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Where am I and how did I get here, things were so good before.



  • I am in Utah and it has turned unseasonably cold! I was worried about my flowers getting nipped by frost already. I think it is supposed to warm back up again tho.
    You must have wild turkeys where you live? I have two bronze turksters, (both pets) Johnny bird and Jenny bird. They are pretty cute, getting big. I think Johnny must be around 40 pounds or so, Jenny is much more svelte at probably around 25 or so. They are so funny, when I get off work and pull in the garage, walk out the back patio door and here they all come. Blitz (my horse) is in the lead, hauling butt to the gate, then his goat, his two turkeys and all the chickens. They crack me up everyday. I can hear my little dog in the house barking with excitement that I am home too. Animals are so sweet and just love you no matter what. (Unlike co-workers at IRS).
    Have I mentioned how much I hate this job? To the depths of my soul I hate every minute of it. What a waste of life.
    Well, the old joints are creaking today – it was down to high 40s last night – brrr. Almost turned on the furnace when I got up to get ready for work this morning. Way to early for this!
  • One thing I noticed while biking through Utah, it was clean. Every rest stop was so clean you could eat off the floor but I'll take the table. There wasn't any trash at the rest stops or along the freeways, the camp grounds, I really liked it there but it was to far for my wife. we were at a meeting by a camp fire and this girl say why wants to rent a house. I forgot what the price was but it wasn't much. The guy next to me said it was a four bedroom on a acre. Compared to California prices it was a deal.

    A friend from Lafayette, LA. bought a four bedroom after seeing are apartment. He couldn't believe what we were paying. He even added that to his show talking about prices out here. He had a little extra money so he paid off the house. Even with double payments it still wasn't as much as our apartment.

    went to the Indian Casino and that walk across the floor was killer. Too much work to get something to eat. OK for a normal person but not me.

    Feeling like a weather detector. Been in the 60s and is going back up to the hundreds by Thursday. Had to days last week that were 105 and 107 degrees. It's amazing one day it's 60 and the next 100 then back to 60. My joints are aching used to mean it was going to rain. Did rain last week while it was hot, even snowed in the high country. It's sort of normal behavior. I was backpacking with my girlfriend and another couple back in 1974 or 75. It rained and snows and haled. The lake became foggy that we were at, it was about 10 feet above he water. The water was freezing cold because I had the pleasure of diving in for a swim, a very short swim.

    Yes have the big birds here and they are something else. I was painting once and they came up behind me and were all standing there watching me until I turned around. I have some great close ups photos of the turkeys doing there thing. I've watch them playing to marching in front of the girl in formation. The amount of things I've seen them do are remarkable because you would never think they could think of the things to do but they are rather smart I've found out and very passive too.

    The female deer are at the table standing on the bench to eat at the table. That's real nice to watch all of them. The guys will be coming soon after they leave. They are rather smart too. I can talk to them and they seem to understand and will walk over to where I ask them.

    Well it's getting hard to sit up and support my body, so going to need to lay down. I hate this, it's getting hard to type a fast note, working on other things is out of the question. I'm hearing crunching sounds in my neck and wonder if I'm going to have problems there too, my uncle did. He couldn't support his head unless he held it up with his hands. My father had the lower back problems like what I have but there's been a couple points in time where I did some damage, like falling off a defective ladder here and down 20 feet.

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  • When you get your 360 fusion I hope you can get assistance with maybe Meals on Wheels and other support if you need help with cleaning if there's no one to be with you for your recovery.

    I have a cell phone and only pay $100. for a full year and that includes local and calls to Florida from Canada to my Mother in the winter and also down load pics from my cell to my e-mail and still only $100. for a year with Virgin Mobile and it may be of some help for you when you're on your own in the winter and in case the phone lines go down. Or have your neighbor check up on you with a quick phone call daily with your recovery time in winter so you'll be alright and one thing with Meals on Wheels they often deliver food as well as check in on people to see how they're doing so not sure if that's an option for you?

    It's really hot here in South eastern Ontario and has been 40 C humidex which is over a 100F and hard to believe it gets so cold here in the winter and so hot in the summer. Well stay cool and drink lots of water. Smiles back. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Going towards 100 degrees today. Right now under the trees here it's 90 degrees but then it's always cooler here by about 10 degrees.

