell down ( safely) from pain. MRI and now T-12 fracture. Im only ( young active) mid 50's. !!! Sent to a super endocrinologist for extensive workup. Results appt in a few more days. Meantime had to have all teeth pulled and dentures placed ( had some bad teeth) and started on Prolia injections, Evista, of course, Cacoum/ D, Vitamins and massive pain meds. Who knew? No symptoms previously. Anyone relate? Any ideas?
    Tetster in pain
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  • I compressed my T11, T12 and L1 vertebrae in January of this year. The first xray my doctor missed the compression and said everything looked fine. Wow, I thought I have dodged a bullet. Should have known better because the pain was excruciating. To make a long story short, my physcian at the time said that bracing was not necessary. Said the compression was stable and prescribed pt and keep as active as possible. Just don't do alot of bend and lifting of heavy weights. I am now in intermittent pain. When I sit too long, etc etc etc Has anyone out there let a compression fracture heal naturally. I would love to hear your experiences.
  • If you have had a compression fracture and healed it naturally, could you please share your experiences. I didn't even have a brace because my Dr., a physiatrist felt that I didn't need one. He had me doing pt after only a month, and I traveled with my husband to Italy and walked up and down 90 degree angled streets, climbed stairs, etc. etc. Sounds good right. Well there have been residual pain in my hip joints and leg muscles. Has anyone had residual pain in hips and legs after a compression fracture?
    Hope to here from all of you slip and fall victims out there. Best regards.
  • ShareeSSharee Posts: 1
    edited 01/19/2013 - 8:38 PM
    He has suffered for a year with frequent periods of excruciating back pain from 3 vertebral compression fractures that were seen on MRI. Kyphosis has set in. Ribs are quite painful too. He has been taking natural supplements to slowly try to improve bone density. He does not have a lot of confidence in doctors, surgery, or drugs. But he might consider kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty if he learns of enough sucess stories directly from fellow fracture sufferers. I hope to read posts by numerous people who have had kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty procedures done.
  • I have L1 compression fracture and old fractures in L2,L3, and L4. Osetoporsis. 61 y/o female. Used to swim or walk an hour daily prior to L 1 fracture 6 months ago. . Now sedentary and use opiates. Has anyone tried Gonstead chiropractic technique instead of surgery? If so, please describe results. Thanks!

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