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My pain in my cervical; thoracic; and lumbar

maset22mmaset22 Posts: 30
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Chronic Pain
I certainly try to put all my pains in a position. my neck which I believed is my worst on this day because I am dropping things out of my hands; my shoulder is numbing that I want to crack my neck to feel relief, I have double scoliosis that makes my sitting just as hard if the chairs do have a rest back. Now my lumbar is more noticeable by my limp but also the pain coming from different anormalies from L4,5.6 and S1 region. which the doctor has his position on a radiofrequency in two weeks. He does not know about the new event the dropping of things from my hands which concern me the most. Maybe you remember me,Waiting two to three hours to see the doc. This is the scenario, I have to make This decision. Thanks Dan


  • Sounds awful.
    I've been learning a lot lately from my new pain Dr., physio and masseuse, as well as the Internet, about how muscle problems can cause damage to the spine by being unbalanced and uneven.
    You can have an initial spinal problem which makes the muscles react by spasming and so on, and then eventually knots and weakness, until you are in a very bad way physically with no muscle tone or strength.
    Then you can have an muscle problem with tight and uneven muscles pulling the spine in different ways, that can then result in actual spinal damage.
    What I am finding out is that you cannot look at just one aspect, say the spine, in isolation, and hope to improve by attending to that only.
    You have to take a multi-level approach.
    So I'd strongly suggest a visit to a physio or better still a remedial masseuse, who can gradually tease out the muscle knots, stretch the fibres, and get the blood moving properly.
    As the muscles free up you should find less stress on the spine, and you can then work on some gentle strengthening exercises.
    Take it all very slowly and carefully.
    If you don't do this, your muscles will just tighten up and be almost useless.

    If you are already having this sort of treatment, keep it up.
    Have a look on the net for muscle imbalance, that sort of thing, and good luck!
  • I guess, I have been concentrating on my pain in my body, that I really haven't been thinking about different ways to stretch to relieve the pain other than med's. But I have resign to take the radiofrequency and not to concentrate on the scenario and time I have to wait for the doctor. hope all goes well. thanks Peter B
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  • I was doing that too, and could see that my overall muscle strength etc was deteriorating, so that I was getting sore muscle from doing little things.
    Ask your doctor what you could do to try to not lose any more muscle condition.
    Good luck.
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