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I hope someone can alleviate some fears for me

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I just found this blog and I'm thinking some people here might be able to give me some insight.
I have spinal stenosis and have already had 2 cervical fusion on c3-c4 and c5-c6. About 10 years ago I partially herniated c1-c2 but the NS didnt want to do the surgery for sevearl reasons.. The main on he said was the risk of dyphasia after fusing that area. Recently I have started having severe pain in my right arm and shoulder. Its anywhere from a dull ache to a roaring agony. I have a doctors appointment on April 6th and I am scared to death that he is going to say surgery again. My questiojn.. has anyone had c1-c2 fused and if so was there any dyphasia afterwards? I am a chef by trade.. dyphasia would take a lot of steam out of my professional sails. I appreciate any insights. I am also open to prayers that its NOT a surgical problem and just a pinched nerve maybe... Thank you all and best of luck in upcoming procedures and healings. :)


  • On thursday they are going to do an epidural to relieve the pain. Also have a pinched nerve in right leg due to a recent hip replacement. Long story short my pain is down from 6-7 to a 2. Who should I counsel? Need advice real soon?
  • Hi chef,

    First let me say welcome to spine-health, you will find a lot of members going through the same issues as you are. May I suggest that you google the c1-c2 nerve and you will find a hoist of entries or use the search function at the top of the page. From what i can see arm pain and shoulder pain the radicular symptoms you are describing are pointing to other levels of the spine. But i'm not a medical professional and i can't say those pains are coming from your spine. Your health care provider should be able to determine with a exam and some films as to what is causing your pain. I notice that you have already had levels fused. Do you know if those areas actually fused all the way? Are these symptoms you are having anything like the symptoms you have had in the past? You may want to check out the video on radiculopathy as well. In the faq section located at top of page is a link of 38 questions to ask your spine-surgeon and another link to questions on preparing to meet with a spine specialist. Anyway good luck and welcome to spine-health and keep us posted on the april 8th appointment.
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  • I don't know any answers about C1-2, but certainly any lower levels can contribute to arm and shoulder pain. I know it's hard to wait for an appt when you are hurting, but April 6 isn't a long time as these things sometimes go. Some of our members wait months for an appt! And then for MRI's and other tests. Sit back, whip up a batch of brownies, and read the articles and links as suggested above. Please let us know what your dr has to he a neurologist/surgeon? Probably best for cervical areas, in my opinion. Good luck.
  • Can I have a brownie?

    Oh, sorry - I'm wondering if you're having muscle spasms. Have you tried muscle relaxers? How long ago did you have your ACDF? I'm also anxious to hear what your NS says, so please keep us posted.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I am really glad i found this blog. I had NO idea that this sort of condition was so common. I was feeling like the universe had singled me out to pick

    I was in huge pain this morning in my right elbow when I first woke up. I had to see my eye surgeon early because I just had cataracts removed yesterday and he needed to do a post op. I'm happy to say all is well with that. After being legally blind for over a year..I can see with both eyes almost perfectly :)
    I stopped by a local walk in afterwards because the elbow was just killing me. The doc there says I have tennis elbow and thats where the pain is coming from. But he didnt do any x rays or nuro yesys at all either. Shot me with some pain killer that did nothing for the pain, just made me loopy. And gave me a script for some steroid I cant even make the name out on.
    Yes.. both of the previous fusions were fully healed properly. I had an excellant NS at the time. The first one was in 1995 and the second was 1996 almost to the exact day of the I cant honestly say that the pain is similar or not.Its been so long. but I do remember that it first started in my left shoulder and arm. I dont remember it ever becoming as severe as it is this time though.
    Thank you for your reply and I wish you all the best in total good health. :)

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  • I cant make brownies to well.. but i did make an awesome triple chocolate cheesecake earlier.. will that do?? :)
    I know.. the 6th isnt very long of a wait. But you know how it is when you're in severe pain and very worried.. you want treatment and answers
    Luckily I live in Montana and even though its the biggest city in Montana its still small, maybe 125k population. So i guess tyhats how i got in so fast. the doc I see on the 6th is just a regular MD. he will have to make the call on an MRI or sending me on to a NS. I feel bad for anyone that has to suffer thru this kind of pain and worry for months!!!
    Best wishes sent your way. i hope everything works out for you. :)
  • Would you settle for some triple chocolate cheesecake??? Its my own recipe and its goooood. I'm a single man and I get to have it all to myself :D
    Yes I do have occasional muscle spasms. Sometimes in the elbow and sometimes in the shoulder blade area. More intense in the elbow though.
    My first fusion was in 1994 or 95.. cant really remember and the second one was a year later.I was given a script for Flexeril the first time I went to the walk in clinic. They did nothing. They also gave me hydrocodone.. taking the 2 together was about as effective as an m&m and a chocolate chip.
    Best of luck and warmest wishes with your recovery. :)
  • your quit welcome. i hope you enjoy the site very much. you are not alone in this. i thought the same thing before coming here never knew anyone with a cervical fusion. i looked this video up for you maybe this will help with the radiculopathy. also here is a chart that does about the same thing. i as well was diagnosed with a something in the elbow while steriods gave some relief it was very temporary till they were off. but lets hope for the best and maybe that is what it is. keep us posted.
  • Thanks for the video.. it reminded me of a few things i had been told.
    I'm not so sure I even want to take the steroids. I had cortizone shots way back in the 90's and thats what caused the cataracts i just got rid of. I'm not in any hurry to get those again.. but then again..if it helps the pain right NOW.. it might be worth it. SIGH. Can I just go back to being 12 and not having to worry about all
  • I also have pain in the same areas as you, but I had my surgery last November on levelc5-6. I am still recovering, but a recent EMG is giving my Dr signs of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I go to physical therapy twice/week, and take Oxycodone for pain flair ups and Morphine Sulfate extended release every 12 hrs to control pain...those do NOT help my pain, eighter. I don't want to get higher doses or more narcotics...I am curious to see what your Dr will say...keep us posted.
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