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Shower Massager Recommendations?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Alternative Treatments
hi, all. i suffer from a compression-burst fracture at l1-2 despite having a kyphoplasty which is a fairly new operation for this condition. my operation was less than successful.

one thing that i found helpful was a shower massager. mine no longer works and is no longer sold and the amazon reviews on most new units talk about how cheap these are made today in china, but don't address how they deal with back pain.

i like deep massage that others may find painful, like shiatsu. i am looking for something that will really target the pain deeply.

i just found these large units and shower panels that look interesting, but are out of my budget for now. can you recommend a shower massager currently being manufactured?

also, if you do own one of these large units or shower panels, can you tell me how they work for your particular pain issues? thanks.

i've only researched this for an hour or so, but here's what i've found on the large units and panels. i don't totally understand how you work them, but not having to reach up to make any adjustments sounds great. if you have one, can you explain this to me? thanks.

here's an example of a total shower unit:

and here's examples of just the shower panel:

the two most important things for me are the deep massage and if i didn't have to reach up at all to make adjustments, which i think these all do. with a handheld one, i will still have to reach up. but other things i would love to have are a filtration system to remove floride and bacteria. these are less important than to just get that deep water massage.

thanks in advance for any advice or information you can give.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,371
    the only thing that can provide that deep massage like you are asking for is a Hot Tub (inside or outside) or a good jacuzzi inside. They have the jets to deliver what you are looking for.
  • Ron, I do use the Jacuzz at my health club, but the jets don't naturally hit the right spot and it's uncomfortable to adjust my body to the jet.

    While my old shower massager didn't have the impact of a jet, it did make me feel better. I am constantly in pain--even with the opiates I've been prescribed--so anything soothing on my spine like heat pads and massage always offer some relief.

    A shower massager gives me the impact exactly where I want it, unlike a jet, and mine had several massage settings. So it's not just a big blow of water that I find helpful.

    I find that any water therapy, from lying in a hot tub to swimming to hydratherapy is helpful for my condition.

    I've researched shower massagers for another hour and found that there are several "high pressure" ones being made now. The PSIs produced by these might rival the Jacuzz. They come with flow control valves to turn down the pressure,since many people find the stream too intense. (As an aside, the shower panels in the URL I posted above have jets as powerful as needed for a deep, therapeutic massage.)

    Most of them offer several massage settings; the ability to adjust the water pressure; and the ability to turn off the water completely at the unit, and long hoses if you are using a shower seat.

    Some also offer water filtration for chlorine, odors, dirt, and bacteria. (My water might be the cause of my itchy skin which may be aggrevating my back as well.)

    So, after a few hours of research, I've found a couple that have some of these features, but not one that has all of them. Again, the ability to turn the water on and off at the unit without having to bend over or stand on toes to hit a diverter valve would be like heaven for me. Lightweight and small would be good too.

    So, if there are any lurkers reading this using any shower massagers they like, please please post. My old one worked for nearly 15 years and was just fine and nothing special. But the new ones from this company are considered cheap and not as good as the old ones per Amazon reviews.

    The ones I've found that have additional new features and are highly rated on Amazon are Sprite, Sanoki, and 'Oxygenus' (or something like that which mixes oxygen with water to give an extremely powerful force with very little water and energy consumption).

    This will be a gift and I need to select one soon before my friend leaves on an extended trip. Any feedback is highly welcome.

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