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ADR causes instability and more pain



  • i just want to add my personal experience in regards to an ADR. i had three levels replaced in the lumbar, L-3 to S-1. all due to disc herniation and all lower discs having DDD. additionally ide like to say that this is not for everyone, we are all oh so very different, and if the conditions are not met then there is a greater chance for failure. bone density is a concern in addition to age, and prior history. this is all my own experience and shall not be taken as medical advice. i have never been better as a result of ADR, and anyone looking to consider this very viable option, please do your homework and research all the facts and ask lots of questions of your doc. this was done here in the USA by a very well known Orthopedic Surgeon. he has performed many of this type and made me feel great. right from the first time we met. i spent an HOUR in his office talking bout my options. so good luck to all who are seeking options involving ADR. it worked for me.
  • Hi Triple,
    I am glad it worked out for you very well. That's great. I also heard a lot of great stories, bur also terrible disasters.
    Please everybody, do research, read my comments above and decide for yourself.
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  • There is risk for any spine surgery and I happen to set up for this hybrid surgery according to both surgeons that will ork on me. The chief is doing clinical trials for a non-FDA approved disc so he has performed a number of adr surgeries. I have confidence that this will be successful and even asked if I could receive adr at both levels but he does not like adr at L4/5. I have also heard from people that have had failed adr and had them removed and fused successfully.

    Thanks for your caution and concern.
  • I can say this was the best for me and my surgeon. He invented the disc and has used it for years. This is my first and hopefully last surgery, I am totally pain free. I even went home the next morning after surgery feeling well but still on pain meds. The type of ADR is ENDOSKELETON and information on it is on this site. I am so happy I finally found the right doctor after seeing and interviewing 3 total doctors. This ADR is a blessing and so is the doctor. He gave me my quality of life back. I am grateful to have had it done by such a professional and caring doctor.
  • Hi Pika,
    Great and good that it worked out for you so positive. I wish that everybody have such a good experience.
    With my posts I only wanted to say "Be carefull with ADR" because when it is going wrong its hardly to revise without great danger. Also at a lot of patients have the ADR to be removed after several years (4 to 12 years) due to wear and coming lose ADR metal plates from the bone. But everybody thinks or want to believe that it only can occur to somebody else. I thought that also. I do not want to scare but do your research.
    At the end it's of course everybody to decide what to do.
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  • Thought I was going on a consultation for a discectomy Friday but ended up discussing ADR. The surgeon I met with was the first of 4 consultations I have lined up. He has ordered pelvic & thorasic MRI as well as a repeat discogram. (had discogram to diagnosis tear in L5 and had IDET done in 11/08).
    For indivudaul who have had ADR, what procedures did you have before ADR? was ADR last resort? I need to make sure I travel every avenue before undergoing this major surgery. This is serious stuff.
    Any and all advise will be recieved with open arms. I have been in pain for so long...every dr I see says I'm a mystery-see signature.
  • I saw 3 surgeons before I decided to have my surgery. I had been to other doctors and they treated my pain with meds and injections and also PT. The injections stopped helping and the pain got worse. I was so tired of being drugged up on narcotics I became a different person and I was too young to spend the rest of my life in pain. My quality of life was unacceptable and I was no longer going to live in pain without giving surgery a chance to help and did it ever. I know it is early in my recover and I hope I continue to do well.
    Best Wishes to All
  • Hi Chronic Pain,
    I did a lot of research and diagnosis prior to the decision to do ADR. Before I had ADR, I did painmanagement, PT, Fysio-Fitness, discogram and toke my time. By at last I could not handle the pain and disfuction anymore. Then a rehab Dr. advice me to do ADR instead of fusion. Others Dr.'s told me not to do ADR, due to the dangers of revision surgery if necessary. Before ADR I could walk for 1 hour, bicycle, and work 50%, but this was not enough so I decided to go for it. But after ADR I was total disable, could only lay on bed and on the sofa to handle the pain. After 2 revision surgeries, I still not oke, because the cage which is placed instead of the ADR is still not fused (Pseudo-arthosis; no fusion by not enough bone growth) and I soon will have an other surgery to stabilize it and lay some extra bone tissue to create a solid bone-bridge. I hope that after 3 years ADR this will be the last I hope I can pich up life again.
    So do your research, take your time and judge the advices of Dr's critical (they can go home at the end of the day).

    Succes in your decision.
  • Hi Renos64,

    It seems like your post sugery pain is what I'm going through right now. I can't walk longer than 10 minutes without my cane, I come home from work and go right to bed with pain meds and heating pad. I push myself daily through my full time job because I can not Not work. I've gotten to a point where I have realized that I'v been to compliant with this...I want and need my life back.
    I am researching ADR but never heard of this cage thing you are talking about-what is that?
  • Hi Chronic pain,
    I am sorry to hear your story which is so similar to our all here. Please focus on your recovery, there will be a better time to come.
    Cage thing?: My ADR is removed from between my vertebra's and replaced by a titanium block or called "cage" which is function as spacer instead of the ADR. Together with bone-tissue transplanted from my hip the purpose was that a steady fusion of the two vertebra's could develop. But now the Dr. thinks that a solid fusion is not developed and so I need an additional surgery to test this and lay some extra transplanted bone-tissue there so a solid bone bridge can develop there. Then I have no micro-movements anymore and no irritation of bone and nerves. So after the ADR surgery this will be the 3rd surgery to revise and fix the failed ADR.
    At how many levels do you have problems? and how many ADR's are proposed?
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