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S1 Nerve damage - spastic gait

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I received my neurology visit accessment letter today. In it it said that i have scar tissue OVER the nerve root. And also that I walk with a 'Spastic Gait' which I had no idea. I've realised that I walk a little funny but that's to ekkp the pain off one side. I thoroughly believe it is also because i have a numb ankle and therefore it appears the nerve isn't responding in that area. Great hey! I have spoken of my numb ankle and toe for the past 18 months and only now from them seeing me walk have they realised? I don't know, do they know?

I had my nerve root injection which bloody hurt and i asked for the doctor to please report any findings in his report to the neurologists. He came to me after the procedure and said that my nerve is very inflamed and DOUBLE the size of the left one and no wonder i am in intense pain. It's not compressed but largely inflammed!

I really hope i now qualify for the dorsal column stimulator. Maybe the neurologists at the hospital won't now turn a blind eye.

Peace, love and light to all x


  • Sorry to get a result like that. I am waiting for my MRI result to find out why I am still in pain after Micro. I too have pain around my ankle, calf, buttock...well...I guess that covers my whole right leg.

    Keep us posted on your treatment!
  • I'm going through the same problems as you and totally relate to what you're feeling. I have scar tissue and permanent nerve damage and my doctors want me to have a morphine pump put in. The pain is atrocious and I've already tried an ESI which didn't help at all and only made things worse. Are they giving you medicines to manage the pain? I hope you don't get those awful muscle spasms like I do- they can make your life hell. It just comes out of nowhere with no warnings. My legs twitch all the time and I have numbness, burning, weakness, and sharp pains. I'm hunched over too and use a cane because I don't want to go through anymore falls. Well, I hope you get approved for your neurostimulator and it works for you. Take care
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  • Hi

    Thanks for your comment. I too get spasms in my calf and especially in my big toe which I believe to be related to the L4 nerve?

    I take for my pain management at the moment: oxycodone, endep and valiums. Which all make me quite depressed as well. I had a root sheath injection yesterday in my L5 nerve which would yo believe was double the size of the left L5 nerve! ar out, I knew it was extreme from the pain but not double the size! I must be a toughey i think lol.. No im not really, i cry alot and experience negative dreams while im asleep, i think it is from the medications. Waiting now for the injection steroid to kick in , it has a bit but i also have a damaged S1 nerve so it probably won't take away all the pain! Fingers crossed though hey.

    Good luck with your pain management, how old are you may i ask? I am 29.

  • HI!!

    When did you get your micro? Which disc? I had mine 3 and a half years ago but it's the scar tissue that is now the problem, though mind you, the pain before the operation was MUCH worse than this. The only sad thing for me is that there is nothing they can do other than offer meds. I HATE THEM, they make me so depressed and non-functional. They use to work and i use to get around ok but its different now.

    Keep in touch ok x
  • I am 9 months post open lam and decompression L3 thru S1.. about three months ago I started relapsing and legs became weaker to the point of paralysis.. As well, I have developed hyperflexion and spasticity along with horrible sciatic pain in my right buttock and down my entire right leg and foot... My back doesn't hurt though is numb through torso.. The Neuro team says the lumbar surgery was a success after subsequent MRI... They think my symptoms are coming from higher up.. after further testing EMG etc.. like Thoracic or Brain.. something affecting my central nervous system.. Scares the heck out me.. I hope it is something that can be fixed.. More MRIs and testing in a week or so.. Good luck everyone.

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