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Had EMG Today

morris8790mmorris8790 Posts: 57
Hi all I haven't posted in awhile because I've not had any new updates until today. I went to Neuro today and had an EMG (ouch!) :jawdrop: due to my herniated L5-S1, test came back positive for pinched nerve. Neuro said I could try ESI's but recommends that I see a surgeon instead because of the extent of the EMG results and the amount of weakness and numbness in my left leg. I asked doc if there was any other treatment also we could try and he said at this point surgery would be best. Any of you have any suggestions on alternate treatment other than surgery? Also I think he is trying to keep me from the ESI's because I had alot of side effects with the oral steroids. Any suggestion would be great! :?


  • I had a MRI done today of my Lumbar,and my pain has been when bending over while Im cleaning the house. I also have pain, when I brush my teeth over the sink &giving baths kneeling down.When,I'm lying down and get up I bearly can put presure on my feet. I have pain on the upper part of my left foot. I was wondering what symtoms you have part of your back?

    I have Cervical Spinal Stenosis c2-c5,and firt MRI of Lower lumbar.
  • My pain started in my knee then moved down to my calf and foot. I also have the same problems as you when bending forward. My foot pain feels like my feet are wanting to cramp all the time. I get muscle twitches alot. It hurts to wear shoes and my calf feels like I have it in a vice and it is numb on the bottom. I have a bulging L4-L5 and a herniated L5-S1. Do you get numbness and tingling in your leg or foot?
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  • You don't want to mess with the nerve issues. I waited a measly 4 months and now have permanent S1 nerve damage. I recently got a spinal cord stimulator because that's all they can do when you have permanent nerve damage. No one knows how long it takes for nerves to be permanently damaged, but I would definitely follow your docs advice and get that nerve decompressed, quickly. You should have no more than 3 ESI's a year as there are really bad side effects. I wish I could go back and react quicker, but I just knew I'd get better. :(

    If he mentioned the extent of damage with the EMG, he's worried. Most docs will push injections and anything else before surgery, most times.

    Get your EMG results and get another opinion, but don't delay.

    Good luck!


    P.S. As the numbness and tingling moves down to your feet, the worse it is getting. As it gets better, it will go back up your leg. I have permanent lateral numbness (outside) of hips to toes and have major balance issues.
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