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  • now see im no where near your levle and here i am moaning and groaning ! ~X( , nice of you to be thinking of me though! :* ill be down docs tomorow ,sort my meds out yet again , gentle hugs and much rubbing of legs jan xx
  • well i did feel better this morning but thought i would still go doc's as pain was still there ready to grab me , i started the car and the vibration riped through my legs :O by the time i got there i was nearly in tears, so he has uped the gababentin to 300mg 6 a day (i can go to 8) and also given me amertriptalin to relax me ? he said im to have a couple of days off work see how it go's if not he would sign me off propper :S roll on next monday for the scan :(
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  • Thank you for the big slobbery kisses, I miss them - but don't want to steal your thread here.

    Sorry the car vibration was difficult this morning, but it sounds like your doc is trying to work with you to get you the right blend of meds. There's a lot to be said for that as I'm sure you know from reading these forums.

    Take care and here's to a better day.
  • That is good news Jan. I do hope the stronger meds help you. These flair ups are hard to take and at the time we feel like we just can't take anymore. Happy you went on to the Doctor. You sure do not need another flair up and perhaps the stronger meds will help.
    Good luck. Hope everyday finds you better.
    Hugssssssssss >:D<
    Patsy W
  • right back at ya un :*

    feeling a bit spaced out right now @) , but i guess thats the relaxing effect of the amertriptalin /:) ,,,,,,, still got the pain hopefully tomorow will be better have had to take today and tomorrow off work,cant drive :S
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  • modrate pain today more in my back than legs so at least my legs are having a brake ;) , uping my meds dosent seem to have done anything at all :( , but i know the doc is thinking of me being abl to work so is reluctent to give me anything stronger till i have the mri next week . i have decided to take the whole week off ,my back is hurting and i dont think do my job home care for the elderly will help matters,im hobbling around as it is, i think at this rate im gona be on long term sick :S ,im scared to death we wont manage and lose our home :< ,i know hubby is worried as well but what can i do ,if i carry on working i may do evan more damage and end up so much worse :S
  • I didn't know you are from the UK- cool B) I love British accents. It's good to hear you're getting your MRI next week, know how long it takes with the NHS. Finally they will get to see what's really going on so that you get the right treatment. I never could stand Gabapentin, it makes me feel disconnected and in lala land. Cymbalta works better on me. Anyway, take it easy and please let us know how the MRI goes :H
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,988
    I've watched a number of your posts and I have been so happy the way you support other members here.
    But I would like to know exactly what is going on with you and what are your expectations (from the medical field)
    Almost everyone here is in pain, so lets forget about that.
    Is there something that you believe should be done or not done to help you along?
    I always want to know more about a person, reading posts here and there dont tell me enough... I will always respect your privacy,so if you do not want to say anything, I honor that, but if you want to talk, we are all ears here.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
  • Honestly, I empathize with you so much. I am getting ready for a possible fusion (one I cannot already afford), but there is a huge chance that it may not relieve my pain. Have you tried acupuncture? It is the only thing that helps me other than meds-though I cannot afford it, so I'm sorta effed-but if you haven't tried it, it is DEFINITELY worth a try! Might not be complete relief but I guarantee that there will be an (even slight) increase in energy, circulation, movement, and most importantly hope for your pain. Just do your research..find one that is an MD with good ratings!
  • hello mey thanks for posting , i will tell all when i know all! ;) lala land ??? i havent had any side effects from them so far,its the amertrip doc gave me on monday thats make me talk utter rubish right now ! 8} i quite fancy being in lala land right now ! :))(

    Ron, thanks for the post im not sure i understand your question though @) .......i have no expectations at all as ive never been down this road before, i just feel scared of what may happen :S i dont know any of the tecno words on here or any of the procidres you have all been through,but im learning ! :) other than that im as mad as a hatter and love to make people laf :)
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