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My wife



  • just want to say from being on here just a couple of days i am now going back to my docs this week to say meds arnt doing wot they should as im in so much pain,,,,,,,,,we tend to put up with it dont we, hope it gets better ,go,s away evan, we dont like to bother people! i know i get fed up with sitting in the doctors try another med that may or may not work but right now id rather be sitting there in pain trying to do somthing about it than sitting here crying screeming inside thinking theres nothing i can do ......we have to keep trying ;) jan xxx
  • Going back to the original topic, it's true that most of those meds wear off in only a few hours, often way before you're allowed to take another. Perhaps she should try Fentanyl patches, which are extended release for 36 hours and supposedly pretty safe to use. This can be combined with other drugs, if necessary.

    But the patches don't stick too well to some people, and taping them on can result in the drug being absorbed by the tape, rather than the person. If you apply these for your wife, don't handle them without gloves or you'll absorb the stuff into your hands.

    Oxycontin is another ER drug that contains the same drug as Percocet but without the Tylenol, I think. Some people have a drug they can take for break-through pain, in addition to their other drugs.

    Rather than Flexeril, I use Soma as a muscle relaxant, and unless I combine the Soma with my Lortabs or whatever opioid I'm using, neither the Soma nor the opioid provides much pain relief. I sometimes combine Tramadol with these, as well, and take ibuprofen for inflammation.

    NOTE -- You should NOT take Tramadol and Flexeril together. If taken alone, Tramadol gives me no pain relief at all but does seem to "boost" the opioid a little so that it works better. Flexeril seems to not help me at all, whether taken with other drugs or not.


    My story -- DDD, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, herniated and bulging discs, nerve and spinal cord compression, lotsa pain of course, and two multi-level fusion surgeries -- cervical and lumbar. The lumbar fusion was at L3-L4-L5 on March 12, 2009. Yep, only a few weeks ago. But 10 mg Lortab, Soma, and Tramadol in combination keep my pain levels very tolerable, normally. Percocet combined with Soma also works well for me. I needed stronger stuff immediately after the surgery, though (Morphine, Demerol, Fentanyl Patches, Soma, etc.)
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  • I noticed some comments about the difficulty in getting pain meds. I have had DDD, spinal stenosis, lots of bulging and herniated discs, bone spurs, nerve and spinal cord impingement, etc. and have had two multi-level fusion surgeries (cervical and lumbar). Despite my obvious need for them, I too have trouble getting my pain meds. I know what works best for me, but the doctors are reluctant to prescribe them and sometimes those in the medical profession, including pharmacists, treat you like a drug addict when you take prescription pain meds. I have had times in which I had to endure severe and totally disabling pain, as a result.

    It is not my fault that some people abuse these drugs or use them for "recreational" purposes. I need them desperately and should not have to suffer because of the actions of others. Due to my high pain levels, these drugs do not cause me to feel "high" or doped up. They help me function better and think more clearly than when my brain is pain-fuddled.
  • I hope all works out at your Dr. I know how hard it can be to get your Dr. on the same page. For me it took finding the right Dr. If I felt like I was mistreated or not given the opportunity to get the right relief for me , I would not go back to that Dr. I was not Dr. shopping at all, I always made sure they knew what the previous Dr. gave me and how much I took and how long it lasted, which in most cases was not long. I am blessed to have found my current Dr. He is open and wants to keep me in good state of mind, along with controlling my pain. I only have to see him because he takes care of me all around, if I am sick he treats me with antibiotics or whatever is needed, for me this is how it should be for all. Your Dr. is responsible for you, so whatever is needed to keep you feeling well and out of pain as much as possible "as long as the benefits outweigh the negative." Most of us know that no pill is going to eliminate our pain all together, but keeping it under control is very possible.

    Good luck, Jan xxx!
  • I posted the last one to many times, it was an accident, my pc was not posting it so I kept hitting the post button; "SORRY"
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  • jojomuffintoe said:
    I posted the last one to many times, it was an accident, my pc was not posting it so I kept hitting the post button; "SORRY"

    glad im not the only one it happens too!!! :))( =))
  • LoL..I was button happy just wanting to click...
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