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federal workers comp

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Health Insurance Issues
i have never been thru federal workers comp. before my accident on 3/27/06. this has been a ride from hell. i am an electrician at the army base and when i hurt my back i turned it in imediately with supervisor report and all.the md at the base hospital sent me to a neurosurgeon because my left leg hurt and my foot went numb . i filled all paperwork which is a ca7 form and wc excepted my claim as a strain .i went to pt with help, they did get the leg to work better but i aint so sure it wasnt the percocet,flexiril,mobic . now three yrs later after a discogram they found out i have bulge discs from T11-12thru to S1 which they considered inoperable because there were too many bulges .since wc denied it as work related,bluecross paid the bill and now while i am off work with temporary total disability they let me go from my job. now, i have 30 days left of insurance without a job and no income, where in the world do you go from here?


  • Have you applied for SSI disabilty?
  • i would seek representation to protect your rights. is there a W.C.ombudsmant to talk to?
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your dilema. I don't think it's quite true what you were told about not being a surgical candidate because of the multiple bulges. I have them too, but they will only operate if the disc bulge is compressing the nerve. I would get a lawyer too and meanwhile file for social security- you shouldn't be left in the situation you're in. Don't give up and hang in there.
  • i have applied for ssid but i would much rather fix the problem .after 2 steroid injections the first one was great relief but only lasted 3 weeks. the second didnt work at all . i ve had the mylogram which showed the spinal cord being choked and discogram that showed the discs looking fractured but the neurologists didnt want to operate .operation not being an alternative didnt bother me since i've heard the horror stories on this web site. i still am in great pain where i cant hold my grandbaby and that hurts the hang tough too .
  • Russell,
    I can totally relate to being on the rollercoaster from hell due to your work related injury. Mine first injury happened Aug. 06. Hit my hit at work first on the top then flew backwards hit the back of my head landed on my tailbone was knocked out. When I woke up (I believe only seconds later) I was on my right side. Now also have a retorn rt. rotator cuff! I reported the incident immediately. I opened at my work every day and happened to be alone. The next person to come in could not get me to open the door as I must have been knocked out at the time. She tried to call and of course I did not answer. Finally after I got to my feet (which by the way the entire accident was taped) I was so shaken and thought I had split my head open. Anyway, as the day progressed (I was the VP of this company) so filing for WC was not well looked upon. Anyway I did report the incident with CEO and thought a valid claim had been filed. I had to stay at work after stating I was in pain, headache, stomach ache, dizziness. Finally was allowed to drive myself home 7 hrs later. Since I thought a claim was filed I went to have tests ordered by my dr. the next day and was denied the tests as proper procedures were not followed. Apparently after incident I should have been taken to hospital or WC approved facility. Anyway continued to work taking so much time off as my condition declined rapidly. Luckily I had so much time in 29 yrs 11 mos. I had alot of vacation and sick time. I don't think I worked a whole week for the next year. After being yelled at by CEO after I questioned her about the WC laws I just continued to see my dr. and had tests saying it was not work related. I had a husband at home with serious heart problems who was disabled. I could not ruffle any feathers at work. I had to have insurance. I ended up needing a level 2 cervical fusion and now have so much nerve damage I am in pain 24/7. Lumbar spine issues, can barely walk. Rt vocal cord paralysis after surgery so I can only whisper. I was told I had to return to work six months after surgery or lose my insurance. I went back for one day and my legs started giving out and the pain was unbearable. They also had me waiting on people and I could not speak. Unbelievable. My surgeon was appalled I was forced to return to work but I had no choice. I was deemed permanently disabled and unable to return to work. I applied for SSDI and was one of the lucky ones it only took 8 weeks for approval. However, I have to wait 24 months to get medicare. We now pay for our own insurance. Recently we lost our home since all our monies go for medical bills. We did get an attorney for WC case. Which by the way takes a long, long time. I have seen so many dr's. So many tests. I am truly at a point where I just don't want to be touched or poked anymore. I am not a dr or a lawyer but may I suggest you apply for SSDI immediately. Don't Wait! Call an attorney right away. You do have rights! Even if they deem it not work related you can fight that but I know what you are going through as you have to live while all this is going on and you need medical care. See if your state has any programs you qualify for. Unfortunately, I have been forced to swallow my pride and ask for help. Now that both my husband and myself are disabled I realize we can't carry the burden alone and thats a hard pill to choke. Since my work cut off my insurance I actually had to give back my wheelchair. Luckily our local pharmacy was kind enough to donate one for the time being. I pray alot and try to maintain a positive outlook. So far we are taking one day at a time and although we have had many hurdles to go over I just try to stay positive as I was depressed for a long time. I had 30 yr relationships at my work and now not one person will speak to me. I am sure this is a legal issue, but it hurt really bad. I wish you so much luck and this is a great support group. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know this is a long post but I found when I first came to this site seeing others who were going through the exact same things made me realize I am not alone in all this.
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  • hey spunky,

    i know what you mean about the work related injury and the people you worked with. it is difficult when you feel like you're going at it alone but ,we never asked for this injury.

    i hope you are doing better .

  • sorry they let you go. Isnt there some type of family leave act or something making this against the law? I dont know im sure the dotted all the i's on this one by making an excuse as they usually do. It definately makes life hard with little to no income. My friends husband is just getting ready to settle his case in october this has been ongoing for over 2 years. He did have to get a lawyer though they made it almost impossible for him to get any payments and tried to use his sick leave which they couldnt do but they tried. Anyway they gave his sick days back and straightened out once the lawyer was involved. Now they want to settle out of court and this is 3-4 surgeries later that they paid for including all doctor appts. Definately dont give up file for ssdi if that is what you are considering and i would try to take care of the wc if its work related and if you have any std or ltd file for it if they wont give the wc cause at least thats a little bit of money. I cant really tell you about the insurance part thats tough but if wc applies they need to pay and they definately dont want to so appeal the decision, get a lawyer and maybe things will start falling into place for you. My job tried to get me to resign twice. at this time the std has stopped my check because they sent my paperwork to a doctor that doesnt deal with all my health issues who in return said i could work. I am now in the process of getting it started again so at this time i have no money but my husband does draw ssdi so that helps out and we have 3 teens here also. I wish you the best of luck and i hope you definately get some sort of relief from your pain.
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