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Double ACDF surgery tomorrow

diamondeddiamonde Posts: 185
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi everyone,
Haven't been on much in last few days... pain has been dreadful, plus was trying to get everything sorted before going in for the op... but the day has arrived :-) Got checked in today and op is first thing tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how i get on... But for those who need a laugh... GET THIS... I'm divorced for about 10 years from my daughters father... we get on OK... justabout! Well, after the hospital got me checked in...they sent me to xray... while i'm in xray... who walks in... the ex!!!! He's not there to visit... he's getting an xray.... Now at this point i'm not amused at this accident... i really don't want him to have anything to do with my situation... but i smile and i'm nice. Then i find out i didn't need an xray id been sent there on accident... (not a great confidence builde lol) so i get back to my room and i'm telling my nurse about my amusing encounter... SHE TELLS ME MY EX JUST GOT ADMITTED TO THE SAME WARD!!! Egads man!! Does God have a sense of humour or what!!! I dont know if he knows i'm on same ward... and i'm dreading visiting hours tomorrow now... having our daughter going bouncing between rooms!! Just absolutely sureal is all i can say... Of all the hospitals... of all the wards... he had to get put on mine lol
L4-L5 fusion 1998; ACDF C4-6 2008; DDD


  • It will save your daughters worrying as they run back and forth to different wards or hospitals!
    Let us know how you do, We are waiting to hear! Hope all goes well!
  • hi diamonde

    your post cracked me up!!! i agree... "of all the floors of all the hospitals." it does make u wonder though, doesn't it, why stuff like this happens. i bet u will be a better patient than he is. ;) lol

    best of luck tomorrow and keep on smiling.
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  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,361
    Just thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck with your surgery today! Hope that everything goes well.
  • Thanks for the good wishes! I had my double ACDF yesterday, about 12 hours ago. I've had no pain in my right shoulder or arm, and the only pain i have is linked to the incision, so I'm VERY HAPPY! My doc doesn't recommend collars, so i thought i'd share how that's going too. I actually have reasonalbe range of motion to the sides without pain, not all the way, but easy enough to turn gently to my chest... eeks! so all in all... thanks to meds for the incision and neck... so far i can't complain. I know its early days... so fingers are crossed (and toes too =D> )
    L4-L5 fusion 1998; ACDF C4-6 2008; DDD
  • hang in there.... glad it's over. have u seen the ex? haha :))(
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  • I'm so happy that your surgery has been so smooth so far, save the ex fiasco of course. Keep to the limitations that they give you, please, don't be fooled by feeling so good. You have a lot of healing to do and your attitude is all the better for doing so. Especially that great sense of humor!

  • What a coincidence! I agree though that it will save your daughter from having to share time between hospitals but rather just between rooms.
    I'm glad your surgery went well and that you are comfortable. Just don't forget to take it easy when you get home. Getting well takes a lot of energy and you are going to need to take it easy for a couple of weeks and ease back into activities. Believe me when I tell you that everyone on this board has made this mistake about a couple weeks after surgery. We all think we're doing great and then we go and do the laundry go shopping clean the house and then find ourselves flat on our backs for many days afterward. take it easy and let your body begin to heal and we will all be right here to support you through it all.
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,361
    Glad that all is going well with you. Hopefully it will continue to do so. Just don't get the notion to go down the hall and wring your ex's neck while you're all drugged okay? :))( Only kidding of course....
  • Hi everybody, so you all want to know what happened after the shock of my life lol, well it all worked out... didn't have to see him, and he was even kind enough to drop off his hospital snack stash when he was discharged today... so alls well that ends well! 8} As for me... deffo taking it easy! 8} The hoarsness kicked in on day 2, i sound like peter brady from the brady bunch in that episode where his voice is changing! and i'm a woman!!! =)) No problems swallowing that are significant... so still on course...just tired... but sure thats to be expected.

    Catch ya later ;)
    L4-L5 fusion 1998; ACDF C4-6 2008; DDD
  • I'm glad everything went well. Just remember - when you feel good it's VERY easy to do too much (especially without the constant reminder of a collar), and when you do your body will definitely let you know about it!

    Take care and I'm glad you're home.

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