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My wife

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
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Hello, I am looking for a little information regarding my wife. She has scoliosis, degenerative arthritis in spine, two ruptured disc's. Her disc spacing is all messed from the scoliosis. On one side the disc space is none and the other very large, this is on multiple disc's in her lower back. Her disc are degenerative, and all this is seen through an x-ray, no mri as of yet, but the doc said if all this is evident through and x-ray the mri will show much, much more.

So she is on percocet 10/325 #140 per month, flexiril, phenegrin 25mg as needed, and nortriptyline, glucosamine sulfate and ibuprofen 800 3x daily as needed. In all these neds she has no ER pain med and even with the percocet she is still on a roller coaster of pain, they work well but it is up and down between doses and often times they are not even controling the pain well. Would a ER release med help her with the up's and down along with the percocet? If so how should she approach her doc with this as I know directly asking for a certain med is can be unwise? Also if the change is made how could she talk to him about keeping the percocet for BT pain? She would feel uncomfortable not having the percocet and the ER not controling the BT pain and having to do alot of visits over a short period with limited benefit insurance.

Thanks, any sugestions or similiar experiences would be great on how you made this possible without getting cut off all together or looked at funny and turned down, which is not hard to do with the way the docs are under pressure today from the....


  • i see you also have a thread in the lower back section same topic....i am refering to this post....( pain meds

    I am new to this site, am am looking for some help. At the present I am on percocet 7.5/325 3x's daily, and it is not even touching my back pain. I am on a contract with my dr for this. I want to ask him for more per day, or something that is time released I don't want to get cut off all together though so how would I approach my dr about this and get results. Also I am worried about the tylenol in the percocet, I know that 325 x's 3=975 well under the daily allowance for tylenol, but when you consider long term how does this affect the body, and is it really necassary to have it at all. I have heard good things about dilaudid and oxy 15-30 ER. hOW SHOULD i APPROACH HIM TO TRY TO GET MY PAIN IN CONTROL? What I am taking now is like whats the point, they are exspensive and not doing much for my back.... looking for relief without a funny look and shrug...)what gives?
  • My wife also has terible back problems, worse than mine so I was trying to get some info about her. Whether or not i have a ost on the same topic is erelevant this post is for my wife, so either you have some advise or -you don't. Don't act like you regulate here.
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  • I had the same up and down pain control and so I just sat down with my pain Dr and told him that I didnt like the way I was having to take pain meds every 4 hours and explained to him my ups and downs. I never suggested what I should have. Only that I wanted to regulate my pain better. They will suggest to you what they think you need. I was put on MS Cotin, but it made me so sleepy all the time that he switched me to fenytal patches.
  • Thank you I will make sure she does this, today she is in so much pain it just hurts me to sit around helpless...
  • It's called learning how to control your, or your wifes pain. everyones tolerance is different, so she must discuss it with her Dr. There is nothing wrong with saying what you are on is not working. I have had to changes meds and dosages for a few years now to find the right combination for me. I have a great Dr. so it makes it easier. I hope you both have a Dr. you can talk to. A wonderful nurse once told me "with the medications available now there is no reason to live in pain". Best advice I think I ever got.
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  • Hi jojo,

    I suffered from chronic pain for years.I have progressive DISH syndrome and another Doc called Forestier's Disease.I aso have RA as well. Anyway, my spine has been auto-fusing, dics herniated into my spinal space, cutting off my nerve roots and causing problems with choking and spastic esophagus for many years.

    I'm losing feeling in my legs and arms and have searing pain down my arms and legs. I long to stretch, but my body won't let me. Spurs that "aren't suppose to cause pain" have acted like thorns on my bundle nerve roots, as I am jam packed with them. I'm suppose to have surgery again in my neck, which has aleady been done, and my lower back!...NO Way! The Devil I know is better than the Devil I don't know. I've had too many procedures that were suppose to be only "Mild Discomfort" to be left with not eating for six cream and chocolate that melts in my mouth....I had a Nissen Fundoplication of the esophagus three years ago and I've been left with severe chest pain a few times, every two to three months...ER VISITS!

    I've been on flexeril, nortriptyline, Lortabs, tynol #3,etc. I've been so frustrated with doctors telling me I'm not in pain, or "it shouldn't be that bad." My MRI's don't lie, I have a compressed spinal cord in my lower back x4 spaces, and my neck (above and below my neck plates at 4-7 c/spine)x 4 spaces. The Ladies in my church would like to see God give some of these docs my life for awhile, just to see how they'd handle it, but I told them, those thoughts weren't Christian and I'm right, no one should be allowed to suffer pain with such a lack of compassion!

    Yes, I had spinal fusion in my neck. It helped with the choaking, but the pain for a little while, then came the domino effect!

    I saw a therapist because of the chronic pain and that was the best thing I did. He was also a pain manager. He tried something new for me, and I don't think I can name it, but it is used in drug addicts to get them off addiction, but they have made great progress using it for pain management. I was a different person on this medication, very clear headed and comfortable for the first time in years. However, nothing good can ever come to us with out someone poo whooing it. It isn't accepted for use by everyone. Nurses who don't have the education to understand the use of this medication, see you as a drug addict. My doctor has to put on the medication bottle....FOR SPINAL PAIN! It really worked for me, but it is my misfortune that my Therapist is no longer treating pain managment, he's helping American Vet's.....which is very very noble, as he is so kind and the most compasionate person I've met. This med has work me and I could get through my day with energy and I was pain free for the first time in years. Since this medication treats addicts, it is not addictive, say my doc, you get accustomed to it. I was able to get off it easily, with not fuss or bother, which proved my doc right! I have to find a new pain managemtn physican, and I don't want to start from square one all over again.

