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new here with neck pain

jillrodgers77jjillrodgers77 Posts: 8
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi, my name is Jill and I found this board while doing some research on my neck problems. For several months I have been dealing with bad neck pain that had gotten really bad over the last month or so. I went to my primary Dr. and he ordered an MRI and set up an appt. with a specialist. Yesterday, I had my appt. with a neurosurgeon and I was told that I have a severe case of cervical spondylosis. As well as some bone spurs. I was told that they want to try a conservative approach for several weeks. They gave me some meds and also put me in a really rigid, restrictive neck brace. I am suppose to wear it all the time that I am up and about. This is my first full day in the brace and am having a hard time dealing with it...I do go back for a follow-up in about 3 weeks. Any advice, insight or suggestions...thanks so much, Jill


  • Welcome to spine-health. I think the surgeon is doing all the right things as this point and time. Conservative approaches are always the best way to go. I have seen many people come and go here who have had great results using conservative treatment. You don't see them posting any longer as they are on with the normal busy lives. The neck braces are sure sure not comfy but if it works a small price to pay. I used a miami J for almost 12 weeks post surgery. I began to love the thing as it really offered up support and I no longer felt like a bobble head. Are you in a brace or collar? If it is a brace you may find some baby powder will help as well. Make sure that you keep it tight enough so as it doesn't move around but , not so tight it causes pain. Did they set up any therapy for you as well? What type of meds did the doc put you on? If you look in the FAQ section at the top of the page you will find a link to some questions to ask your surgeon when you return. Good luck and keep us posted. Once again welcome to spine-health.
  • Hi tamtam, thanks for the response! I hope you are right about the conservative treatment! They put me in a brace...I think it is the same kind you mentioned...white plastic with blue padding?? What does the baby powder do? The brace is just a really weied feeling and tough getting used to...hopefully I'll adjust to it. I think they will have me go to therapy in a few weeks...depending on how I progress...they did give me some pain meds an anti inflammatory meds...thanks for you advice...look forward to hearing from you again, Jill
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  • Jill and Welcome. I don''t have any answers because I am not in your shoes, but I wanted to welcome you!:)
    I hope it gets better!:)
  • I'm not familiar with your diagnosis but I can relate to the frustration of chronic neck pain. I think a brace is a good start but be sure to keep in tune with your body and if you're not getting better or anything changes or gets worse, tell your doctor immediately.

    From what I've gathered, there are a number of approaches to treating neck pain and it may take more 1 try to get it right.

    Good luck,

  • Hi Christine, Thanks for the response, the more I've read about my diagnosis, I think(and trust) my Dr. is doing the right thing by putting me in the brace. If I don't feel any better in a week or so, I'll call my Dr. They are going to have me do some therapy after my pain and inflammation calm down. I'll keep you posted. Please stay in touch. What neck problems do you have? Take care, Jill
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