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My wife



  • I'm sorry to hear how bad your wife is feeling, and I can't imagine what both of you two go through having similar back problems to deal with. I believe an extended release med will greatly benefit her, and I think the doctor may keep her on the percocets. However some doctors believe in BT meds and some don't. A trained pain specialist is very aware about pain breaking despite taking the long acting medicine and will prescribe something for it. I'm on a very strong extended medicine (fentanyl patches)and I still require 6 Percocets a day for severe constant back and nerve pain. Well, I hope things work out for your wife and I'm sorry she is suffering like this. I know it's hard for you as well and I wish you both the very best. Take care
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    I judge members by their behavior regardless if they are longtime members or new ones.
    I did not, nor do jump into anything unless I have found something that needs to be addressed.
    And that is exactly what I did

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  • We all make them, it is important to admit when we do and try to make our amends to those whom get caught in the cross fire. I will agree that there was an issue in need of being addressed but the issue was not that of mine. I enjoy this site and most of the members here, so I would like to stay and be active with them. I think it is terrible that some of us have to live with so much pain when there is medicine there for just that. When I read a post of a member that is hurting all the time and the meds are not working and/or the doctor will not give more it frustrates me. My wife has RA, scholiosis, DDD, osteo arthritis, and I am sure more we dont know about because her insurance has just started. I 2am usually awake at night from my own pain, but she is usually moaning and just about crying because her hands and baack hurt so bad. This is hard for me to deal with, but I do. I love her and will be with her forever. She goes to a family doc that does pain management but he is limited of what he can do, without MRI and specialists. She has so much wrong even the specialist would probably just give more narcotics. Well hope we are good now.
  • She nhas recently gotten insurance but it will not cover pre-existing conditions for 12 months. The Dr she goes to does pain management program, but its just for internal meds, but he is wonderful about this. I am not sure is he is comfortable with the high power ER meds, because she has been on the IR percocet for a year, ever now and then he will give her 10 more a month but no ER meds. I think he is doing whats in her best interest because if he gives her the ER now it will close some doors on the quality of relief she can get in the future. I think he is saving this type of meds for a last resort of relief, she does get relief from her meds but there are just so much time in between that she dont. Recently her hands have been hurting so bad she moans and groans at night, this is tough.

    Thank you for responding and your support, I appreciate it greatly!
  • For your support and responding to my post, it helps me to know there are others out there with similiar problems. I dont know if the doc she sees will do the fenanyl maybe, all the hype right now with people overdosing has left the docs scared to prescribe it. Once again thanks for being here for me, and if there is anything I could do for you let me know. I will be creating an e-mail for corresponence with this site.
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  • Thank you for taking the time to respond, this has been a great expieriance for me at this site mostly, and if there was a problem I am working on it. I see my doc quarterly, and my wife sees her doc monthly or by monthly whatever they decide at the visit for the next month. I was doing alright throuout the day but my meds where falling short at night, so I had my dose adjusted recently, things have been good for me, still hurt all the time but I am able to control it better now. I went through alot with doctors before I was taken seriously, finaaly I found a doctor that believed me and ordered an MRI, the results were bad for a 29 year old man. DDD,

    1.Facet joint hypertrophy, 2.two herniated disc, 2.two compressed disc, 3.osteo arthritis, 4.narrowing of the central canal various levels.
  • I would get a 2nd opinion PM Dr. I went to one for 9 months and I wanted a 2nd opinion and I've had facet joint injections and epidurals that have relieved alot of pain that the other PM was doing trigger point injections that didn't help too much for me.. Just putting that out there. It doesn't mean she has to stop seeing that one. But injections have helped my facet joint pain and epis have helped the leg pain. I hear myofacial release may help also. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I'm just checking on how things are going for you and your wife today. I hope both of you were able to get some sleep. It's miserable to be in pain all the time, and any notion of doing anything goes quickly out the door. I try my best to be positive, and I distract myself whenever I can (right now I'm watching NBA playoffs). I would like to go out by I don't feel up to it, so I'll stay in and watch games all day long. Anyway, I have my PM appt next week and I hope my percocets can go up to 10 mg to see if it works better- that's up to my doctor of course. Well, take care of yourself and feel free to PM whenever you need to.
  • Well we are alright, we both have our meds, but we just got a letter today stateing that my wifes insurance is not going to cover her Dr visits because they are unsure how long she has been being seen for this. We are trying to clear it up, hopefully we can and they will pay for it. She really needs an mri, just the x-rays showed scoliosis, DDD, severe arthritis in her spine, her disc space heights are all out of whack. On one side there is about 3/4 of an inch and on the other side there is mm's. This spacing is multy level on many disc's. I am just praying the insurance thing will work out because she needs a specialist.

    I was fortunate to get a Dr at the ER to order an mri months ago because of all my visits he did this, and probably got tired of me going there. We have tried the same with her but the Dr was never there when she went and most of them will not order an mri because they know most dont have insurance. I guess when she cant walk then she will get one and maybe a specialist. My wife gets the percocet 10/325, But that is all she gets along with flexiril, phenigrin and nortriptiline she had to stop the nortriptiline because it made her vision all blury. I hope he will give her a ER med soon because at night she is in alot of pain and the percocet work well "I can tell" but the up and down pain is really taking a toll on her and me as well.

    Thanks for your concern, it is really valuable to me and my wife! I am here if you need me.
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