    Tell your wife to find a "Therpist, Pain Manager" Quality of life is so very important, verses the alternative, which some docs can watch their patients go over that edge by doing nothing for them,only treating them with indifference. Some docs and nurses are very afraid to give CA patients the medication that will allow dignity of life, fearful of turning their CA patients into drug different for us Chronic pain suffers! Why can I be so judgemental on Nurses???? I'm a nurse and have delt with many of them regarding the compassion issue on terminal patients! They would like to to think they are all knowing, but their not, they just act that way. I'm always bumping into Nurses that think then know a subject matter, only to give false information on the topic. Nurse can really make you feel unworthy of help!

    If you are sticking by your wife...God Bless you Man, as there is nothing that makes pain worse than seeing your significant other finding someone else to make him happy, while he grows in distane for you and you feel so trapped in your situation. We don't want this pain, we don't want to live this way, and it all comes down to finding the right compasionate physican that can manage both the sorrow cause by the pain and the pain itself. Tell your Bride to hang in there, help can be found!

    One thing I have held on to is my faith. Being strong spiritually was a major gets both of you through some tough times. My docs often remark on my attitude, I smile a lot and try to help others, often forgeting my own pain. I seek happiness out, as it won't look for me!

    A little story...I was on crutches for almost a year, because of knee surgeries and I was on a huge pitty party. I remember swinging thru the crutches while I was looking for cards, feeling truly sorry for myself....when....I turned the corner and there sat a man with no legs! I always, no matter how much pain I'm in, I always tell myself that I'm better off then some one, some where!:)

    Best Wishes,

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    People tend to look out for others and try to help as many people as possible.
    Your comment:
    jojomuffintoe said:

    so either you have some advise or -you don't. Don't act like you regulate here.
    is something that is not warranted here.
    One of the major positives about Spine-Health is that it always trys to welcome new members and at times help guide them through the posting process. There are certain ways posts can be made to achieve wider exposure and acceptance.
    So, please, do not take the previous comment as something that you should be upset about but instead realize the meaning of it and the purpose.
    Looking at face value, your comment was only to incite the previous poster. Lets hope this type of posting does not continue.
  • Dilauro, I felt like I was being questioned about my honesty. I would like to tell you I am a honest person but this is a site on the net and I know ones word is not of high credit. When I responded to the person this is about I meant what I said and would not take it back, as you can see I have ahd time to think this over. I am well aware of what I said and how I said it, and if this is a site that show special attention to those whom have been here for a while then I think that is wrong. The new ones are the important ones, make them feel like they are welcome not embarrased and questioned. You stated, "Looking at face value, your comment was only to incite the previous poster."
    If you were not familiar by the name of the other member and his status with you, then you would have realized your correction was directed to the wrong member. I was the one being cited from the other member, I did nothing to deserve such a thing as that. Your moderation was pointed in the wrong direction. I ask that in the future you consider how you responde and place your favortism aside. I am a member at this site as well and would like to be treated like one, no matter how long or short I have been here. The way you jumped into this was uncalled for, however if you were to make a correction it may have been proper to find the right place to critique. With all do respect, jojomuffintoe
  • GiGi! I am sorry, I have been through this as well, ever visit to the ER ended me up with a referal to another doctor, doctors that thought I was just some younger guy seeking pain meds. I remember one I went to said I was not in to much pain, but on that particular day I had no meds for 2 days. My blood pressure was 140 over some outragous number, but he still thought I was not in to much pain, I felt like knives and ice picks were being stuck in my back and twisted. It was so bad! So this doctor gave me 30 lortab 7.5/500 and said they were to last me a month. I had already been taking percocet 7.5/325-2 every 4-6 hours, he said "that is to much" I wish he could have just felt the pain for a minute. This office was shady anyway because they made me pay 193.00 before I even saw the doctor. So the lortab lasted me about 6 days and I called for a refill and they said you have to come see the doctor and pay another 193.00. I said no way and went to the ER my mother works there and most of the Dr's there are great. It is amazing when the ER does more for you then a family doctor. The wait for this Dr was about three hours just another thing that was added to the list. I hope you feel better, and may you find Grace.

  • I started with 30mg once a day then 2x30mg day and finally 4x30mg day. I rarely need to take a percocet for break through pain. It's important to get back to the Dr. and say the med only lasts a short period. It's not in no way going to bother the DR. continue going to the Dr. several times to get the right meds that will help your wife. My husband has had a hard time dealing with my illness. I've had back pain and off work for 14 months. I've gone to 2 Orthopedic Surgeons, a Neurologist as well as I'm waiting for a NeuroSurgeon appt. also. I've also been to 2 pain Management Drs for injections that have helped the pain in my leg as well as injections for facet joint pain(arthritis)arthropy. Your Dr needs to refer your wife to a Pain Management Dr. I've also had 2 PM Drs for 2nd opinions. Everyone should get a 2nd opinion or 3rd opionion if they're told they need surgery also. I also take Lyrica for sciatica pain as well as amitriptyline. Is your wife taking nerve pain meds? Bring a list of questions for each Dr. and his treatment for what med does what effect on the body. I'm an ER RN and have been out of work for 14 months they're going to hold my job for 2 years. Hopefully I'll heal on my own but it's been alot of work physio,injections and about 9 meds aday. I found a cane also helps. Good luck to your wife. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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