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So much pain from acupuncture

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Pain Management
I have just finished my 6th visit from the acupuncturist and boy, this time I'm suffering so much pain in my one leg...especially in the calf area. I've always come home from these sessions with some discomfort but after applying heat (as instructed) is slowly gives me relief. Only one other time..about a couple weeks ago..I was in terrible discomfort but it was gone within two days. This time, it's really bad. I've tried heat and cold compresses. The acup guy strickly said no cold. Since I can't tolerate pain meds nor ibuprofens...I'm up against a brick wall as what to do besides cry and keep applying the heat. Any suggestions? I also have just gotten an inversion table. Haven't yet used it as my acup guy said to wait till all the therapy is finished...which is about 4 weeks from now. I wondering if I should cancel out the acupun and just start in on the inversin table.
I have two mild bulges at L4 and L5 plus DDD. No stenosis or anything else showing up on the MRI. My PM doctor and the orthopedic surgeon says I'm not a candidate for surgery.
I've been given tramodol by my PCP but afraid of one of the listed side effects: seizures. It looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet, so to speak, and take the darn pills eventually.
Hey, thanks everyone for reading my message. Today, it's Easter, and all I've been doing is crying...without my husband seeing me.


  • Pretend I am sitting here holding your hand from many miles away. We can cry together...

    I seem to have a neverending pain flare since my SCS trial wrapped up. It seems like the trial unit made the damaged nerves angry. Nothing I have works either!!!

    I am angry, depressed and I hurt. I still have my Norco, but it just no longer cuts the mustard. I take what I can every day as it does help, but it cuts an 8 to a 5-6 for a few hours only. If I try to do anything I get popping and nasty knots of pain in my back on top of the shoulder.

    I guess it is our lot in life?

    Has anyone given you an idea on if you should continue on with the acupuncture? I thought if it was going to work it would simply work. I wish I knew something for you to try to help you. I just keep trying to get to the next minute. I think if they ever approve the permanent version of the scs for me I'll be OK, but this is taking them so long and I seem to be so depressed and so lacking control over anything in my life it is very hard to keep anything even remotely resembling a positive additude!

    Maybe I'll feel better if I pray for you! So, I'm going to do that...
  • I only went to 5 times for accupuncture. I gave it up after 3 out of 5 painful times but only pain when she put them in. Not after I felt sleepy only. Have you had surgery? How come no ibuprophen? Tylenol or any painkiller muscle relaxant lying around the house. I hope you can get something for pain from your Dr to help the pain. I noticed those heat patch or the aspergel pad helped. You can get those from the drugstore. My drugstore is open easter sunday. Call yours first to see if they're open then hubby can get something for you. Any left over cold relief lemon drink? That has aspirin maybe. Hot chocolate comforting too. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Pain sure makes life miserable. I know when I am in pain all I want to do is go to sleep to escape it. Try to find something to help. Ibuprofen, tylenot or any other pain medication you have been given. I am praying for you. Hang in there, We care about you

  • Thanks so much for that warm touch from across the miles. Lord knows I needed that!
    As I lay down and look up at the ceiling...I ask God,"is this now my future...pain, pain, more pain?"
    I'm not angry...I'm just depressed and envious of my life before this all transpired! Never did I imagine God would give me so many things to handle since turning 65.
    I haven't talked about my issue with the acupunc with anyone yet. The said it usually takes anywhere from 8 - 11 sessions. Starts out with going twice a week and then once a week. Next Saturday I'll be starting the once a week therapy.
    Strange thing I saw today.. The side of my right hand where he's been placing a couple needles is bruised. I'm definitely going to show him on Saturday.
    Thanks, Wrambler for crying with me.
  • Hi Charry, Many years ago I use to take ibuprofens due to severe pain from an accident and over the course of began burning my esophogus and stomach. I use to be able to take tylenol too even on an empty stomach but one day..I just happened to take two extra strengths and boy was I sick. Tried again months later and still got very, very upset stomach.
    I've had a couple upper GI tests and nothing was found to cause all these symptoms.
    About a month ago..I tried cutting the ibuprofen in half to see if it would be ok. Well, on the third day..I ended up with a terrible intestinal upset which lasted a couple days afterwards.
    So, I just live with the pain.
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  • I just noticed, I'm putting peoples' names in the subject area. Sorry about that. I guess the pain takes over the thought process.
    Any way, I appreciate your thoughtful prayers. I, too, am a christian and pray every day for God's mercy, strength, courage, holy spirit and touch.
    If I didn't have you guys and the love of God and my family and christian friends...I'd be worse off than I am right now.
    I truly appreciate everyone advise and friendship.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    that the acupuncture treatments left you in the state thar you are in.
    When properly administered, these treatments should almost put you into the ozone level for a while.... Drifting high over the clouds with very little ground feeling.
    Sure, this does not last all that long and for me, it was only a day or so that I got benefits.
    But the pain you describe, something sounds so wrong. There may always be some little discomfort in inserting or moving a needle, but not in the overall treatment.
    As I said to start with, some is really wrong with this picture.
  • i have never know acupunture to be this painful either. :? you could be seeing someone who is not practiced at this. 8} please, before you have anymore treatments, think about trying another doctor.. :-C this should actually be a very relaxing process! (|: anyway, i do hope you get some pain relief soon.. :D good luck! Jenny :)
  • Acupuncturist has been on my mind lately. I don't know if anyone knows this, but when you begin this type of therapy (and of course it's not covered under my insurance) you must pay (out of pocket) a high price on your first visit. the second and so forth therapy sessions are less but not cheap. for instance, I went to another acupu. before the one I'm going to now...and his first fee was $185 thereafter was $85. I didn't much care for him...for he didn't use alcohol before or after the needles or use soothing music. The one I'm going to now started $170 and then $70 each session.
    I've called around seeing what most are charging before al this and believe me...they're all high.
    Since I'm not scheduled for another visit till Saturday, I'm going to call another acupun and see what their opinions are about my results. Won't hurt.
  • I'm going to take your advise and try and find another acupun. I'm hating the sessions now....especially the after effects. I experience so much pain in my legs afterwards. I end up crying.
    I asked him in the beginning how long has he been practicing and he said 6 yrs.
    thanks so much, Jenny!
    Everyone is so kind here!! I'm so glad I found this supportive web site. It's very helpful in so many ways.
    Here, I can always find a shoulder to lean upon! God bless you all!! cleverlee, (Jan)
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