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PAINFUL DDD, 35 years old, Dr. says no to fusion.



  • I'M 36 and after 4 cortisone shots in less then 2 doctor sent me to an neurosurgeon after an MRI it took him 5 Mins to say Your a Fusion candidate. Please get a second option.
  • i am 35 i have multilevel DDD all the disk are bad in my back but 1 or 2 and there slowey going i have bulging at every level and heneated diskpicnhing off my nerve canael and spurs ect they say i will have to have pins and rods put in at some point i cant even get them to remove the herneated on closing off my canal.they say im to young for that and fushion dont give up i been to 4 doc if this next one dont help im going to ask to be referd to duke cause they say i cant work no more i cant sit stand or walk bend lift push or pull anything tey say i will speed it up and it will get worse fatser.i wear a tins unit to block the pain it helps a little but i still feel it .i did therepy they laughed and said it would not help.they say cause my age i cant hurt that bad mt thing is how the heck do they know my pain there not me dont give up keep diging you will find a doc at some time
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  • get a 2nd opinion!!

    I had an ACDF done at 28 due to a herniated disc!

    Be your own advocate and fine another doctor!!
  • Hello,

    I would definitely suggest that you get a second or third opinion.

    I am 20 years old and had spinal fusion surgery 2 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and degenerate disk disease. If you have exhausted all non-surgical opinions and are still in severe pain, you should be a candidate for surgery, regardless of your age. Age discrimination is serious and you deserve to get the treatment to help you live your life.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the surgery and good luck.

  • I am only 41 and just had my fusion 1 week ago. You should research the artificial disc too. I couldn't do it because I have facet disease as well and my pain comes from my facets moving, so they needed to fuse everything to stop the movement and hopefully stop the pain. Sometimes you need many opinions. I got the same advice from both a orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon but they wanted to do 2 different surgical approaches, I chose Minimally Invasive. You can see my posts about surgery on the surgery board.
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  • I was 34 when I had fusion on l4/5 it was something I knew was coming for 3 plus years. Originally my Dr. said we will do everything possible to see if there is releif. In reality he was just delaying it, and I knew. It may have been a bad thing though because in the time I probably allowed for L3 and L5/S1 to get worse by not initially having the fusion. It has been a year, but things are creeping back up again and fast, I just had Epidural, but I think once again it is just procedure and surgery is coming. Defintly see another Dr. Age wise yea me you others should not be in this situation. For whatever reason it did, and now like my Dr. says I have the Back of a 80 year old. Fantastic, good to know for years to come. Good Luck and I hope it works out
  • Have DDD and a pars defect.
    I am 27 and am going to the neuro surgen on monday and am afraid that I am going to hear that i need surgery also. I know that most people that have had surgery have to have more then one, and usually are never "right" again. Most people on the board that have had surgery, i noticed are still in pain or are in more pain. I would try to put it off for as long as possible thats what I am going to do if I can.
  • I am 36 with ddd and 2 herniated disc- 3 doctors have told me that I need a level 2 fusion. Get another opinion for sure- - Good luck

  • Hi

    I read your comment and it seems you are doing very well after your fusion. I am 33 and just had my fusion. I am having alot of trouble using my left leg as far as pushing off to walk up steps etc. I have been walking alot so I notice a very small difference. I had a CT scan the other day and met with my dr. He prescribed a nerve medication as the CT scan showed a screw slightly touching my nerve which could be the cause of my leg problems. He may have to go back in if the nerve doesn't calm down.

    I really like your attitude. Please continue to share good news.

    Take Care
  • Just curious does this mean your fusion was a failure?

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