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how long does it take a disc to heal once herniated



  • KineStar,

    You happened to catch me on one of my last few posts as my journey has come to an end.

    I would caution you from making surgical decisions, either for or against, based on the experiences of others. People have a vested interest in being right and often a person's ego will get in the way of telling the negatives that resulted from the choices they made. You do not know their full story.

    While I am happy that the person with the eight year herniation is feeling better what he or she has not told you is the quality of life that has been lived since the initial 8 months of debilitating pain. Is medicine still required? Are they able to do the same job as they were doing previously? What type of activities do they currently engage in, anything athletic? Have their been times when pain or numbness resurfaced? He may have truly healed or it could be that the definition of healing being used is not one that you or I would subscribe to. And if his case is truly miraculous what is the likelihood of that being your experience?

    Disc herniations in the neck never heal, that is a fact accepted by modern science. Once torn the material continues to degrade and break apart and does so over a long period of time. In some instances this is not an issue but if the decaying material happens to land on or pinch into nerves it's an unpleasant situation to say the least. And if the pain and numbness should go away but then return again and again that is a good indicator that the broken pieces are hitting nerves or causing them to be crunched simply by being a failed disc. That too is not fun and it would be fair to say that a person in that situation is taking a risk of having serious nerve damage.

    You might also hear that everyone's discs eventually fall apart. That is true but what people fail to add is that it is only natural if it occurs over a seventy to eighty year period. By that time you're no longer running and jumping and moving your body all about. My teeth will ultimately fall out also, while at the age of 85 I may not care in middle life it would be considered a problem, one that I would have no desire to live with.

    My advice would be to study the topic thoroughly and be very careful who you put trust in. If you choose not to have surgery then be sure and keep a journal of your pain and symptoms and try your hardest not to lie to yourself. If you opt for surgery my advice would be to choose a neurosurgeon whom you think will do the best job during the surgery itself as there is little room for error in the procedure.

    Best of luck,

  • I have 2 herniated disks c5 and c7. After my doctor reviewed the MRI he suggested surgery. I asked him if there was any other way and he replied NO. 3 days after that I bought an inversion table. After only 3 days of use. 4 times a day for 3-5 minutes each session I was pain freen. It still gets iritated if I sit for long periods or while driving but my pain has been reduced by 75percent. I would highly recommend these to anyone with back or neck issues. Hope it helps. The pain can be unimaginable...
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  • I fell on my neck 2 months ago while doing acroyoga and my both legs have numbness (less sensation) and no pain anywhere in the body. After doing 3 MRI's, the cervical MRI shows that my discs C6-7 got herniated and pushing into the Spinal cord/nerve. I am able walk normal, bike, dance, and other doing other activities normal except running, jogging, and doing yoga. Though my leg numbness and tingling is getting better but very slowly. As per my Neurosurgeon, the disc is putting compression on the nerve, and he recommends surgery but am trying to find ways that disc can heal itself with alternate non-invasive PT or methods. From what I read in this forum seems like disc healing can take anywhere from months to years. Any thoughts on laser therapy/surgery or other ways to help disc move back it's own place or shrink faster?  
  • What state has doctors who have the gnads to prescribe any pain meds that prove effective for severe pain? After I was injured, before I knew it was herniated disc, my dr allowed me to leave her office in agony. I should never have been driving. The only reason I rated my pain a 9 is when I broke my tib/fib in two & tib broke through the skin, that hurt worse. She prescribed motrin 800. I'd already been taking it & still it hurt so bad to use the bathroom, I'd hold it til I couldn't hold anymore. 
  • Miriam, 
    How are you doing now. I am in a similar situation. MRI result shows that I have somehow herniated L5 and S1. I was in a pain for few hours and then it went away. According to Doctor it is a severe herniation and need a surgery. I have been without pain for over 10 weeks now. I am doing Yoga and other Sciatica stretches twice a day. Today I have started lap swimming. 
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