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Does anyone have a success story???



  • Success stories breed hope. Keep 'em coming!
  • Partial successes are very encouraging too.

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  • I had a microD done at L4L5 in January 2008 and I would class it as a 100% success. I injured my back in childbirth and after 6 months of severe leg and back pain I had the surgery. The recovery went well and I was able to look after my toddler and baby after 10 days at my parents place.

    For about 4 months post-op I had significant pain on the opposite side to the original injury and there was a chance that I might have needed a revision, but it gradually improved, I think pilates was a big help in regaining core strength and better posture.

    Its over a year since my operation and I don't have any pain. I am back to working out in the gym and enjoying being a full time mother to my 2 little ones. I am even considering going for a third which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

    Good luck to anyone in recovery or with a surgery coming up,

  • I'm one of the "oldiess" from the old format board.

    Anyway, I'm almost 18 months past my surgery on 90/24/07. While I still have aches and pains, They're nothing like what I had BS (before surgery). The weather - cold and precipitation - definitely make it worse.

    My pre-surgery goal was to jump on my daughter's trampoline. Well, I did it! Jumped numerous times, and even did some bum bounces.
  • This question comes up every once in a while, so I did not post here since I have told my success story many times before, but here is a recap:

    11 months ago I had a three level (L3-S1) lumbar fusion and the outcome surpassed my wildest expectations. I woke up from surgery without pain, and I felt like a fraud any time friends asked in a concerned voice, "how is your back?", "do you have a lot of pain?" and I had to answer "fine" and "no pain". Now I realize that we are all different and our problems, surgeries and the outcomes are all dependent on the individual. Maybe I was lucky, maybe I did not wait till I suffered permanent damages, I was motivated to follow order, and I was fortunate to select an outstanding surgeon. Almost a year after the surgery I can say that it was a smooth recovery, and now I can do almost everything, if I do it right. The only thing I noticed that I get tired faster than before, but I am also a year older, and it is not unheard of that an old chick like me feels that way (I am 72 years young). Overall I consider my surgery a success, as it got rid of all my previous problems. So my spine is perfect! Now only if the rest of my body would not keep breaking down!

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  • You have a lot of courage having such a major surgery. All this back stuff is scary. Glad to hear you are doing well! =D>

    Take Care.
  • Doing well here! I haven't been coming to the board. I've been living my life. Sometimes when I come here it scares me and I just want to forget about my spine problems. I get very minor twinges of pain once in a while but don't take any pain medication of any kind anymore. I'm hoping this is it now.

    I've got more training now through physical therapy for a couple months last year and also learned how to move properly and lift things properly so I don't do any more damage to my disc. I go to the gym and use the weight lifting machines only the ones approved by my PT though and I walk on the treadmill with no incline instructions by my PT also. I use an exercise ball and bands and swim sometimes but it's hard to swim and not twist too much so I've been avoiding it lately.

    The only thing that I have noticed causes me to have some pain that shoots down my left leg in the back is when I go grocery shopping by myself. I don't know if it's all the bending or the carrying the bags in the house. I had a couple days recently with some shooting pain down my left leg after grocery shopping but it went away in two days and now I'm fine again. I've really got to start packing the grocery bags super light I think. It's hard when everyone is in such a rush behind you in line and you are just trying to get out of there way.

    Doing really well though. But yeah I don't hang out on this board. So the success stories are out there just living our lives.
  • I'm glad you are feeling good and off the pain meds. =D>

    So you DIDN'T have surgery after reherniating in June? Got fed up with the surgeries?
    Just curious.

    Thanks for posting it really encourages us to know there are positive outcomes!
  • thanks for your post, brody777. I'm planning to have the same surgery later this month, and your first few paragraphs read like my bio. I hope the rest of my story goes as well as yours, and that your get everything you want out of recovery.
  • mchell6789

    Thanks for coming back with your success story. It means a lot to those of us facing surgery. I have become more and more afraid the more I read and been on the verge of cancelling the surgery due in May, so thanks again for your story and also thanks to everyone else who has posted on here.
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