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hospital refused to do discogram



  • Yesterday I decided to call my family doctor to see what the hospital doctor had to say to her about the discogram. Rather than getting a call back from my doctor, the nurse relayed this message... "Dr. W. said that she's no longer able to order tests for you. You will have to go to your neurosurgeon or ortho. for that." I guess this tells me that she wants nothing else to do with me. Isn't that great?!

    That's the latest.

  • Yes, my family doctor is a female and the doctor who was "supposed" to run the discogram at the hospital is a guy. Why do you ask? The doctor at the hospital also said that he knew my orthopedic doctor (also a guy) and that he is a very good surgeon. He almost acted like I was going behind his back by asking my family doc. to order the discogram. In fact, he insisted that I stop trying to run my own treatment plan. He said, and so did his nurse, that I need to stick to one doctor. I, however, do not believe that. I feel that I need a number of opinions. Doctors are also human and have their own ideas and thoughts.

    At my next appointment, I will be letting my ortho know that it was my impression that patients are encouraged to get 2nd, 3rd, etc. opinions. I will also be letting him know that I was doing just that, and that I was following the advice of a surgeon I had spoke with in another state. I've got everything written down as to what I'm going to say. And I'm going to actually "memorize the script" this time. There will be no mistakes in what I say, and I will make sure the doctor understands that I am the one in pain; I am the only one who has to struggle each and every day and I am the one who has to pay for these tests that are being done. I will also let him know that I am having to find and pay someone to come into my home and watch the daycare children each time I go to yet another appointment. I will either bring my husband or a friend with me to support me this time, and I will explain what happened at the hospital. He will also hear that I have been 100% honest with doctors and that I'm just trying to get to the bottom of MY pain, not the doctor's pain, but MINE.

    (Can you tell I'm just a little upset with this whole issue?) :)

    It's funny how it's been 7 months I've had this pain, and the doctors want me to be patient. HMMMMM. I thought I was.

    Thank you so much for supporting me in this.

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  • I have heard that doctors can get irritated quick when they feel like they are being second guessed. I have run into some who don't like patients being proactive about their care. I think that the ortho may not like the fact that you are listening to another doctor who has never examined you. I'm just speculating as to why this is going on.

    Anyway, you have a good game plan and hopefully things will work out and they'll order the discogram. I would think it is appropriate to have it if the other tests were inconclusive- that's my 2 cents. Just stick to your plan and memorize what you're going to say and you'll be fine. Take care
  • if scarring is suspected, be sure that the surgeons are reading the films and not the reports...i have had multiple mri's done by the same facility that constanly says no major change to my scans...pre and post op!!!!
    has not noted scar tissue that new orthopod says is so involved as to make removal of current hernations too risky!
    (must basically have CES to operate)
    stand up for the tests and care you feel you need...i didn't.
  • Gwennie,
    I kind-of asked the ortho to have one done. What I mean is... first he asked if I wanted to have an EMG. I told him no because of the bad experience I had a long time ago, and the pain. I told him I'd rather have a discogram. He didn't respond at all to that. Then he said something about getting a psychological pain eval. done. The red flags went up for me. "Does he think I'm exaggerating? Does he not believe me? Does he think I'm up to no good or something?" I attempted to get the psychological exam done, but my insurance doesn't cover it and it's $800. I said no to that. Then he told me he was going to a conference coming up in 3 weeks, and did I mind if he ran my case across some other doctors for some other opinions. I said, "Yes, that would be great." After being home a day, I decided I would take the chance and have the EMG. So, I called the ortho back and told him (his nurse). The EMG is set for Tuesday. The whole reason I went ahead with the discogram idea from my family doctor is because the ortho was starting to also look for other opinions from other doctors. I figured he was stumped and it wouldn't hurt to, then, go ahead with the whole discogram idea. (I waited at least a month before asking my family doc. to do the discogram. I wanted to visit my ortho one more time first after having a nerve block.) Like I said, the only reason I went ahead with the disc. idea was because my ortho seemed to not be sure of what was going on.

    Oh yes, and the doctors have been reading the films, not so much the reports. They put them right up on the screen for me to see.

    Sorry so long. Trying to explain the sequence of things. :)

    Any other suggestions on my upcoming appointment would be great. The more suggestions, the better. :)

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  • Yes, that's the plan. I am going to tell him what I told you above. I will definitely ask about the scar tissue. And I was planning on asking about a new MRI. If he refuses, I will ask why I can't get one. Insurance is not an issue, therefore, there should be no issue.

    I just got done talking to one of my daycare parents who stopped by this morning. She told me she used to go to the same office as I am now (Dr. R's office). She said that she left that office because all's they did was send her from one test to another (in their office, not at the hospital, of course)and never did anything about anything. (Sounds like they're trying to make a little money, doesn't it?) She went to another office because of that and had surgery, and is doing great now. She gave me the name of her new doctor who did her surgery. I will see Dr. R one more time and see what he has to say. If nothing, I'm going to have to move on I guess. I don't like jumping from one to another, but it's been 7 months, and I'm tired of waiting 2 months just to have another test. It's exhausting and never ending. It really does sounds like they just want to have you keep coming back if they don't think they can do anything. I don't want to keep spending $70 every 2 months or so just to keep them in business. That's not fair to patients.

    Well, enough said. Thank you for spending so much time talking to me about this. Your support means a lot to me!

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