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21 w/ herniated disk sciatica, genital numbness



  • Went through a few doctors i haven't gotten much better. The guy I just saw wants to do a percutaneous microdiscectomy on me and thinks it will help me tremendously. He wants a new mri to verify there is still nerve impingement, which i feel is reasonable.

    Any input? I am having a lot of problems with pain from sitting long periods of time.
  • Yes, the focus on the spinal injury has been put on the backburner and the path we are taking now is pudendal nerve compression. I am going to see a physical therapist for treatment of the pelvic floor issues. From the research i've done and your comment of pain from sitting, it may be worthwhile to check into. I'll keep you posted on my results.
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  • So far so good, I have regained morning erections so I feel I am on the right path. Still ED and no feeling but from what I have researched and been told, it takes ahwile for the nerve to recover after being compressed/stretched. Unfortunately the nerve endings are the last to recover so being that the penis is one of the nerve endings for the pudendal nerve, it may take awhile. I have seen it can be from weeks to months to years depepending on the damage. I'll keep you posted on my results.
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  • My keep mentioning Neurologist. What about a neurosurgeon that specializes in spines. They are a bit different.

    As for the numbness in the groin (perineum), this happened to me when I herniated my disc. I was 40 when it happened. I would try to find another Orthopedic Spine doctor or Neurosurgeon to discuss your records and what you've tried.

    I suspect they may not want to try surgery b/c it can do more damage than good. Also, even if the surgery works, you may have to curb your life style (cut back the lifting).

    Tough to have to deal with this at any age but definitely sorry this happened to you in your 20's.

    Seek out another opinion. Find a fellow-ship trained doctor as I mentioned above.

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  • phenom34 were you able to get your problem solved?
  • I too have this problem and it also has happened to me when I am still quite young at 29. The left half of my groin went numb as well as the read and inside of my thigh from my buttocks to my knee. I too got it from lifting weights and heavy squatting and was also extremely disappointed that my hobby and lifestyle choice that I worked for years at were wiped away in an instant.

    I had microdisectomy 3 months after the onset of the numbness and pain and it has only partially restored sensation in my groin. (about 60% feeling vs 20% from before. My leg is still numb and I get awful neuropathic pain and spasming still, but no where near as painful as it was before surgery (from 10/10 to about 7/10 at it's worst in much less frequency than before. Still very draining though)

    The downside of surgery is my back is extremely stiff and my mobility is limited most of the time. Before surgery I was in agonizing pain but I could still do things like bend over and tie my shoe. After surgery my back is now so stiff that I can't bend over half the time. Basically the trade off was slightly less pain but severe stiffness in my back. I guess this is one of the reasons why some doctors avoid surgery. Limited relief but new problems caused by the surgery itself.

    I still haven't found a way to manage the neuro pain. It seems to come and go no matter my level of activity or rest.
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