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This is a good one...comments welcome

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I won't waste time writing all the crap that is going on with me but I am in constant pain, fibro, depressed, blah blah blah and I have been doing my best to drag my butt to work every day even if it is just for a couple hours. work part time/disability/fighting social security all that fun stuff...Just really having a really rough time the last few months. Like I wake up every morning and wonder how I can keep doing this and then I do it again the next day. Day after day year after year. Been at this part time job for almost 8 years.

Wake up in the morning in pain, have to wait to get up, take pills, wait for them to kick in, they make me brain dead but Its the only way I can deal. Takes me forever to get ready, totally drained by the time I get to work at 10;30-11;00.

This has always bothered me because I want to work, get paid, support MYSELF. It is not going to happen like that in this lifetime. Nobody really bugs me about it except for one person who always makes little comments about my attendance. I do my best to get there earlier if they want me there.

Like the 8 am staff meetings we have once a month where I end up nodding off in my hard uncomfortable chair for two freakin hours in some loud diner that I would never go to on my own and spend money I don't have for breakfast and watery coffee I don't really get the idea. The pain meds make me tired and kind of out of it so i don't remember much of what is said anyway but I go...

so Friday before I left my job my boss came over and says something about me coming in at a regular time. I would not have been offended if it wasn't for the fact that I have told her over and over what is going on as far as my back and fibromyalgia. She's really nice but she does not understand.

So I have a feeling someone at work is mad because I come in "whenever I want" and now she has complained to my boss about it so often that my boss is trying to pacify her. So today when I roll in there after eating bon bons all morning we have to have a "meeting" together to discuss my "options".

This thing has been eating away at me all weekend. I hate the fact that I can't be as productive as I'd like to be. As if I am "lucky" that I don't work full time.

I told her AGAIN that I have to do the medication waiting game before I can move and she actually asked me if there was any way that I could Alter the way I take my meds...?/?????????

I couldn't even respond to that. I pretty sure This is coming about because "someone" doesn't think it is "fair" that she might have to stay and work her regular full time hours with great pay and insurance, super perks and a nearly free ride.

They think I should just be there to pick up the slack and cover lunch time. So I am expected to go through this every day anyway...but now I have to do it earlier so I can go there and occupy space so they can take their long lunches...

Do I sound Bitter? Well I should... BECAUSE I AM!!!

I am actually very offended and I think they are questioning my doctors appointments and such.

Ok well just venting. Any comments or ideas are welcome. I know this is the very skeletal version of what happened but I over reacting here?


  • you have to justify yourself to them. Does your company have a in-house doctor or nurse that can agree officially with your boss the terms of your arrival and adapations to enable you to work?
    At least if it is formalised everyone else can b*g off.
    Then it doesn't matter who winges to who, you are covered.

    I hop ethat makes sense and I am so sorry the world is is full of ikes like this!
  • Thanks,
    No we don't have any doctors or anything like that. I'm not covered by anything because i am part time. Part time but have to do all the crap nobody else wants to.

    I knew when I took the job that it was always going to be part time and that was ok since I can't work full time anyway. I never thought I would end up not even being able to get there at a decent time.

    I do like where I work but being in pain all the time and having to always explain myself every day is draining.

    I told my boss that she needs to tell me what she wants from me and I will let her her know if I am up to it. If I am not up to it I have to go find another job. its simple. but nobody can just say what they mean.

    Some people have told me that I could sue them and all that. I don't think so...that is not what i want' I have enough trouble with every day stuff forget all that. I am a firm believer that if I can't do a job then I should find another. They have not said anything much to me before and I would think they would have addressed it a long time ago.

    I have already stayed too long and caused further injury to my back but it's my fault. I need a job so I did what i felt I had to do.

    I just don't know where I stand right now since this is the first time I've been approached about it like this.
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  • Hi Telula,

    Some people... that is just so unfortunate and unhelpful! Asking your employer to clarify their expectations for your work sounds like the right thing to do. I live and work in ireland, so terms of employment may be different... but after reading your post it made me wonder: are you on a contract? If so... does the contract state your hours of work/start time/etc? Do you have/could you get a doctors note/certificate specifying for medical reasons how many hours you can work, medication issues... and that may further justify the necessity of your start times??? The other thing i was wondering about was if your employer ever agreed (formally or informally) to your readjusting your working hours? If so, then i would wonder about putting that back to your employer and seeking clarification as to the reason they are no longer accepting what they previously agreed to? what exactly has changed on their part, as your condition hasn't improved?? Even if it was an informal agreement, the fact that you continued to arrive at that time (for years it sounds like) without previous verbal warnings or written reprimands gives you a firmer ground for continuing the practice around your arrival time (i would think)... I haven't a clue whether or not there is grounds to sue... but it certainly doesn't sound like they are playing fair...

    Best of luck!!! and hope it all works out for you ;)
    L4-L5 fusion 1998; ACDF C4-6 2008; DDD
  • Well I think one thing that has changed is that I have been feeling worse and it is getting harder and harder for me to function. But you are correct about them never saying anything before. aside from that one woman's comments I have not been reprimanded. There is no contract because of the part time status.

    During the month of June I have to be there for programs at a certain time and I get there on time. Other than that I have no real time schedule established.

    By the way the "meeting" never happened. My boss never said anything to me about it so i went to her and asked her when we would sit down and talk and she said we could wait til wed. so I'm just confused. To be honest I would really rather not talk about any of my issues with them. They don't understand.

    anyway thank you for your replies.
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