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Weak Calf Muscle



  • Read through your whole thread and definitely gave alot to think about.

    I was going in your direction in terms of getting the surgery but I think it comes down to the advice you get. So far pretty much every doc has told me you can beat it without surgery so it makes it tough to go forward with it and than when you read some of the horror stories it really makes you pause.

    I think when you are in that middle area in terms of the herniation being small but painful, it really is by far the most frustrating as opposed to a case where the herniation is obvious and the symptoms match.

    I give you many props for doing what you did.

    Wish you continued success in your recovery.

  • I have been using this forum for several reasons from the first time I registered. I have used it as a place to see what others are going thru, procedure research, and to keep a record for myself as to what happened when. I feel for anyone who needs to come here. Our symptoms are a minefield. Many of the procedures recommended send us down a dangerous path. It has been my experience that most of the doctors are misleading at best.
    I am very thankful for finding my surgeon and his procedure. I was literally falling apart. Most of the details were above. From what I understand my herniation was 3 times the size of a normal herniation that surgery would be recommended for. I left out the part where I started waking up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and my two smallest fingers on each side being numb. Between not calf strength, my right knee starting to act up, now sleep and circulation issues, it was time to find a solution. My symptoms were clearly progressing and getting worse. It was by no means a quick fix, but didn't like the path I was heading down.
    In my opinion, no one can figure out your solution for you. You are the one who will have to deal with the ramifications of your choices. I don't know anything about your specific situation, but I wish you the best. Figuring out what I needed to do what the hardest thing I have ever gone thru. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I don't know what to say other than that.
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  • I know exactly what you mean...this is by far the biggest challenge of my life and it seems like there are no clear answers. You would think with the advancement in medicine that this would be something common enough that they would already have a much better way to deal with it. I feel when talking to the doctor that we are almost back in the civil war times when the answer is just cut it off.

    It really boggles my mind but the one thing I really believe you are correct about is that with this type of ailment, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISIONS.

    The doctors can give little more than advice it seems unless the herniation is so obvious that even I could tell you need surgery. I wish you continued success.


    BTW now what you mean by the yoga...I never thought I would be one of those type of people but it looks like that may be my destiny for my remaining time on this rock.
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    hi op,

    i'm wondering: how are you now?


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