    This old mining area where Placerville gets it's name has to be one place on earth that normal people don't want to move to. It was the gold that got people coming and even back then timber was the other big business. These days it's about tourist, campers and hunters. There's less people in the whole county then the city I moved from in southern California.

    Just noticed something on my knee, there's a redish circle with a bulge of fluid and touching it in some spots are painful. The bone doctor I was seeing told me it was my nerves causing the problem. Now there is actually something you can see. I can bend my leg with minor pain but it has to go straight forward and back. Going to the side in any way gets me seeing all sorts of thing along with maybe some vocals too.

    There's been a couple times where I started to hyper-extend my leg. I did that walking on uneven ground. Have a lot of uneven ground here like just about all of it.

    I noticed a plum tree that broke off and is laying in the other trees. That's on a slope with loose ground. A few years back I'd just run out and take care of that but now, it's sitting there until I figure out how to get down into the creek and walk up to there through the blackberry vines. Where the black bear hit the cedar fence is still broken. I just hate seeing all these broken things along with all my projects that I want to do. I have all the parts to put a fence up around a couple small apple trees. I have a temperary fence there which is free standing. I was thinking of bringing a chair out to where I have some broken branches and start sawing. I just need to keep going. Winters coming and I haven't done anything this year.

  • The pain in my knee is keeping me from walking even with meds. I can hardly feel my back pain because my knee hurts so much. So spending a lot of time on my back looking at the celling listening to the radio most all of the day.

    Still waiting to see the specialists. The GP's office is suppose to make the appointments. What ever needs to be done on my knee can't be done fast enough.

    Was looking at the ceiling yesterday and was thinking I have some thin wall tubing that I could hang from the celling so I could grab it as I'm walking along. Holding onto something about 7 feet up and lifting my body or the weight off my leg and back feels so good I just want to stay there. Crutches help getting around.

    Not being able to stand up is really cramping my life style. At least with my back pain I was getting around, not good. Since I haven't been doing anything my back pain is way down. Just making a cup of coffee in the morning is so painful. I've gone form several cups to one or two and the second cup has to be a real craving.

    I have so much I want to do here that I've been putting off. Have been out to my garden only a couple times and now it's over grown. Can't even see the onions or garlic.

    Coming up on a year since all these problems started happening when I had surgery on my hand.

    Big George my oldest skunk is back. Haven't seen him in about a year or so. He's real mellow, big and getting gray hair behind his ears. Had to break up a fight yesterday. For the most part the skunks come up to eat and lay down on the porch while eating. Then look out over the yard and rest. I'm amazed at how much the little guys can eat because it's more then I eat per day.

    Back to the couch and a bit more TV before more sleep. I'm just sleeping my life away. It's not good. Down to 172 pounds. As long as I don't bend my knee or put weight on it I don't get the feeling like I'm going to pass out.

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  • I can relate I had knee pain last night and put a large couch cushion under my knee and sometimes I put ice for 15-20 minutes. I use a neoprene brace that helps support and compress the area while up and walking. I hope your Dr. knows about your knee pain and maybe an anti-inflammatory may help? Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • What about a walker? Do you think that might help to get some weight off that knee? Of course I don't know if you could hold onto it or not, but maybe even with one hand it would help some. I know what you mean about the garden. I could bawl! I just had to quit going out and looking at my once gorgeous walk thru flower garden. I always keep it in tip top shape and just enjoy sitting on the bench by the pond and watching the fish. It is hideous out there. The pond needs a good cleaning, you can hardly see the big turtle in there and many of the flowers need to be dead headed. Should have done it long ago and they would have bloomed again but I didn't get it done this year. Man it sucks! I have managed to get my beets, squash and other veg out and blanch and freeze those for winter, but there is still so much that I want to do! I guess you just do the best you can and have to deal with it. What a pi$$er tho. Take care buddy.. (Don't let the skunks getcha!) Apparantely Utah skunks aren't as friendly as where you live - because they will aim and fire anytime possible! LOL! Wish I could send you a pic of my little Shitzu. He dressed like a skunk for halloween last year. He loves wearing clothes, but did not like the skunk costume. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to add a picture...
  • Bob, I hope you've made an appointment to get that knee looked at. When I was a kid and I came into the kitchen where my mom was, I jumped up to sit on the counter and she saw a red dot with a red line extending out from it and took me to the doctor immediately, fearing infection. Lo and behold, it was an infection indeed.

