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Please help.....Surgery for 3 Herinated Disc?



  • Hi Doxie,

    Keep us up on the updates and keep the lawyer on top of it all for you.

    It's sad that sometimes we can't get help unless we have a lawyer standing right behind us!!!

    Prayers going your way!!
    ~ Cece
  • Yep, I hear you, but even sometimes they have to wait for the other councel to make their minds up.

    I just woke up and feel horrible already and haven't done anything but sleep. I took my Neurotion last night because my nerve in my leg was being pinched for some reason, all I was doing was sitting in a chair watching tv then all of sudden I jumped and then I pinched with burning feeling, then stabbing near my tailbone. So I was up till 12am waiting for the pain to go away then I went to sleep at
    1 ish I guess.

    Talk later Its been nice talking to you Cece I pray the weather is nice where you are. We had tornados two days ago here in GA. I was at my mothers house and it started to hail, I saw small pebbles hitting the pourch. I didn't know that hail was sticky did you?
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  • that's awesome. 3mms and a bandaid? i have a 1.5 inch scar from my microd and i had dermabond glue. i was supposed to have dermabond for the posterior part of my surgery but i ended up with staples. no idea why. can you even see a scar? i'd be interested to see what it looks like now. lol. i'm always intrigued by scars and the like.
  • if they're just herniated, they should be able to do a simple discectomy on whichever disc/s are causing the pain. it's a pretty easy surgery, easy recovery. would be nice if that's what they end up doing.
  • I've been calling my lawyer to see if they have aurthorized me to see this surgeron in ATL. Lawyer says, nope sorry but just hang in their! Just hang in their??? Hello, I'm in pain and really need to see him.

    I was told by my laywer to go head and make my urology appt to get that out of the way, but where I made my appt they told me I needed to call my adjustor to have it authrozied or how ever you spell it lol. I've been having severe sciatica pain up and down my leg with numbness in my booty on both cheeks. When laying down I have to lay on my back flat not propt up on pillows. I use to sleep on either sides but not now Ihave shooting pains where they make me jump up out of bed.

    I do have appt on Monday to see my W/C doc who is probaly getting tired of seeing me in his office since their is nothing he can do right now. I go because the W/C is paying for it and if I don't go they might think there is nothing wrong with me and I'm faking it.

    Well I read up on the surgeries listed above and I am ready to get it over with!
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  • lo said:
    ...i'd be interested to see what it looks like now. lol. i'm always intrigued by scars and the like.
    lo, so sorry i missed your comment as i may have forgotten to come back into this thread.

    here is a pic from my doctor's website.
    (pic is not of my case)
    i have the same thing just slightly above my right iliac crest and another about 4 inches behind it.


    here is a pic of the grasper that was used and the disc material. (again, this is not me, but they did give me a printed-out pic of my case, which looks exactly like the pic)


    and here is a basic animation of the technique
    click for animation
    On the sunny and mild Central Coast of California

    L4-L5 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy June, 2007
    L5-S1 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy May, 2008
  • At your appt on Monday ask Dr aabout discogram to find out which discs are pain generaters. That test is considered the gold standard for surgeons. Good Luck.
  • DoxieCity04 said:
    Hello, I seemed to have lost my post so I'll write another one.
    I going to a surgeron in Atlanta, GA and I was wondering what will they do for me. I would like to know what I am getting myself into before I see him. I would like to get educated about different surgeries. I have L-4 thur S-1 that have herinated and I'm in severe pain all the time. My accident happened back in 2007 at work. I've gone through the ESI and Myleogram test that did show I had herination but at that time it wasn't that bad but now almost two years later its gotten bad. I'm taking Fentanyl Patch 25mcg, Neurotin 300mg 3 pills 3 times a day, Zanaflex 4mg 2 times a day and Mobic 2 times a day. But I have breakthrough pain most of time.

    Oh yeah and I been to two other surgerons and they will not touch me. They tell me it is very hard to recover and you'll be in pain. I told both of them I'm in pain already what more pain can I be in?

    So my question is have any of yall had surgery for three herinated disc what kind of surgery did you have? How long did it take to recover and had your pain subsided?

    I can't even pick up my kids or do house chores and I'm only at work for 4 hours. I can't live my life like this anymore and neither can my kids!

    Please help Thanks in advance!
    Well i had a revision L-4 L-5 S-1, jan 13 09 , also went to levels higher L-2 L-3 L-4, still in pain mostly legs but i walk alot my surgery was very challenging and they removed all the scar tissue yeah it is painfull still recovering but i can say i do not have all the burning pain anymore, healing pain taken longer cause it was a bad surgery, but i fight everday i get off my big butt and force my self to walk or to climb a flight of staires it hurts and it will take more time to heal and sometimes can be depressing but u cannot give up!! see a pain doc thats who found my problems, in 14 months he never gave up on me good luck someone has got to help u this pain suxxx
  • I'll ask about the discogram but I think I have already asked him before but will ask again. I think before he told me that my back was so severe with having DDD, Annular tears, Herinations, bulges and Scoliosis wouldn't help getting the discogram. I am going to ask again to see what his response is.... need to get ready I have a doc appt today.

    Bye, bye be blessed and healed from pain!!!!
  • I was late getting to the doctors office so he didn't have much time for me but I explain to him that I had fell due to my leg giving out on me and I hit the pavement hard on my butt. It sure was hard to get up and get in the house to change my clothes because I didn't want to look like homeless person wearing dirty clothes and all. I didn't get to ask him any questions that I wrote down not even the discogram was mention because when he came in he asked me do I need a refill on my meds of course I said yep! Neurotion, Mobic, Zanaflex, Vicdion and Fentanyl patch which the pharmancy doen't have due to the shortage. I'll see if they can fill it today. Well I took my pain meds and everytime I take them I have a adverse reaction. I wasn't sleepy at all so I mainly
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