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Myelogram with Cat SCAN... unbearable pain since procedure



  • Had my test on 7-9-13 and I'm still trying to deal with this aching lower back pain and leg weakness. Will it get better? How long can it take? This is very frustrating. Now I'm not only dealing with my cervical problems but also this new pain. I now see how hard it is on people with lower back issues!! Anyone body got any information on this matter?
  • Have you guys been checked.for spinal fluid leaks. This can cause this and a blood patch may fix the issue. Just a thought. There should be no long lasting pain from this.
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  • Sandi
    And or anyone else
    Did they withdraw spinal fluid first.
    During mine they called out how much die was going to be used then they withdrew that much spinal fluid to make room for the die. I felt no pressure at all.

  • Just wanting to comment that I've had almost the same exact experience as the person who started this post. I've been suffering severe chronic back (& leg) pain for about 10 years but, the last couple of years my pain level has getting almost unbearable even with a "large" amount of medicine. So, I researched surgeons and decided to have surgery asap. The new surgeon wanted a myelogram and, during and immediately afterward my pain has gone through the roof! During the pre-surgery exam we found out that I had a 90% blocked heart artery and had two stents put in and put on blood thinners. After finding this out the new spine surgeon's practice completely ditched me and left me hanging even for my monthly PM meds.
  • I just had a myelogram yesterday and they actually had to do it twice which had me ecstatic because the pain was incredible. But today I'm hurting like I just got it done again my legs are weak and my butt feels like it's numb I can barely walk or stand
    Gregory Barton
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  • ajacks818aajacks818 Posts: 3
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    I had a cervical Myelogram on 2/5/14. The procedure was ok, did take the radiologist a couple of times to get in correct location, but it was tolerable. After Myelogram, I was sent around to CT and left out in hall for 1 hour. Scanned me 1 x and then assistant came in room and said contrast not where it needed to be so had me roll over onto my stomach then get on all fours and drop my head down to get contrast back into my neck. That caused pressure in my head. She then rolled me back over and rescanned, so 2x the radiation! Went back to recovery after CT, then sent home w/ post procedure instructions. Woke up next day w/ severe spinal headache. Had to have blood patches on 2/6 & 2/11 but have had persistent low pressure headaches since. In addition, have had. Lbp, pain and severe tenderness in left buttock, left leg weakness, pins &needles in left foot, cold sensation in left groin& thigh, some urinary incontinence at times. Never had back issues before. This definitely took all the focus off my current brachial plexus/neck issues. MRI of L-Spine in 4/14 showed disc bulge and a tethered cord which was a huge surprise. Of course, this has been a WC case and they do not want to deal with anything. I paid for the MRI myself b/c WC doc kept blowing me off, even though I continued to tell him something was wrong. I have since been to a NS on my own and he wants to detether the cord. Has anyone had anything like this? I am so frustrated and unfortunately WC is still involved.
  • Wow - ct myelograms are not suppose to be painful, only if they tip you too far forward, if too much of the contrast gets in your head then WOW super headache but only temporary. If you still have a headache days after it, it most likely is a leak, hopefully it is at the site they went in & a blood patch with laying still resting can fix it. Csf leaks are really hard to find on tests, many never show up on tests, not unless the doc or tech is specifically trained to find leaks. Believe me that is from personal experience :(
    Csf leaks lead to brain sagging and the worst headaches sitting or standing. Only relief is laying down, no medications can touch that pain.
    I didn't have a back issue but to repair my tear behind C6 doc had to go through C6 and cage fusion for C5-C7. I can share csf leak info - just learning about my cage fusion. Hope you get relief!
    Cerebrospinal fluid leak took over a year to find, tear behind C6 repaired via dural patch graft, but had to go through C6 so C5-C6 & C6-C7 diskectomies, C6 corpectomy 75% vertebral body, C5-C7 cage with anterior plating done 11/20/14
  • Brandy06,
    I did actually have 2 blood patches which gave some relief but symptoms be er completely went away. My neurologist suspects a csf leak, has diagnosed me with low pressure headaches, now just trying to find some relief. I haven't been right since the Myelogram. Went to one neurosurgeon at an academic center referred by my neurologist who has been wonderful, but b/c I'm still dealing with workers comp, had to go get evaluated by one they chose. Of course, got a different opinion from their guy. He even suggested that my issues were from the contrast used for the Myelogram dye. I quickly lost faith in him. Current Myelogram contrast is water based, there quickly absorbed by the body, unlikely to cause long lasting neurological problems unlike the older oil-based agents from years ago. They really don't want to acknowledge that my issues are a csf leak, or even tethered cord. It's such z frustrating situation.
  • BlessedMom74BBlessedMom74 Posts: 322
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    You said "tilted" me. Maybe the position they placed you in flared things up. That's what happened to me during my facet injection. The doctor placed me face down with a pillow under my chest and my chin tucked up against my chest. It flared me up horribly for days, I was in tears. It's possible the position they put you in aggravated your condition?
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