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Does anyone know what a splodolytic ridge of the cervical spine is

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to answers some questions for me. Does anybody know what a splondolytic ridge of the cervical spine is? Is it a bone spur? What does it mean when it says with mild anterior thecal sac indentation? or what does it mean when it abuts the cord? wich is worse? I was also wondering when turn you head can it go further into cord? Any help would be appreciated thanks :?



  • I am not sure what it is but my guess is that the mild thecal sac indention is pressing on your spinal cord. That is just a guess though. I have a couple of questions for you. :?

    Are you seeing a nuerologist?
    Did you MRI say that you had spinal stenosis?

    By the way welcome to the site! :)
  • Thank you for responding to my ?s. No it did not say I had spinal stenosis. No I am not seeing a neurologist,I just recieved the mri results and haven't seen my pcp yet. Oh it is spelled spondylotic ridge.
    It says Poterior hard disc/sponylotic ridge with mild anterior thecal sac indenentation but no cord fraying or deformaty c3-c4, another at c4-c-5 sponolytic ridge abuts the anterior cord but no flattening or deformity. one at c-6-c7 but no canal or cord compimise.

    I had ACDF jan 2005 at c-5c-6. at that time they rempoved bone spurs. I have cervical splodylosis and DDD. I have had pain in neck for years. Recently has gooten worse and the shoulder pain has increased to, have developed arm pain and numness tingling in fingers and shooting pain down shoulders arms so I ask doc for mri since I hadn't had one in years.
    I am worried because if they are bone spurs they have grown over last couple years and I am worried that they will continue to grow and go into my cord. Well thanks again and if you or anyone can help with answers I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks Gina
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  • I posted but haven't recieved my answers can anyone help me with these questions? What is spondylotic ridge? What is Posterior Hard disc/spondylotic ridge with mild anterior thecal sac indentation? What is abuts the anterior cord? Do you know which is worse? Is it usually something they would operate on? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank You,

    I know it is just your opinions not medical advice.
  • Hi case you didn't see my other reponse...the spondylotic ridges are also called bone spurs...I know this because of my recent MRI and the results(and translation from my Dr.) I was told that if they continue to worsen, surgery is the only real option...this what MY Dr. told me...hope this helps...Jill
  • the thecal sac is what surrounds the cord,abuting the cord would be that whatever it is,is touching the cord but not indenting it.
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