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First nerve block improvement yet.

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Spinal Injections
I had a Selective Nerve Block Injection in my C7 nerver just over 48 hours ago and I have noticed no improvement at all. I know they said it would be 3-5 before I would know if it worked but I am still getting all the numbness and tingling in my left arm and pain in my shoulder blade and neck, just like before the injection. They also said it could get worse before it got better. Have any of you had success with these and if so how long before you noticed any improvements? I am very lucky in the fact that I have had no side effects(cross my fingers)just the same pain I had far. Am I being impatient??


  • i am not familiar with this, but replied to bump you back to the top! :D
  • I understand are supposed to work pretty quick...but it depends on what meds are in the injections.

    If they used an anesthetic, it should offer you some relief, that wears off then the steroid part, if used may take up to 3 weeks to kick in, if it works.

    You may flare before it helps. y worst flare was 3 weeks post injection. I did feel better but only better than worse, not better than before! lol! Sadly it is a suck and see.
    I hope it works.
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  • I am not sure. I had one in my back for sciatica and it didn't do anything, but I think they do say it varies for everyone and some people get immediate relief and some it takes up to 3 weeks.

    I do understand the impatience though. I had facet joint injections and was testing it out the same day lol.......gently of course

    All the best, I really hope it brings you some relief, and quickly.
  • Hi there....sort of an old pro at these.....I have had a total of 7 over the last 3 years. My most recent was last week for my latest round of pain. They also told me 5 full days before it reached its full potential and I am on my 7th day with no real relief in site. I am slightly better but still fairly immobile. I will actually be having a 2nd injection at the end of this week. From previous experience, I can say it usually takes 3 consecutive injections to see any major difference in pain levels. Also important to note is that they may have to inject different nerve tracks each time to get a complete result. For instance, my most recent injection was on the L5/S1 track and this week, we are trying the L4 track so as to cover all possible affected areas. I hope you find some relief soon.
  • I had to call my doctor today with a pain update and I was very upset to tell them I have had none. They will consult with my doctor and are supposed to let me know tomorrow our next option. I can control it with meds so mentally I know I am not ready for surgery yet and honestly I don't now if I can go through another injection. Maybe I just had myself way too worked up about it but it turned out to be almost 200% more painful that I had may have also been the fact that I could feel the needle move through my neck, it was a very different experience for me. All of my symptoms are still there, my husband is kind of pushing for surgery and I am not...not when I know I can control it with meds for the most part. I guess I'll just wait and see my next options, I'm going to assume it will be another injection. But thanks to everyone for thier helps mentally to hear that your not alone although I feel like it sometimes, I know I am not. I'll keep everyone posted and hopefully can help someone else along the way with similar issues, physically and mentally.
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  • Hello, I am trying to prepare myself mentally, for the first of a series of medial branch block injections (L3-4 to L5-Sl). I've watched the animated video and that explained the procedural process! Can anyone briefly, give me general overview their physical experience (i.e. length of procedure, pain/comfort levels,etc. Thank You!

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