    So I really hope you're having it looked at ASAP.

    Take care,
  • Started to read email and had to lay back down. Took my pain meds and back to read some more. Back pain sitting here. I can feel the patch from my hernia because of the scoliosis, I'm tipped over to the side. Have a strap to hold me up in the chair which helps to sit up right. Got my leg sticking under the desk have the knee brace off right now. There's a fluid on top of my knee and touching it is rather painful. The MRI shows that my knee has damage. it has a crack in something. I've had surgery on it 10 years ago to take out chips. Too much dancing back then. Too much jumping up to or off the stage. Back then I was walking along when I heard a loud pop and fell over in pain. I had surgery right away from that. Some how I feel like I'm going to end up like Captain Pike if your a Star Trek fan. Just existing and not doing anything else. I wanted to do so much this summer including insulating the attic better. I guess I'm not going to be all bent up crawling around up there. When I moved in and had to rewire the house and get rid of the knob and tube wiring I made up a pair of pants from an old pair of pants. I put in foam padding on the knees to kneel on the wood and get around. They work out real good for gardening too. I could eve walk into the blackberry vines and not feel them. That helped cutting them back. Might have rain this weekend but that's a what if. I had over 20 deer here yesterday and last night. That's counting from here at the desk. 7 of them were babies. Trying to walk outside right now with my arm flying around freaks out the deer. I'm just trying to stand up right. The cane on dirt isn't the best but works better then crutches. You really need flat ground for crutches. Last year I pulled everything inside when it started to rain and then had hand surgery thinking I could clean up everything I pulled inside. Well it's still there where I left it last year. It's been a lost year, everything has been put on hold. I really have to rethink my life and what I'm going to be able to do. Some days I can sit here for a longer time but it's hard to think when that pain is gnawing at you. I wanted to learn more about programming in Visual Basic and Visual C++ along with Web 2.0 but thinking and retaining info is almost impossible. I used to get on the computer for a 12 to 18 hour day but no more. I've done 4 to 5 hours with resting. I'm tired of TV and all the voilence, it seems everything getting to be in the CSI style of viewing a crime with tons of blood everywhere. Used to be more implied things rather then showing you in fine details how something happened. I've woken up in at night and turned on Star Trek at 1:30AM. or listened to a lecture at 2AM. I'm just sleeping to much and it's getting depressing more then usual. I keep wondering what shape surgeries going to leave me in. I talked to a woman up here who had neck surgery and fusion and she was out dancing soon and the bandages were off. She had some hardware put in so I'm guessing that was holding her together while the bone fused together. Wonder if I can depend on the hardware to hold me together while everything else mends. That would be so much better then being in bed for a year of recovery like the one doctor told me. Too bad it's too complex for him to do. Why it's taking so long to see anyone, I think part of it is due to the states budget. It's months over due. Think it's in day 90 something and no ones going to do anything until that's settled. Even on college close to Sacramento isn't taking any new people because of the budget. So I guess that's the hangup right now. This knee thing just keeps getting worse.

    Trying to smile
  • howdy, kwazzy moto the one legged bell ringer without a bell. getting caught up on sleep. when your sleeping you don't feel pain plus you can get into a dream world which isn't that bad. at least there i can walk and don't have a back problem. that magic land where everything is normal.

    the knee thing is really driving me crazy becase i can't walk. i can't put weight on my leg. i can put some but it has to be straight down without my leg bending. when i get someplace mainly in the house since i'm not going anywhere i'm standing on one foot. that causes my back to hurt and i think it's pinching a nerve.

    the other day i was laying on my back and lifted my left leg which set off a lot of painful spots on my leg. i could feel it in several definning spots. it was like that poster of where the nerve do what. i was thinking mto myself that's this nerve and that's this nerve. meanwhile i stayed there laying on my back.

    i've been laying on my right side a lot. i have the heating pad by my hip and knee. my leg is almost extended out straight just bent a little. that's the best i can do where the pains down to a minimum. my knee pain is more then my back pain for the most part.

    had a bear stop by last night. i went to get my camera and heard a skunk stomp it's feet and it was one of the babies challenging the bear. the bear ran off rather then finding out what the skunk was going to do. i posted some pictures on my windows live site. i'm either sitting or laying at the door or shooting through the windows. haven't been outside in a while not more then the porch or the walkway in front of the porch. going to have to do something about the wash soon. have to plan that out.

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