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Old Whiplash type injury?

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Hi Folks. I hope you are well.

Over the past 2 + years I have been suffering with neck and upper back problems and it is bewildering the amount of symptoms that seem to stem from the problem. I always have a feeling that my head is too heavy for my neck and upper back to support and there is a burning and tightness in my upper thoracic region, most of the time. There is also at times what I can only describe as a creeping sensation in my neck and shoulders. I have quite a lot of burning and numbness in my hands and feet along with strange neuralgic feelings in my forearms from time to time. The pain also often radiates to my chest manifesting itself as a band like tightness. This can be extremely distressing as it feels like heart pain. This may sound silly but at times reading the paper on the bus on the way to work is a real effort for my arms. The tire very quickly when held in the reading position. I also suffer badly with trapped wind and indigestion fullness and reflux.
I had a whiplash injury in 2005 where my head and neck was violently snapped forward towards my sternum. I remember at the time feeling that I had got away with it as apart from the initial shock of the actual incident, there seemed to be no lasting pain. It was certainly violent. Could the symptoms that I am experiencing now be a latent result of that trauma in 2005.
I am afraid to say that my GP has not been very helpfull with my situation so any advise would be much appreciated. I really sympathise with those suffering from chronic pain.

Kind Regards

Mac H


  • The only major difference in my case is several whiplash injuries over a period of 5 years, all automobile incidents. Rear ended several times. Lately C7 is very painful and tender. Ice helps temporarily but returns. Had one cortisone/lidocaine injection, lasted only 2 weeks. Have had prolo therapy suggested by other friends who have had it and are amazed at how it has helped them. These friends and I have another commonality, Fibromyalgia. Lately, having problems with numbness in the buttocks and genitals area also in my feet. My Chiropractor says that if bulgin occurs in the neck, it often occurs at the other end of the spine also. I am so confused with all of this, I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions out there?? My primary care isn't that helpful either. By the way I am 55 this year and trying to continue working full time is almost more traumatic than trying how to procede. God Bless
  • Im sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time of it too TLHLASSIE. Good luck with it all!

    Mac H
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  • HI mac,

    Welcome to spine-health. Sounds like you are having some radicular pain. Sometimes this pain can take time to develope form the original injury. The pain radiates away from the point of injury, follows the nerve paths. I would think you may benefit from getting a MRI. The Mri will define soft tissue. If your not getting any help from a primary possible seeing a orthopedic surgeon and describing your symptoms. I'm not suggesting you need surgery as there are many conservative treatments that could help you. You may want to check out dermatone mapping and you could follow the mapping. Another thing you may check out is if you look in the video section here and look at cervical radiculopathy may explain some of your pain. Have a look around there is so much valuable information here in the articles and videos. Good luck and keep us posted welcome to spine-health.
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    you would be very surprised to hear how many people suffer problems a long time after a whiplash. initially you may not have had any negative feelings, but over time that incident could have set some initial damage.
    the burning stabbing pain you described is something that cervical and thoracic sufferers can feel.
    the tightness around your chest to the point of feeling like a heart attack can be attributed to thoracic disc problems. i was admitted to the hospital one day, after what we believed was a heart attack. all tests proved negative, so we knew it wasnt my heart. a couple of years later, after explaining this to one of my physical therapist, nodded her head and then pressed her finger into my sternum. the pain i felt was identical to what i experienced when we thought it was a heart problem. she explained that this was what many professionals have labeled as the t4 syndrome.
    if you feel uncomfortable with your gp and if your insurance coverages does not require referrals, i would look into seeing a neurologist or another doctor specializing in spinal problems.
  • Thank you tamtam and Ron. Your advice is very helpful and much appreciated. I wish that I had found this site a few years ago. All the very best and have a nice weekend.

    Mac H
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