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Foraminal Stenosis C7

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Spinal Stenosis
Just had the results back from MRI and have the above.
I've had 3 op's but all at the lumbar region and am unsure about the above named condition.
I cant hold a pen now and it seems to be getting worse every day.
I do have a high pain threashold but the relaxation and breathing exercises arent cutting it with this problem.
Does anyone know the prognosis or any exercises I can do to help myself with this.

Thank you in advance

xx Husky xx


  • Is there anything I can do to help it until I see the neurosurgeon? We tend to have to wait months for appointments here in the UK, and if im being honest, I dont know how much more of this I can take, Im losing more and more sensation in my hands, Ive dislocated my little fingers 3 times in the past week and cant even hold a pen now.
    How much worse will it get?

    Thanks Gwennie
  • Been and seen the NS who after examinig me agrees with the stenosis C7 but is not happy about the pain in my hands. I've dislocated my little fingers so many times that one of them has just stayed out, my ring finger is now starting to come out of joint. No clue why as Im not doing anything to irritate anything, seems to be first thing in the morning that they appear in spasm, serious pain. My arms, manly shoulders are killing me, but just some stiffness in neck.
    NS want "Nerve conduction" tests now and Im getting them pretty fast, which here in the UK isnt a good sign as we wait for everything health wise.
    NS says he'll see me after the tests (and his waiting lists) to clarify and discuss the results with me but he's quite sure its not related to the stenosis.
    Apparently its quite common when youve had previous surgery, Ive had 3 but in the lumbar region. Thats playing up now too and Im losing control of my legs. Mainly walking but now the problem is control over the actual movements themselves. Im trying to walk and my legs appear to have a mid of their own and I never knew they could bend in these directions. I more or less bed ridden and cant hardly wait until theyve done what theyve got to do. Im the biggest scaredy cat but am embrassing anything that will help this pain.
    Mentally Im on top of it which is the main battle but I must admit Ive lost it a couple of times.
    This has been almost a year waiting on lists for MRI's appointments, tests and then another 2 lists to go through (God please no more) and the whole time not knowing why Im in his amount of pain.
    Not being able to type, write, or even cut up my food. Not nice and it doesnt help the positive attitude you try to keep and me personally value greatly.
    Anyone have any idea why my hands are as bad involving my little fingers, ring fingers but pain over the whole hand? If he says its not stenosis related, I cant hardly wait to see what else it can be.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    xx Husky xx
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