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Scar tissue



  • Hello,

    I came across a patient case study. a patient was scared up real bad from a prior surgery. According to the Doctors involved, there was no hope for the patient. They tried something they thought made sense. Over a three year period, they used a combination of a product that increased vascualrization or something (PMT?) and vitE. I'll have to check the first chemical. The patient was ambulatory in 6 months and a three years, the patients scar tissue had subsided 50% --- symptom free. I work within the medical industry and am skeptical of a study size of n=1, but the case study was published and I wonder if the medical community is missing something.

    Backman 38
  • Is PMT a dietary supplement? I found a lot of sites with these that have enzymes to combat scar tissue but I don't think they are FDA approved.
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  • Wow!!! I was almost in tears reading your friends story. All my love to her!! I am 32 w/ 5 children. My story under lower back pain is in the back surgery forum topic. I can relate to some things she is going through. Per say mainly the frustration she must be feeling!!! My surgery was an emergency although the more stories I am reading the more I am wondering if I should have gotten the surgery at all!???? I would demand a 2nd opinion and stand up to these Dr.s! Enough is enough with these Dr.s being so simplicit with their tests and surgeries!!!! What if it was them or their daughter???? Please let me know how she does.
  • I looked up the article. It is resolution of symptomatic epidural fibrosis following treatment with combined pentoxifylline-tocopherol (or PTX-vit E).

    Hopr this help with your curiosity,

  • I came across that study too and it was interesting too. I think it's still experimental and am curious as to when it will be widely used.
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  • I hope this procedure works for you as well. It's been awhile since we've PM'd but it sounds like I've got epidural fibrosis too. All of this time and turns out we have the same thing, crazy huh???

    I'd love to know like everyone else how your test goes. Would you consider starting a thread after you have it done and how you're doing along the way?

    chelle I feel for your friend I hope those kids are older, my leg wouldn't let me get through if my kids weren't older. Unfortunately I've read central epidural fibrosis and arachnoiditis mimic each other in alot of ways so I feel like I know how horrible it must be for her. It's a very frustrating life. I'll keep her also in my prayers.

    good luck meydey!!!!!!

  • Sorry it's been awhile since we PM'd each other. I know stuff always comes up that we have to deal with. I didn't know you were diagnosed with EF, how long has it been? I found out about mine recently after having undergone an MRI for escalating back and nerve pain. What symptoms did you have prior to finding out. I'm kind of confused about mine because I have always had steady pain ever since my fusion last summer and have experienced many pain flares. I heard some people will be feeling better and then all of a sudden the pain comes back, and this was not my case. Nothing makes much sense anymore. I'll do my best to report on that enzyme procedure when I have it, but meanwhile I'll be having an ESI next week. Please let me know how you're doing :H
  • That was very interesting. I do recall hearing about Singulair being used to shrink scar tissue some time ago. I have also read that doctors first try using the chemical means to do away with fibrosis, and may go back in a second time using a catheter to break it up. I'm glad the old fashion way gave you great results and I hope it doesn't come back. I do have the problem of the nerve being permanently damaged already so I don't know if it will make much of a difference, but we shall see.
  • Hi,

    Since we're on the subject, I was pain free after the surgery by week 7. Before that walking brought on pain in my legs, so I iced the back up. During week 7, I misstepped and planted my left leg flat, jarring my spine. It began to pinch and over the next few weeks, I had spasms and sciatica. I got a an mri at 8 weeks. The radiologist reported a small amount of scar tissue anterior and to the right of the spinal cord. Could my tramma have caused this scar tissue to form?

  • Sorry about your accident- I don't know if it caused the growth of scar tissue. I figure that it forms after surgery very gradually until it gets big enough to cause problems. Are you currently having problems with it?
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