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nerve block- how did you respond?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
:H Two days post cervical medial branch nerve block.The pain has moved! From right side to left side. Also more in my face and shoulder. The pain is not the same quality either. More burning and muscle fatigue. What has been your experience with these nerve blocks? 8}


  • The Cervical Medial Branch Block injections were the most difficut shots without the IV sedation. I had one with the IV sedation and the other without(ouch). I had 3 levels on one side and 4 levels on the other. Neither of them worked for me at all. I'm due for an ACDF on this Tuesday.
  • Thanks for responding. I had 6 levels (if levels are the number of holes in your neck when they are done!) and I did have conscious sedation. It still hurt bad. I have more pain in different places and if I can cut through that pain and feel the original pain I'd say there is some improvement there (rt side, level c2-3) I woke up with a migraine today. Not a good sign. They are going to want to do another block but now that I know what I'm in for, at least 3 days of feeling crummy (to put it nicely) it's going to take some courage to get back in there. I haven't been able to exercise I've been so sore. Did you get muscle burning all over?
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  • I had my first three level nerve block and trigger point injections done this past Tuesday (under anesthesia). I honestly do not know why my PM doctor did the nerve block since the pain was in the trapezius muscle and not in my neck. Now I have a much worse pain in back of my neck and in my upper back. I feel like he hit a nerve incorrectly or something. The original pain appears to be much better. My regular pain medicine will not even touch this new pain. The PM doctor said he wanted to do this every other week for a total of three times. I do not think I want the nerve block again as all it did was cause new, worse pain. I see him again on Monday so I'll see what he has to say and how we get rid of this new pain. I can't handle this at all.

    I wish you all the best.

  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    are a waist of time and money with the amount of pathology that most of us have.

    Like taking a fly swatter to a 747 ...

    Good luck ..

  • And are usually required conservative care before surgery can be authorized...that is all they are good for.
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  • I have had so many under anest. and they did not work and had to have surgery both times...they have helped my hips as I have bursitis but they never helped the herniated disks...just wish they had not put me through them! hugs, cheryl
  • Hi and thanks so much for responding. I'm guessing that the Dr will want to do another. My thought is, "No way!" It did nothing but cause more pain! I've had 3 migrianes in the week following. I am angry and have no patience which is bad becz I have 3 kids under 9yrs and I homeschool. I am thinking of sending them to school, which breaks my heart. I am so angry at the young lady who was speeding and crashed into us and caused this great disturbance in my life! I need to forgive her (for my own good) but it is hard when it is drastically changing the way I want to live every day, every moment. Sorry, I need to vent...I know many of you are in far worse condition and I am sorry for that. I hope & pray we all get a break from this pain in the neck!
  • never did nothing for me, but I'm going in once more to have this done for scar tissue. Normally I'd turn it down but this pain is so bad and I'm willing to try anything at this point.

    Brownc61, I read your signature line and am so sorry that you and your husband are in this kind of predicament. It's terrible what happened to your husband and I can't imagine how daily life is for him. Take care both of you.
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