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Sciatic nerve damage?



  • Do you have an update? How is your son doing? I hope much better. :)
  • Kim,
    I know this has to be torture to watch your son go thru this. You seem to be looking for suggestions from members here on the results of the tests your son is taking. Might I suggest a different approach?
    When I had my problem, I started doing all of the research I could. I posted here to see if anyone had similar problems, but not for suggestions on test results. When I had my MRI done I demanded a copy of the report and the digital copy of the MRI. I then sent that MRI off to 4 separate surgeons. None of them were local. I tried to find the best ones in the country by researching on the internet. I then started researching the procedures each of them recommended. By the 3rd surgical consult, I was getting pretty good at asking questions. I also quickly learned the terminology and what the actual report results described and meant. I was always very respectful to the surgeons and very humble in my conversations with them. They seemed to appreciate that I was doing my homework. I never suggested procedures, just inquired about what they recommended. I always asked for success rates, and definitions of success. You are very likely to get different opinions from different people. Consider a second, third, or fourth opinion. Research their answers and suggestions. Read up on each aspect of your sons problems.
    Get your son involved in this process. He has a much better understanding of his symptoms and pain than you do. Have him help to do research. Ask doctors about trying an inversion table, decompression table, other less invasive treatments.
    I would recommend (I am in no way a doctor) making your son switch rooms with his sister. The less he does to aggravate the nerve, the more likely it is to respond positively. Those stairs can’t be doing him any good each day.
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  • Well, we went to get a second opinion last week (July, 2009).

    This doc said that the March scans show that he has fragment or re-herniation at L4-L5 and he has a herniated disk at L5-LS. He has ordered another MRI. The MRI is tomorrow and the follow up appointment is at the end of the month.

    Overall, there has been improvement regarding the level of pain. Perhaps it just took him longer to recover from the surgery, or for the inflammation to go down. By no means is he back to normal. He had increased his activity, despite having some pain, and that caused sciatic pain in the other leg...

    He has also lost some weight.. 40 lbs. and I think that has helped things a lot.

    Thank you for all the responses. They are appreciated.

  • Hi Kim,,

    I'm new here and I would just like to know if there are any improvements in regards to your son's symptoms.

    Thank you,
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