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Just got the MRI results back and they (doctors both DDS and MD) are looking for a NS now on my insurance. I live in a very rural area and most NS have moved from my region due to insurance purposes. So we are looking in nearby states. Dr sated did not look real bad!!! DDS stated different, he actually looked at the CD I gave him. Good and bad for me. Good maybe handled with injections bad (not really) means something else could be up with my Jaw! Stated all I had was a large disc protrusion 0.5 x 1 CM in the AP and transverse dimesnsions in C6-C7 and a bulging disc and bilateral unconvertebral hpertrophy at C5-C6, resulting in effacement of the thecal sac. MD thought this could be handled with injections. Hope that is all I need. I just want out of all this pain and get my mouth opened and jaw pain releaved to some sort of degree. Do injections help???? Looking for good or indifferent experiences. Thanks all?


  • I am interested in the jaw issues. Hope you don't mind expanding on them for me. As you can see by my signature below, I have a lot of health issues, spinal issues, arthritis, etc. What type of dentist dx's arthritis of the jaw? My jaw pain I had for 3 weeks went away for about a week, and now it's slowly coming back again. Were there treatments recommended for that type arthritis? What caused them to do the jaw replacements? It will be interesting to see if there is a connection between the cervial issues and jaw issues. Hang in there, Spring is coming.

  • Maggie, My jaw started as I am a severe grinder, then in 1990 my jaw would literally fall out of joint when I lean over to the left. That is when the roller coaster ride starte. I have had headaches all my life and with a few doc trips things started coming together. Headaches, grinding, clenching all these years were all related to my jaw. I did have only popping of the jaw when I was young but as I got older this popping was getting extremely painful, not to mention my mouth would not open very wide (even to have a surgery) they would wake me up while intubating me and have me assist them with the intubation because they could not get my mouth open very wide. So once again everything was going down hill. I then went to a doc that referred me to my awesome doc and he did 2 surgeries and after the 2nd surgery he told me there was so much deterioration that i really needed custom made total joint replacements. So in June 97 I had that surgery, lasting 8 hours due to there was so much deterioration. other jaw was done a year later. I did have arthritis in both these joints but I had completely destroyed the discs and I have this crazy ability to grow osteophytes in the new joints, which periodically have to be removed.
    That is most my story condensed greatly. I will be very interested to know if there is a connection between the two also! My MRI did show alot of stuff but that does not mean anything to me, Yet! We are looking for a NS now, think I have done enough research, just need to speak with my doc and see what he thinks!!!! I just know I need some type of relief, just take a few logs off my fire! Hope this helped ya! ~Namaste~ lisa
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  • Thank you so much for the info. I too find myself grinding my teeth, mostly from stress. My dentist recommended a mouthguard several years ago, but ins wouldn't pay for it, so couldn't get it. I got one of the ones you boil and form yourself, which makes my jaw joint hurt worse when I use it. Past month have had lots of jaw pain, when chewing side to side, ouch! Today my ear hurts. Seems to be getting worse again. I guess I'm going to have to break down and gmake a dental appt. This getting old sucks! Hope you find out something soon, and can get some pain relief.

  • I saw my GP today the pain was so bad. Weekend was probably the worst I have ever had. Got a pain injection and he gave me a new way to take the pain meds he had already prescribed. I also had taken him a list of NS in our area (and on my insurance) and today by 4:00 I have a referral for an NS appt on April 30th. I am anxious to get this underway. I can hardly stand myself and work is getting harder and harder to manage. But I have found the busier I stay the less I think about the pain. Thought I would update everyone. Any good questions to take with me would be great to have ready. I will take any info or suggestions everyone has. Thanks in advance! ~Namaste~ lisalee
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