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Does this sound like anyone else please??

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Hello all...

My name is summer and im 27 yrs old.
I wondered if anyone else had the same sort of mri results or symptoms reguarding the thoractic spine.Just had a recent mri scan on my thoractic spine that has revealed that i have servere darkened and narrowed discs from t6,t7,t8 and t9 and also significant loss of central height.Also they found i had 2 compression fractures at the t7.t9 level.
I have had mixed diagnosis as to what has caused these problems,some doctors are saying its stems back to 2 car accidents i have been involved in in the past 4 years and others are saying that i could have schuermanns disease.Im so confused as all i know is that i am in agony and have chest pains,upper stomach problems,palpulations and spasms starting from my thoractic spine travelling down to the lumber region.I honesty dont know what to beleive from these doctors anymore and im so confused as to what is really wrong with me.One doctor told me that the 2 compression fractures had been caused by the last car accident and then another doctor said that because the accident was a right hand side collision that it couldnt have fractured my spine(i think this is rubbish as the car accident was bad to enough to completely crush my door so i couldnt get out and my car was a right off due to the damage).If the spinal fractures was not caused by the car accident then is my back so weak that it fractured just off movement?

Any advice would be great please xxx


  • So very sorry to hear of your pain. Dealing with the daily pain in the thoracic area is exhausting. Like you, I also feel pains in my chest (not all the time, thank goodness), have stomach pains and a lot of spasms in my abdominal muscles and back muscles. On bad weather days, the pain will travel through my right side and I get stinger sensations in my right buttocks. I have been applying heating wraps to my hands, lower back, neck and knees which help a great deal. They last approximately 12 hours and seem to calm the spasms and comfort the aches.

    Are you under the care of a neurosurgeon? What about pain control... are your medications working for you?

    Please let us know what your doctors are suggesting for treatment. I was required to wear a brace to help heal the many fractures I had and wondered if you might be a candidate for some sort of brace.

    Take good care and hope your pain gets better soon!

  • Hello and thankyou so much for replying.
    I had to wear a backbrace for 3 months and the doctors have given me tremadol and told me to take iburofen.I was under the care of a spinal specialist for 12 weeks then he discharged me and basically its been a case of live with it and i dont have any follow up appointments.Also the neuro told me i had nerve damage and that my spinal cord was impinged but that there was nothing they could do for me.

    Im confused as im trying to work out whether this is the result of the car accidents or if its Scheurmanns disease that has done this to me.The strange thing is though that people with Scheurmanns disease tend to have huntch backs in 99% of cases and my back is perfectly normal to look out from the outside.

    I feel as if i dont have proper answers and its just a case of live like this everyday with pain and parathesia...sorry for moaning but sometimes it really gets me down xx
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  • So your treatment was primarily wearing the brace for 3 months? Did you notice relief while wearing the brace?

    I can understand your confusion. Would you be able to get a second opinion from a different neuro? What about seeing a pain medicine specialist to get control of your pain?

    You deserve to get some concrete anwers to what is going on. Just to know if this is a result from the accidents or to get a firm diagnosis of Scheurmanns disease would be informative.

    Please don't apologize for moaning. I think the majority of us moan several times a day. :''( Living in daily pain creates a lot of mental distress and I recently started taking an anti-depressant to help me.

    Check and see if you can get another opinion. And most importantly, you need to get your pain under control as much as possible.

    I have been told I will have some degree of back pain for the rest of my life, but I understand why that is. Being told you will have the back pain the rest of your life and not knowing why... I would be very frustrated too!

    Make some calls and inquire about a second opinion.

    Take good care and hope you get relief soon!!!

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